Sirus Billings

"While I eat my pork the youth of the nation rebel. My name is King and the peasants shall eat only cake. The pork shall abort my life. This is where the rebellion will begin. Starving children in the gutter, how can we make this better? I shan't be sharing, 'cause my name is King. The king does not share for what I own is what I have and nothing you own is what you lack. Life is fair when you're on top but when you're on the bottom you are shit out of luck. Here we go again, back to the top, nothing to do but starve in the dirt. You will never make it out of this world alive." ~ Anarchy Cow lyrics.

The basics

Name: Sirus "Crazy" Billings.
Age: 22.
Occupation: Singer and lead guitar in Anarchy Cow (Fame 4 -Hardcore Punk Band).
Demeanor: Jester.
Theme(s): Before Against Me! - I Was A Teenage Anarchist
Current theme MCR Vampire will never hurt me
Tattoos: Seven dragons on his chest, and two smaller dragons over his shoulders. Spider on neck and back of neck a Asian dragon
Look: A half asian with liberty spikes and two chains connected from his nose to his ears. The rest of the ears are peirced all the way up to the top with mis matching studs. His hair is dyed purple at the tips and is red at the bottom. His baby face seems to be in total smiles and laughs rarely a frown on his face. His eyes are slightly asian and he has green eyes as deep as the sea. His mouth is periced in a snack bite and his tongue is peirced as well. He is tall and lanky looking to be about 6'2 and weghing no more then 110 pounds soaking wet. His fingers are covered in tattoos spelling out the name Punk rock. His neck has a tattoo of a spider biting the head off of a baby and on the back of his neck is a asian dragon.

The band

Hardcore political Punk band with a quiet a few hit songs.


James "Psycho" O'Riley, Sirus' best friend growing up. Back-up singer, lead bass and violin.
Jackie "Stable" O'Riley, James' younger brother and Sirus' other best friend. Drummer, back-up singer and accordion player.

The Buddies
The Partner
The info dealer
The Father figure
The badass