Path of Ecstasy

Practitioners of this path revel in luxury instead of degradation. They sate the Beast by glutting its appetite. Although akin to the Path of Typhon in some ways, practitioners of this path reject the base cruelties of the Typhonists. Rather than celebrate misery, they glorify pleasure, revelling in the most decadent extremes of vampiric sensation. Members of this path often especially despise the Kindred of Clan Toreador, and take every chance to humiliate and distress them.


This Path was founded by Followers of Set dwelling in Constantinople after the fall of Egypt. Surrounded by the Golden Horn’s Byzantine splendor, and associating with the city’s debauched Toreador, the Path’s founders gradually determined their philosophy of decadence. Setites who follow this Path pride themselves on the materialism of the modern world, and boast that it is a direct result of their actions and existence.

Rating Minimum Wrongdoing
10 Allowing someone innocent to survive.
9 Not wallowing in absolute luxury.
8 Allowing someone ugly to survive.
7 Allowing an infector of impurity (i.e. nun, priest, etc.) to live without good reason.
6 Rejecting wealth unnecessarily.
5 Not attempting to corrupt the innocent.
4 Not taking at least one drug regularly.
3 Restraining your natural impulses unnecessarily.
2 Failing to accept a gift.
1 Destroying something of beauty.

Ethics of the Path

  • Pursuit of pleasure is a spiritual obligation. Those who spurn luxury and hedonism seek to befoul the spirit with grossness, and are misguided.
  • Vampires are the children of Caine's sin. Thus we should practice, and spread the practice of, sin.
  • To resist temptation is a great wrong.
  • It is not a crime to kill, as long as the killing is committed beautifully.
  • Existence serves no purpose to entertain.