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Lucita y Aragon

The daughter of Alfonse I of Aragon, Lucita grew up privileged by chafted under her responsibility to her father and family. She thought of patricide many times and often ran away, only to be caught by the Aragonese guards and returned to her father's custody. Rather than bother with disciplining the girl himself (as king, he had better things to do), Alfonse shuffled her off to confession each time, trusting that God and church would engender penitence in his daughter. The fact that her confessor was Ambrosio Luis Moncada made this hope a vain one.

Moncada recognized an indomitability of will in young Lucita, and a fierce independence. These traits - combined with his unholy lust for her - convinced theb ishop that her Embrace was warranted. After talking with others of his Clan, Moncada decided that the Lasombra would greatly benefit from this individual of high birth.

After her embrace, though, Lucita's relationship with her clan was hardly idyllic. She struggled with Moncada just as she had struggled with her mortal father, craving autonomy and freedom. Although she serves Moncada dutifully as a diplomat and a noble (she is rumored to be the power behind the throne of the current King of Aragon, Peter II), she is more at home with her traveling companion Anatole, who inspires in Lucita more faith in God than the degenerate Moncada ever could.

For over eight centuries now, Lucita has observed a rigorous training regimen to unify the warrior abilities of the nobility and the dirty tricks of the streets within herself and hone them to perfection. With Fatima al-Faqadi's help, she used both to exact revenge against her sire two years ago. In a grotesque turn of fate, however, Lucita has recently taken up her sire's work in the Sabbat, having decided that its personal gravity is far more important that the illusions of independence she clung to for for so long.