Path of Paradox
Rating Minimum Wrongdoing
10 Embracing a woman
9 Embracing outside the jati
8 Destroying another Shilmulo
7 Killing a mortal for sustenance
6 Failing to destroy another vampire
5 Killing a mortal for reasons other than survival
4 Failure to aid another's svadharma
3 Allowing one's sect affairs to precede one's dharma
2 Becoming blood bound
1 Embracing needlessly or out of personal desire

Ethics of the Path

  • Embrace only if absolutely necessary, and then only from the jati (family line, also referred to as the Rom).
  • Interpret the svadharma of others and aid them in their fulfillment of it.
  • Destroy other Kindred, for they are unnatural to maya.
  • Erase karmic debt, dispel maya's illusions and return to the samsara.
  • One should alter and augment one's body—changing the flesh may pave the way towards changing the soul.
  • Use deception to achieve your ends, as others bear the fault of distrust.
  • Confuse the Antediluvians by returning their childer to the cycle.

Vampires on the Path of Paradox subscribe to the virtues of Conviction and Self Control.