Each turn after the first, anything still in the blast area continues to suffer fire damage equal to the grenade’s base damage.


Type Damage Notes
Frag, standard 8L -1 dice for every yard away from the blast center
Frag, heavy 12L -1 dice for every yard away from the blast center
Pipe Bomb 6L -1 dice for every yard away from the blast center
Stun 1L Roll victim's sta diff 9. Fail or botch means they're stunned.
White Phosphorus 8L -1 dice for every yard away Agg to vampires, may catch things on fire.
Molotov Cocktail 5L Agg to Vampires, radius of 10 feet, may catch things on fire

Prepared Charges

Type Damage Notes
Satchel Charges 20L -1 dice for every two yards away from blast center
Frame Charges See Notes Usually opens any doors short of bank vaults, 6L in direction it's facing -1 dice for every yard
Shaped Charges See Notes Made out of an explosive compound, 2x dice in direction its facing, 1/2 dice opposite


Type Damage* Notes
Black Powder 1L
Nitroglycerin 3L
Dynamite 3L Damage per stick
Plastic Explosive 1-20L Depends on precise compound
Primer Chord 1L/two yards Demolitions 3+ to use as anything other than a detention device
Blasting Cap See Notes 4L if player is in contact when it goes off
Napalm See Notes Result on 1 d10 is how many dice it does -1 dice per turn, diff 7 w/ Fortitude to soak
  • Per pound of explosive compound, all reduce by 1 die per yard of distance from blast center. Damage may do agg at "ground zero," according to ST discretion