Lauren Dalton

Lauren Dalton
Age: Early twenties.
Appearance: 3.
Gender: Female.

Plot Hooks and Misc.
Rep - As a fresh Neonate Lauren Dalton is purported to have
single-handedly taken down and diablerized the Elder Sheriff of Salt
Lake City. She didn't, but that's what the rumors say. Anywhere else
that kind of reputation wouldn't be a bonus, but in Los Angeles
destroying one of the "vile oppressors" of the Camarilla so young isn't
all that bad.

Blood Hunted - The freshly appointed Camarilla Sheriff from Salt Lake
City, Utah, eager to prove himself by destroying the Blood Hunted
diabolist who killed the former Sheriff. He has left Salt Lake City and
is in active pursuit of Lauren.

Clan Enmity - Camarilla Ventrue.