9 (The Temptation of Caine)

The Book of Nod
Actual text.

Preface, by Aristotle de Laurent.

The First Times

The Coming of Lilith

The Temptation of Caine

Zillah's Tale

Tale of the First City

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Temptation of Caine

And from the Darkness
came a bright shining light
fire in the night
And the archangel Michael revealed himself
to me.
I was unafraid. I asked his business.

Michael, General of Heaven,
wielder of the holy Flame,
said unto me,
"Son of Adam, Son of Eve, thy crime is great,
and yet the mercy of my Father is
also great.
Will you not repent the evil that you
have done, and let his mercy wash you clean?"

And I said to Michael,
"Not by The One Above's grace, but mine own
will I live, in pride."

Michael cursed me, saying
"Then, for as long as you walk this
earth, you and your children will
fear my living flame, and it will
bite deep and savor your flesh."