Blood Pool

Blood points is the concentration of blood within a being’s body, regardless of whether they are mortal, vampire or garou:garou. The more concentrated your blood is, the higher the maximum of blood points you have. This is why a 7th generation vampire has a higher blood pool than a 9th gen.

All mortals have a maximum blood pool of 10.

If they fall below:

Blood points Effect
6 Fatigue, weakness and sickness will occur.
4 Death is close, but given proper nutrition and rest the mortal will survive without medical care.
2 The mortal will die without blood transfusion.
2 Death.

Burning Blood

Blood can be spent/burned to heal damage for ghouls and vampires, it can be spent/burned to gain temporary 'boosts' in physical stats (strength for example) and some disciplines require the burning of them to be activated.
In combat - blood burns should be declared before initiative is rolled.
Vampires burn a blood point automatically each time they awaken.

Regaining blood

Vampires must feed to regain blood. They can get hunt rolls, have their own blood doll or if they have herds, they may use those to feed from.

Non-vampires regain blood by either being fed by a vampire or by requesting one blood point per day.

You may not have more blood points than your maximum blood pool total.