Path of Lilith

This is a Black Hand only Path of Enlightenment

Rating Minimum Wrongdoing
10 Failing to pursue new experiences which can bring enlightenment.
9 Failure to pursue an exchange of information with other types of supernatural beings.
8 Failure to test your own courage and weakness when given the opportunity.
7 Failure to pursue information that would further the claim of Lilith as the first vampire if there is only moderate risk.
6 Acting honorably when there is no need; failing to pursue evidence of Lilith when there is only minor danger involved.
5 Helping others when it is not to your advantage.
4 Not killing a mortal when there is need to do so.
3 Feeling remorse about anything you did while frenzying.
2 Restraining yourself without good reson; relying upon human allies and friends; failing to pursue evidence of Lilith when there is no danger.
1 Drinking the blood of an animal when humans are available.