Aura Colors

Conditions contributing to aura colors and their corresponding effects are in the chart below.

Shades are either pale, bright, or lacking. A pale aura is a vampiric being, a lacking aura is a completely dead body, and a bright shaded aura is everything else.

If Auspex 2 has been used to read the aura, the following may be used to determine how much the vampire is capable of detecting.

1 success: The vampire can tell if the aura is pale or bright, meaning they can tell if the target is a vampire or not.
2 successes: The predominant color can be distinguished.
3 successes: Patterns can be recognized.
4 successes: Shifts in color or pattern can be detected.
5 successes: All aspects of the aura can be read.

Condition Aura Colors
Afraid Orange.
Aggressive Purple.
Angry Red.
Bitter Brown.
Black Spiral Dancer Black shifting to a sickly yellowish-red.
Calm Light blue.
Compassionate Pink.
Confused Mottled shifting colors.
Conservative Lavender
Demon or Infernalist Aura in flames.
Daydreaming Sharp flickering colors.
Dead Lack of color.
Depressed Gray.
Desirous or Lustful Deep red.
Despair Crimson slashed through with blazing orange and gray.
Diabolist Black veins in aura.
Disassociated A prussian blue shade overshadows all other colors, making them seem faded.
Disgust Purple and red snake-like patterns melding and turning black.
Distrustful Light green.
Dying Swirling and fading yellow.
Enraged Crimson.
Envious Dark green.
Excited Violet.
Fanatic Various colors criss-crossed with green and purple.
Fear Sickly yellow.
Frenzied Rapidly rippling colors.
Frustrated Red dissolving into spots of flickering yellow and mottled orange.
Furious Dark red with ripples of black.
Generous Rose.
Greed Pulsating purple.
Happy Vermillion.
Hateful Black.
Hazy A white-grayish fog lies dominant over all other colors.
Idealistic Blazing Yellow
Infected by Bane Aura in flames of a sickly yellow-black color.
Innocent White.
Insane Hypnotic swirling color.
Intellectual Prussian blue changing to cornflower blue.
Joy Golden.
Kindred Appropriate shade is pale.
Lecherous Deep red and purple entangled in pulsating knots.
Love Brilliant rose.
Lupus Garou Black shifting to green.
Murderous Rage Black rippling with crimson.
Neutral It is impossible to read the aura.
Obsessed Green.
Pain Red with stripes of white moving across the aura in an electric pattern.
Perverse Dark lavender.
Possessed (by wraith or Astral Projected soul) Aura shifts between lack of color and echoes of violet.
Psychotic Pulsating blue and green with throbs of of wild, changing colors.
Resolution Pulsating blue.
Sad Silver.
Seelie Yellow, red and purple veins.
Spiritual Gold.
Superior Glowing crimson.
Suspicious Dark blue.
Terrified Blazing orange.
Thoughtful Sharp colors in slowly moving patterns - like a jigsaw puzzle.
Uncertain Flickering yellow.
Undead (Such as zombies) Black glow.
Unseelie Purple, black and dark grey veins.
Vengeful Throbbing purple and black mingled with pulsating blue.
Wondering Dark blue which shifts between being mottled and sharp.
Magick User Myriad sparkles (see below)
Hedgewizard …arranged in a flowing pattern like a grass-field
Kindred Magus …arranged in a strict pattern of circles encircling circles
Marauder …bubbles, squares and sometimes even yellow smiles
Nephandi …with a dark core around the Nephandus
Oracle …in blazing gold mixed with the appropriate patterns and colors
Technocrat …captured within a rigid grid of geometrical lines
Tradition …in a random pattern of the Traditions favored color, and symbol-pattern