Path of Night
Rating Minimum Wrongdoing
10 Killing a mortal for food
9 Acting in the interests of another
8 Failing to be innovative in one's depredations
7 Asking aid of another
6 Accidental killing
5 Bowing to another Kindred's will
4 Impassioned killing
3 Aiding another
2 Accepting the superiority of another
1 Repenting one's behavior

Ethics of the Path

  • Leave no being untouched by your taint.
  • Tempt and horrify those around you; the weak will fall, while the strong will be tempered by your testing of them.
  • Inspire others to accept their inner darkness.
  • Experience every sensation imaginable, and then some.
  • Death is a means, not an end.
  • Cainites, as souls damned by God, fullfill their purpose by preying upon mortals.

Vampires on the Path of Night subscribe to the virtues of Conviction and Instinct.