The Book of Nod
Actual text.

Preface, by Aristotle de Laurent.

The First Times

The Coming of Lilith

The Temptation of Caine

Zillah's Tale

Tale of the First City

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Once again, Caine took blood from the
who immediately fell back into a deep

When Caine returned the next night,
the Crone looked up at him and smiled,
"Greetings, Lord of the Beast," the
Crone said.
"I have the wisdom you seek."
"Take some of my blood,
into the bowl you have,
and mix in these berries
and these herbs,
and drink deep of the elixir."

"You will be irresistible.
You will be potent.
You will be masterful.
You will be glowing.
The heart of Zillah will melt
like the snows in spring."

And so, Caine drank from the Crone's
because he was so in love with Zillah,
and he so desired her love in return.

And the Crone laughed. The Crone
laughed aloud.
She had tricked him! She had trapped
Caine was angry beyond compare.
Caine reached out with his powers,
to rend this Crone apart with his

The Crone cackled and said, "Do not."
And Caine could do nothing against her.
The Crone chuckled and said "Love
And Caine could do nothing but stare
into her
ancient eyes, desire her leathery skin.
The Crone laughed and said, "Make me

And Caine Embraced her. She cackled
laughed with the pure ecstasy of the
for it did not pain her.

"I have made you powerful, Caine of
Caine of Nod,
but you will be forever bound to me.
I have made you master of all,
but you will never forget me!
Your blood, potent as it is now,
will bond those who drink it,
as you did, once a night
for three nights.
You will be the master.
They will be your thrall, as you are mine.
For now though Zillah will love you, as you
you will love me, forever. Go now, and
claim your
lovely bride. I will wait for you in the
darkest places, while I brew more potions for
your health."