Mass Combat

Stage One, Initiative

  • Characters act in order of their Dexterity. Tied characters act simultaneously.

Stage Two: Character Actions

  • Character attempts to resist frenzy (Self-Control/Instinct roll, only one success required).
  • Player rolls to avoid mishaps (Dexterity + Athletics, difficulty 6, one success required).
  • Player specifies a number of actions up to her Dexterity score.

Stage Three: Character Action Resolution

  • Player makes attack roll as appropriate.
  • One mortal opponant dies or flees battle for each success in the attack roll.
  • Two mortal opponants die or flee battle for each point of an appropriate Discipline used.

Stage Four: Counterattack

  • Storyteller rolls 5 dice (difficulty 6) for a mortal counter attack against a Cainite.
  • If all five dice are successes, the Cainite is staked and/or driven into torpor.
  • For every success, roll two damage dice. Every third point of damage inflicted is aggravated. Others are lethal.
  • The Cainite may soak the damage, but he cannot dodge.

(DA;V ST Companion, p.69)