The Book of Nod
Actual text.

Preface, by Aristotle de Laurent.

The First Times

The Coming of Lilith

The Temptation of Caine

Zillah's Tale

Tale of the First City

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Still, Caine knew what he must do, and a
young man
named Enosh, who was the most beloved of
Seth's kin
begged to be made Son to the dark Father.
Ane Caine, mindful though he was of
Uriel's words,
seized Enosh and wrapped him in the dark

And so, it came to pass that Caine beget
Enoch and, so doing, named the First City Enoch.
And, so doing, did Enoch beg for a brother, a sister, and Caine, indulgent Father,
gave these to him, and their names were Zillah, whose blood was most-favored of Caine,
and Irad, whose strength served Caine's arm.

And these Kindred of Caine learned the ways
of making Progeny of their own, and
they Embraced more of Seth's kin, unthinking.

And then wise Caine said, "An end to this crime.
There shall be no more."
And as Caine's word was the law, his Brood
obeyed him.

The city stood for many ages,
And became the center of a mighty Empire.
Caine grew close to those not like him.
The Children of Seth knew him
And he, in turn, knew them.

But the world grew dark with sin,
Caine's children wandered here and there,
indulging their dark ways.

Caine felt anger when his children fought
He discovered deceit when he saw them
make word-war
He knew sadness when he saw them abuse
the Children of Seth

Caine read the signs
in the darkening sky,
but said nothing.

Then came the great Deluge, a great flood that washed over the world.
The City was destroyed,
the children of Seth with it.

Again, Caine fell into great sorrow and went into solitude,
And he left us, his Progeny, to our own ends.