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1700 A.D.:
Menele, a Brujah Methusulah, settles with the Native Americans in the area where Chicago is tonight and adapts their lifestyle. Supposedly, he grows closer to his ultimate goal, Golconda.

General "Mad" Anthony Wayne buys the land Chicago will be built upon.

Wayne erects Fort Dearborn, which meets with massive resistance from the natives, who are led by a wise and shrewd chief called Black Hawk.

The Native Americans' attacks force the Europeans to give up the fort temporarily.

The Europeans return with more troops led by General Whistler and rebuild the destroyed fort. Whistler is probably influenced by the Toreador Helena, a Methusulah who is linked with Menele by an ages-old enmity. Black Hawk asks the Brujah to help him fight the Europeans.

After a calvary attack on a Native American camp that leads to a massacre, Menele frenzies and, for the first time, personally intervenes in the conflict between settlers and natives. Helena confonts him. Both are so badly wounded that they call into torpor, but are rescued by their ghouls.

Chicago founded.

The Brujah Maxwell becomes prince of the city. The fact that a black man can claim such an austere office for himself (at such a time in history) leads Inyanga to Chicago.

The Civil War leads to a dramatically increased population. Kindred flock to the area, too, among them the Ventrue Lodin, not of his own accord, but as a part of a complicated scheme by Helena to overthrow Menele's puppet.

Devil's Night. Conflagrations started by a suicidal Malkavian rage through Chicago like an epidemic, incinerating everything in their way. Amazingly enough, only a few mortals lose their lives, but the fire destroys 18,000 buildings and almost completely wipes out Maxwell's followers among the Kindred. Lodin sees this as his chance to become prince, waits until Inyanga is out of town and then attacks mercilessly. Together with a group of Toreador and Ventrue, he attacks the prince. Maxwell escapes through a window and doesn't return to Chicago until the end of the 20th century. Lodin tolerates no rivals next to him and removes all other Ventrue in town with surgical precision. Since that night, all members of the Clan of Kings in Chicago are progeny of Lodin.

Supported by the primogen of the Gangrel, Brujah and Nosferatu, a thorn in whose side Lodin's seizure of power represents, the Toreador Modius enacts a plan to undermine the Ventrue's influence. First, the conflict is carried out without direct confrontation: both sides use only mortals to implement their plans. It's a shock for Lodin that the workers in the city (led by his rivals) protest their bad working conditions. All big institutions Lodin has suborned to stabilize his leadership start crumbling. Even with the help of two neonate lieutenants, Lodin at first seems unable to prevent his fall.

One of Lodin's mortal minions throws a bomb into a group of police officers, which leads to an uprising during which several union members and police officers die. The dead workers become martyrs, which only fuels the unrest.

A strike against bad living and working conditions unites black and white railway workers, who manage to completely shut down the national railway network. This poses a direct threat against one of Lodin's lieutenants, who earns his resources through the rail way. Without consulting the prince, he enlists the aid of government troops against the workers. The accident becomes a worldwide scandal and a disgrace for the whole city.

Lodin comes to the conclusion that his momentary army of followers is not sufficient to end the unrest and Embraces a famous socialist leader. Lodin orders him to persuade the other union leaders to have the working claass keep quiet using promises and money. Modius' troops react belatedly to this move, but with unexpected violence. For the first time, Kindred are directly involved in the conflict, and Modius' Brujah allies destroy some of Lodin's helpers.

Lodin addresses the city's oldest Kindred and informs them that anarch actions threaten the Masquerade. Grudgingly the elders alllw him to finally end the conflict by all means necessary. At the same time, the socialist leader Embraced by Lodin manages to win the city's Brujah ovr. Lodin starts a systematic campaign to annihilate the anarchs.

Lodin has the city under control. Modius flees.

Cauchemar era. Long period of peace among the city's Kindred.

Lodin tries in vain to starve Modius in Gary by completely ruining tht city's economy.

1966: In the '60s, the anarchs are getting more and more dangerous for Lodin. The real problems start when the prince's sheriff destroys two Brujah. The anarchs react with an outburst of violence against the elders that will go down in Kindred history as the Night of Rage. Within a week, 13 Cainites are destroyed. Over the next few years, both sides wage a guerlla war.

Lodin gains permission from the Ventrue justicar to solve Chicago's anarch problem once and for all. Over 100 Kindred disappear without a trace. Lodin's domain remains secure.

Start of the Council Wars. The anarchs have gathered strength again and manage to ake one of their allies mayor of Chicago.

At Christmastime, Lodin starts Operation Incubator to publicly run down the anarchs' most important mortal pawns. The operation fails because many mortals dislike mingling in those pawns' privacy.

The anarchs manage to replace some of the prince's minions in the municipality with their own allies.

Lodin asks the primogen for help, whose members promise their support in return for certain concessions. During the subseqent Thanksgiving Massacre, Lodin's ghouls destroy almost all anarchs in the city while the prince himself takes advantage of the premature death of the mayor they have installed.

Helena rises from torpor and starts searching for Menele's haven.

Lupines unexpectedly attack the Succubus Club, a favorite haunt of the Kindred, and some more downtown buildings. Lodin calls a blood hunt on all Lupines, and some of them are even killed. The Lupines' counterattack coincides with a Sabbat attack. In the chaos of the struggle, more than one-third of the city's Kindred are destroyed, among them Lodin. The question of power remains unresolved to this night. Chicago now is a city with several possible pretenders to princedmo, but it seems very probable that a childe of Lodin will be his successor in the end.