XP Costs

General XP Charges

General Trait XP Cost
Attribute Current rating x 4
Ability Current rating x 2
Secondary Ability Current Rating x1
New Specialty 3 (1 Free Specialty w/an Ability at 4+)
Brand new Ability 3
Virtues Current rating x 2**
Willpower Current rating
Numina Current rating x 7^
Backgrounds First dot 3xp, subsequent dots 2x current level.

^ 10xp for the first dot.

Hunter XP Charges

Hunter Trait XP Cost
New Edge (Requires appropriate Virtue) 10xp
Edge 7x current level
Virtue^ 10 Conviction

^ Cannot be raised with XP

Vampire XP Charges

Vampire Trait XP Cost
Clan Discipline Current rating x 5*
Other Discipline Current rating x 7*
Brand new Discipline 10
Secondary Path Necromancy or Thaumaturgy Current rating x 4
Brand new Path (Necromancy or Thaumaturgy) 7
Humanity or Road Current rating x 2

Kindred of the East XP Charges

Kuei-Jin Trait XP Cost
New Discipline 10
Discipline Current rating x8
Virtue (Yin, Yang, Hun) Current rating x3 (x2 if imbalanced toward the Virtue
Virtue (P'o) Current rating

Ghoul XP Charges

Ghoul Trait XP Cost
Clan Potence Current rating x 5
Other Clan Discipline or out of Clan Potence Current rating x 7
Out of Clan Discipline Current rating x 8
Brand new Clan Potence 10
Brand new Clan Discipline or out of Clan Potence 12
Brand new out of Clan Discipline 14


  • Caitiff have no clan-based Disciplines, just as they have no clan. For them, the cost of raising Disciplines is the Current rating x6 for all Disciplines. This is both a curse and a blessing of being Clanless.
  • Increasing a Mortal/Vampire Virtue through experience does not increase traits based on that Virtue (Humanity/Road, Willpower).