Path of the Warrior

Paths of Enlightenment
If you are an Anarch, you are almost certainly on the Humanity Road.

This is a Setite-only Path of Enlightement

Rating Minimum Wrongdoing
10 Not subjecting yourself to the most painful tortures.
9 Failing any test set you, physical or mental.
8 Not developing your body to its fullest potential.
7 Spending Blood Points to heal your wounds the same night they are inflicted.
6 Not developing your Disciplines to their fullest potential.
5 Killing swiftly and mercifully.
4 Showing any signs of pain.
3 Not exercising every night.
2 Thinking too long before acting.
1 Refusing a physical challange.

Ethics of the Path

  • The mind is subservient to the body, and so is the Beast. Although the body is bestial in nature, it can be refined. The Embrace begins this process of transmogrification but even afterwards the Beast can still reign, unless it is beaten down through exercise and struggle.
  • You are a killer. Do not hesitate to kill.
  • The body is bestial, and must be punished. Scourge yourself, hurt yourself, push yourself to your limits, and know that by doing so, you hurt the Beast.
  • Every possible minute must be spent honing the powers of your body. Your vampiric Disciplines are a function of your body, and they too, must be trained.

*The True Death is better than failure and weakness. Like Set, we must be implacable and unyielding in the Jyhad wages against his enemies.