Strength is the raw, brute power of a character. It governs how much weight a character can lift, how much he can physically push and how hard he can hit another character or object. The Strength Trait is added to a character's damage dice pool when he hits his opponent in hand-to-hand combat. It is also used when a character wishes to break, lift or carry something, as well as when a character tries to jump a distance.

• Poor: You can lift 40 lbs.
•• Average: You can lift 100 lbs.
••• Good: You can lift 250 lbs.
•••• Exceptional: You can lift 400 lbs.
••••• Outstanding: You can lift 650 lbs and crush skulls like grapes.


The Dexterity Attribute measures a character's general physical prowess. It encompasses the character's speed, agility and overall quickness, as well as indicating the character's ability to manipulate objects with control and precision. Also included under Dexterity's heading are hand-eye coordination, reflexes and bodily grace.

• Poor: You are clumsy and awkward. Put that gun down before you hurt yourself.
•• Average: You're no clod, but you're no ballerina, either.
••• Good: You could be an athlete or ballerina.
•••• Exceptional: You could work for the circus if you wished.
••••• Outstanding: Your movements are liquid and hypnotic - almost superhuman.


The Stamina Trait reflects a character's health, toughness and resilience. It indicates how long a character can exert herself and how much punishment she can withstand before suffering physical trauma. Stamina also includes a bit of psychic fortitude, indicating a character's grit and tenacity not to give up.

• 1 dot: Poor: You bruise with a strong wind.
•• 2 dots: Average: You are moderately healthy and can take a punch or two.
••• 3 dots: Good: You are in good shape and rarely fall ill.
•••• 4 dots: Exceptional: You can run - and perhaps win - any marathon you choose.
••••• 5 dots: Outstanding: Your constitution is truly Herculean.