Path of Harmony

Paths of Enlightenment
If you are an Anarch, you are almost certainly on the Humanity Road.

In the earlier nights, the Path of the Feral Heart was known as the Path of Harmony, espousing a strong connection to nature and to the predatory characteristics of individual vampires. However, as the Sabbat pressed its Great Jyhad against the Camarilla, the Path of Harmony suffered a schism among its followers, some of whom believed that the Sabbat's methods were ill-chosen or immoral.

One faction of the "Harmonists" embraced the animalistic nature of vampirism, asserting the nightly existence of the individual Cainite provided all of the necessary cornerstones of unlife: hunting, feeding, and accepting the hunger for blood. These vampires felt that attachment to any other sort of moral code was a failure to address the basic bestial nature of the undead. These vampires stayed with the Sabbat, their beliefs becoming the Path of the Feral Heart.

The other faction felt that, although vampires were connected to nature and animals through their bestial and predatory natures, the intellect and emotions of humanity needed to be balanced against the feral spirit of the hunter. These cainites took issue with the Sabbat's destruction of the environment and callous misuse of mortals, arguing that though individual vampires must hunt and feed (and that indeed such needs are natural), there is no need for the Sabbat, unwilling or unable to reconcile their beliefs with the Sabbat's tactics. Many Harmonists found themselves killed slowly for their presumption, but a few escaped persecution, fleeing into seclusion as independents or even joining the Camarilla.

Although a Harmonists feels no remorse for doing what he must do by nature (hunting, feeding, and killing), he tempers these actions with an understanding of his place in the natural world. Upsetting the "natural balance" is considered a grave offense. Harmonists often have finely honed hunting instincts, as they seek to internalize both the mind of the human and the drives of the Beast in one single, terrifying predator.

Virtues: Harmonists espouse the virtues of Conscience and Instinct.

Hierarchy of Sins
10 Failing to spend at least two hours per night communing alone with nature.
9 Killing an animal for any reason other than survival.
8 Failing to hunt and drink blood whenever hungry (less than maximum blood points) and time permits.
7 Acting in an overly cruel manner.
6 Refusing to ride the wave as long as it is not detrimental to your own survival.
5 Killing a mortal for any reason other than survival.
4 Failing to provide safety for your loved ones and comrades.
3 Allowing yourself to act too human or too bestial.
2 Feeling guilty about doing something you needed to do.
1 Refusing to kill when it is important for your survival.

Ethics of the Path
Nothing existing in nature is innately evil—including vampires.
Life should be respected. Human life should be taken only out of necessity, but you should never feel sorry for doing what is natural for you, like drinking blood.
Never lose touch with your humanity or your vampiric nature. Both are part of your being. You will destroy yourself if you cannot accept that you are are no longer human; however the human part of you, your sanity, will be trampled by the animal if you do not balance the two.