Path of Entelechy

Basic Beliefs

This is either a truly old or a very new path. It has been developed by European Brujah. The philosophers' path is about protecting one's fragile humanity and finding a light of truth in a dying universe. But more than that, founding Brujah want to drag their clan otu of the muck of their fallen state and be named among the princes of vampires again.

This path teachers that the soul is eternal and a vampire's damned state traps the soul in base matter. But followers hold that good can come of being undead, that God has a plan for them, and that an immortal vampire has an incredible opportunity to learn. The Beast may gnaw away endlessly at one's sanity, but it must be defeated. This path offers the tools to force the Beast into quiescence, and that makes it attractive to members of Clan Brujah.

The focus of this calling is intellectual exploration. By learning, developing one's intellect and exalting knowledge, one can transform the vampiric "condition" into an opportunity. Gifted with incredible powers and enhanced senses, a vampire can accomplish so much.

Followers of this path profess three essential concepts, three truths on which to base their philosophy: Enkrateia, or inner strength; reie, which they take to mean courage; and saphrosyne, control of the self. These were once essential characteristics of Brujah Embrace candidates. Now they are seen as most lacking amongst the fallen clan. Once, young candidates were expected to pursue entelechy before the Embrace. Now, elders say, all Brujah should stive for that state. Thus, path adherents constantly hone and test these qualities through study of philosophy, physical training and development of one's powers.

Merely following Humanitas, advocates say, is a passive thing. There is no time for idleness. One must actively strive against the Beast.

Hierarchy of Sins

Rating Moral Guideline
10 Ill-defined or idle thinking.
9 Allowing others to fall to the Beast.
8 Acting on impulse.
7 Theft, robbery or vandalism.
6 Causing deliberate harm to a mortal.
5 Feeding from an innocent by force.
4 Succumbing to the Beast's violence.
3 Allowing a crime to go unpunished.
2 The murder of innocents.
1 Aiding a follower of another path.

Ethics of the Path

  • The Beast is weakness. Be strong and command it to be silent.
  • Master one's own true potential. Learn all that can be learned about one's self.
  • An an heir to a great legacy, never show cowardice.
  • Mortals must not be taken for granted. Feed to live, no more.

Description of Followers

One sponsor of the path is the Brujah Methuselah Menele. The elder seems to be in contact with his contemporaries in Greece and Turkey, and guides potential candidates to philosophy teachers. Since the fall of the Anarch Free States to the Anarchs, some mendicant Brujah have heard the call and traveled to Greece to study at the feet of the masters.

Those who guide the cult look forward to the day when Brujah may once again take their place as leaders amongst the damned. Some fear that time grows short and they urge the group to redouble its efforts. But those voices are wrong. Time has already run out.

Nickname: Philosophers.

Following the Path

To walk this path, one must pursue personal excellence: the Beast is all that is weak and base in the vampiric form. Lusts, frenzies, hungers and passions are weaknesses that must be purged. The Beast is not part of one's nature. It is external and must not be allowed free reign.

Elders on this path constantly seek to test followers by organizing challenges, driving adherents to higher peaks of endurance and accomplishment. Leaders attempt to keep these challenges within limits, but the possibility of going too far is high.

Virtues: The path extols Self-Control and Conviction.
Common Abilities: Followers are expected to perfect themselves at Athletics, Alertness and Expression, as well as in Linguistics, Academics and Science.
Preferred Disciplines: The Brujah "standard" Disciplines of Celerity, Potence and Presence are favored. By excelling in these, neonates can challenge any foe and save themselves, and can train the mind as well as the body.