Proud and deadly, the Assamites - who call themselves Banu Haqim - live by a foreign code. Originating from the Holy Land, the Assamites consider themselves judges and guardians of the night, serving as soldiers and generals of Caine. Although they are militant, the Assamites are not limited to physical battlefields. Their ranks are filled with ancient mystics and revered scholars as well. Few Assamites leave the lands of the Saracen east, but those who venture into the uncouth and barbarian Europe do so as spies and emissaries, relegated to low-blooded status by their foreign ways.

Organization: Thanks in part to the communication powers of its sorcerer caste, the Assamites are organized much more organized than many other clans. The "Old Man of the Mountain" (the eldest childe of Haqim not in torpor) leads the clan from the Black Throne in Alamut, who is currently the sorcerer Sha'hiri. Each of the castes maintains its own figurehead, and it is these three individuals - collectively called the du'at - who are most reponsible for night-to-night clan operations. The most powerful voice on the council is Caliph Jamal, the powerful head of the warrior caste. Viziers follow the dictates of Tegyrus, who once rode with Alexander the Great. The sorcerers have been led for many centuries by the mighty Amr al-Ashrad.

Sobriquet: Children of Haqim; Saracens

Warrior Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus

Warrior Weaknesses: The warriors are marked by their tradition of ritual diablerie. Any supernatural ability to sense the dark taint of the Amaranth confirms a warrior Assamite as a diablerist, even if the subject has never tasted the blood of another Cainite. (Some also suffer from a bloodcurse laid upon them by the Baali, and have the Blood Madness Flaw - for which they gain extra bonus points)

Dur-an-Ki, Assamite Sorcery, is detailed here.

Sorcerer Disciplines: Assamite Sorcery, Auspex, Quietus

Sorcerer Weaknesses: Sorcerers have difficulty hiding their arcane nature. All mystical attempts to determine magic usage on and around the character are at -2 difficulty and are considered to operate at two levels higher for the purpose of opposed powers and rolls.

Vizier Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Quietus

Vizier Weaknesses: Viziers are exacting to a fault. Each character is considered to possess an obsession or compulsion derangement associated with his highest intellectual or creative Ability. While this derangement is active, the character's halo glows in such a way as to provide a careful observer with hints as to the vizier's true Nature, as well as the object of his obsession, upon any successful use of Soulsight (Auspex 2).