New Player Application Guide

Note: If you have the hang of the application process but need help setting descriptions, skip this page and go straight to the Description Commands Guide!

Congratulations on finishing your in-game chargen! This guide is the second step in character creation: the application. Whereas chargen gave your character its basic Traits, the application is what elaborates on simple numbers (while also providing more detailed numbers for Traits not included in in-game chargen).

Below you will find a tabbed page for each of the available spheres on LAbN, ranging from straight run of the mill human to Kuei-Jin. Click in the sphere in which your character will belong and follow the instructions.

All applications for Los Angeles by Night are emailed to ten.noitciftcejorp|snoitacilppa#ten.noitciftcejorp|snoitacilppa.

Where to go from here…
You might be thinking, "I finished my application and emailed it to the Storytellers… where do I go from here?" LAbN strives for a 24-hour turn around on character applications, meaning that we will try to either class you within 24 hours, or contact you about changes if the character needs a little tweaking within the 24 hour period through the email you entered when you went through in-game chargen.

During that 24 hour period if you find yourself bored and looking for something to do in the meantime, you can fill out your descriptions. A general guide for do's and don't's in description writing can be found here, and the commands for setting your various descriptions (roomdesc, long description and restrings) are found in the Description Commands Guide. You may also want to write descriptions for your character's home or business. Submit descriptions by PM to Persephone on the LAbN forum.

This guide is not yet complete. Only Mortals, Numina users and Hunters have a complete guide at this time WIP.

Open the Mortal Application Template and copy-paste the empty template into the text editor of your choice. Fill it out as you go!

Character Name:
Here is where you type in the name of your character. A first and last name is required unless the character has no surname.

A summary of your character's concept goes here. This can be anything from a three-word statement (Example: A fast-talking con artist) to a couple paragraphs. Some people choose to do a little more, some do a little less. This is completely up to preference.

OOC Forum Username:
Though the email address you used when you went through chargen is used to contact you about issues with your application, a forum username is required for post-classing contact from the Storytellers.

Character Age:
The actual physical age of your character. As a mortal, this is simply how old you are.

Character Sex:
Male, female, transexual or whatever else is appropriate.

Your characters virtue points are allocated here. The Storytellers ask that you not add in the base dot (virtues all have a 1 in them automatically) for the sake of uniformity. The base dot will be added to the numbers on your application when you are classed. You will have 7 points to distribute among Courage, Self Control and Conscience. Note that your Courage rating will determine your Willpower rating (Example: Courage 4 will give you Willpower 4).

Archetypes encompass your character's personality. You have two things to fill out under the archetypes section - Nature, and Demeanor. The Nature of a character is who they really are under all pretenses and masks. The Demeanor of a character represents their most common behavior. For example, a person who is naturally manipulative may have the Conniver Nature, but the Child Demeanor. He is a manipulator and a conniver, but he behaves most often as a person who is innocent and harmless.

A list of Archetypes may be found by clicking here.

A character's Backgrounds for the most part serve to determine his placement in the world and society at large. Points assigned to Backgrounds may represent how influential your character is, how many friends in high or low places he has, how many useful people he knows, how much monetary wealth he possesses, whether or not he has employees or men loyal and subservient to him for one reason or another, any identities other than his own that he may use to protect himself from discovery, even a network of spies at your disposal or religious zealots loyal to your cause. There are many uses for Backgrounds and they are taken at any rating from 1 to 5, with 1 being the least substantial and 5 being the most substantial. You have 5 points to allocate to your character's Backgrounds. All must be explained. For example, you cannot choose the Chief of the LAPD as a Contact without a reason why, and an explanation of how it happened.

A list of Backgrounds may be found by clicking here.

Merits are not necessary to add to a character, and there are no points automatically given to dedicate to them. Their uses are providing a character with a touch of extra flare, should such be necessary. Merits are always a benefit to the character, and are rated by points on the list of Merits. For every point taken in Merits you must either pay point for point in Freebies, or by taking equal or greater points in Flaws (detailed below). An example of a Merit is Common Sense, which will allow the Staff to give you out of character advice relating to in character matters.

A list of Merits to choose from may be found here.

Much like Merits, Flaws are not necessary to add to a character. The opposite of Merits, Flaws are always a detriment, and serve to add extra flavor to your character. For each point taken in Flaws you receive 1 freebie point. For example, a 5 point Flaw provides 5 extra freebies to your total. Often, Flaw points are used to pay for Merit points. However, note that you should not take a Flaw you do not intend to play, or that you have no expectation of being used against you by the staff or players. Flaws, even moreso than Merits, must not be taken lightly. You may take a maximum of 7 points in Flaws, though more Flaws may be taken where appropriate to the character - you just will not receive points after the 7th point.

A list of Flaws to choose from may be found here.

Languages (Native language is free):
The languages spoken by your character are placed here. While your native language is free, additional languages must be purchased by raising the Linguistics Knowledge. With Linguistics at 1, you may take one extra language. Linguistics 2 allows for two extra languages. Linguistics 3 allows for four extra languages. Linguistics 4 allows for eight extra languages. Linguistics 5 allows for sixteen extra languages. The maximum number of languages which may be spoken by any one character is seventeen, which is achieved by purchasing Linguistics to 5 (16 extras + native language).

Freebie points are used to flesh out your character sheet with anything it may be lacking after in-game chargen, or after filling out the above application. Freebies may be spent on anything from Attributes such as Wits or Strength to Background points for more money. Any points in Merits which have not been balanced out by points in Flaws must be paid for in this section. Costs for everything else may be found using the link below. As a Mortal character, you have 21 points in Freebies to spend before Merits and Flaws. As mentioned above, each point in Flaws adds 1 Freebie point, and each point in Merits subtracts 1 Freebie point.

A chart for how much each Trait costs with Freebie points may be found here.

Background Story:
Here is where you will write a detailed history of your character's life. Though mundane details may be glossed over or left out, the important things, such as explanations of how he became a world-class pugilist, a homeless man, an artist, a rich philanthropist, as well as weaving in the details - the character's history must suit his Merits, Flaws, Backgrounds, Archetypes and stats. You may be as wordy or as brief as you require to accomplish that feat. Incomplete or insufficient background stories which either contrast his Traits or fail to address them at all will not receive approval.

Character Notes:
Anything else you would like to say about your character may go here. Often, this place is used to provide lists of equipment (cars, a home, etc.) or weaponry owned by the character at the time of classing.