Tanya Hughes

"Knowledge is power…..power corrupts…..study hard be evil!"


Height: 5'5
Body type: Slim, fit and somewhat trimmed
Apparent Age: 23
Residency: She hangs out in Downtown a lot or so people think. Malibu as well.

Piercings: 5 in her ears, 3 right, 2 left
Tattoos: None
Distinguishing marks: Deep Green eyes that give a slight reflection

Description: A young woman, perhaps not old enough to drink. Brunette hair she wears tight clothing and a set of wire frame glasses. A grey form fitting stretch neck, with a pentagram necklace. Several dangling homemade earrings dot her ears. While her green eyes seem to speak volumes. Her body is slim and fit, trim and toned. The black sleeveless hoodie she wears exemplifies her figure. An A line skirt with a few dozen chains giving her an industrial look, is attached her slim waist. Several drawings appear on the skirt of what appear to be glyphs of some sort or another. She wears a set of simple black flats at the end of her clean shaved legs.

A heavy old army bag, looking like something from the world wars for an army medic, hangs off her side. It looks to be full of something or another. A badge dots it the words faded but the look of a marine eagle still showing on the faded marking. It bounces off her hips as she walks. Electric blue nails catches ones eyes as she reaches up to adjust her glasses behind the black lipstick smile.

Plot Hooks:
Curious Girl

The book she is always reading