Path of Blood

Vampires on the Path of Blood subscribe to the virtues of Conviction and Self Control

Hierarchy of Sins
10 Killing a mortal for sustenance
9 Breaking a word of honor to a clanmate
8 Refusing to offer a non-Assamite an opportunity to convert
7 Failing to destroy an unrepentant Kindred outside the clan
6 Succumbing to frenzy
5 Failing to pursue the Lore of Khayyin
4 Failing to pursue lesser blood
3 Refusal to aid a more advanced member of the Path
2 Failing to take an opportunity to lower one's generation
1 Acting against another Assamite

Ethics of the Path
Be faithful to the code of the khabar and to the teachings of Haqim.
Seek all knowledge which will assist the Children of Haqim in their struggle with Khayyin's (also known as Caine's) get. This includes the Book of Nod, and any knowledge concerning clans and individuals.
Practice restraint and develop inner strength to withstand the Beast. Resist frenzy at all costs; those mastered by the Beast are touched by Khayyin's corruption.
Deal honorably with mortals, and do not despise them for being mortal. To despise mortals without cause is to become the same as Khayyin's get. Drink from them only when necessary.
Lose no opportunity to obtain Kindred blood of any generation. The power of the Blood shall ensure the clan's victory.
Recognize that you are not as the get of Khayyin, and that they are your ancestral enemy. Keep apart from them unless duty requires otherwise, and guard your spirit from Khayyin's corruption, which they carry.