A Brujah Greeting (4/15/11)

Featured Characters: Kori Naifeh & Jeremy Keller.
From the Perspective of: darksyngrdarksyngr.

An over-packed junkyard: Behind a low stone wall that is behind a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire is an old scrapyard. Various sorts of old cars litter the scrapyard, and each in a varying state of disrepair. Some of the cars that sit rusting and forgotten are of pre-war models, though dates and times range all the way up to a new, expensive, but completely totaled sports car. An old bus sits near the middle of the junkyard, all the windows borded up, most likely to keep vagrants out. Off to one side of the scrapyard a few husks of old trucks and cars, perhaps from the 1930s all the way to the 1950s have been overtaken mostly by brambles and a small copse of trees. At the back of the junkyard sits a squat house, most likely where the owner once lived; all the windows and the front porch are boarded up. Next to the squat building are a few doghouses, complete with dogs inside of them, and littering the ground is gravel and glass. A small trailer, probably where the proprietor lives, sits off near the entrance. There is a small light on inside the trailer. 0EHZi.jpg

A scrawny dark haired woman is sitting inside the old gutted bus, a cigarette dangles from her lips as she has the spare parts laid out neatly before her on top of an old ragged towel. She carefully inspects each piece keeping only the ones that pass inspection. Absently she inhales the smoke expelling it from her nostrils. In her ears are small buds as heavy metal blares through them that would make lesser ears bleed.

Jeremy had sensed something wrong in "his" neighborhood, and he thought it best to check it out, carefully. He had moved down the street and towards the junkyard. He slipped through the fence, trying his best to avoid the dogs. He steps lightly, looking around each vehicle until coming to a run down bus and hearing the slight sound of metal, as if through a pair of headphones. Backing up to the bus, the blonde man, peeped a head over his shoulder and through a window.

The scrawny dark haired woman had already tranqed the dogs in the yard. She didn't really expect to be molested this night so was unaware of the man watching her. After going through each piece she pulled out a small pad and a number 2 pencil, and begins jotting down an inventory of each item before placing it back in the oil stained box she carried. Finally done she leaned back against the wall of the bus reaching up to capture the cigarette between her forefinger and thumb to take a heavy pull from the cancer stick.

Spotting the woman, Jeremy leaned down and picked up a small lenght of scrap metal, and stepped to the door. In one step he lept up to the floor of the bus and made a few quick steps down the aisle before stopping, resting the metal bar over his large shoulder. "Hey girlie, you lost?"

The girl had seen the movement a split second before the bus dipped with the added weight. She doesn't move from her spot or even remove the buds as she continues to puff on her cigarette while one hand had opened the canister hidden beside her. She bends one leg propping her arm on her knee while she waits for his approach. She doesn't acknowledge the man until he speaks. At this time she pulls the buds from her ears as she looks up expelling smoke from her lungs not answering right away, “Sorry, bro, didn't catch whatcha were saying?” She eyes him with a blank expression on her face seemingly unconcerned with the piece of metal in the man's hand.

A very tall and muscular man with blonde hair drops the metal bar down by his side. "I said are you lost, dont you think it's a strange place for a girl to be hanging out in the middle of the night. I dont know if you saw the sign when you got into town, but this is Hoover, lady. South Central." He laughs while he speaks, but as he finishes his sentence, he quints his eyes and takes a closer look at the woman as he steps forward.

The scrawny girl springs to her feet in one fluid agile motion and steps back ever so slightly keeping her distance from the larger man. Her hands go in her pockets while her lips never let go of the cigarette. "Do I look like I'm lost, asshole? I damn well know where I am… been running these streets probably longer than you." She says eying the man with a critical eye taking in his clean appearance. "What about you, pretty-boy? Strange place for a bitch to be in, looking to get your ass greased or somethin'?"

A very tall and muscular man with blonde hair steps forward raising his bar back up. "Keep talking fuckstick, I'll rip your lips off and staple them to the wall. Sounds to me like your looking for this bitch to bend you over a seat and fuck you up." Jeremy can feel his temperature begin to rise, with ever word that comes out of the womans mouth.

The scrawny girl looks at him blinking for a second before she lets out a bark of laughter. She stops abruptly with a sigh. One hand comes out of her pocket with a brass-knuckle slipped over her fingers as she grabs the cigarette out of her mouth throwing it aside. "So tell me, sugarplum, do you have a terribly empty feeling… in your skull?" She shifts her weight as she speaks centering herself so that her weight was balanced. "If you think you can take me I'd like to see you try and come get some. I love to see a man cry."

"Tell ya what darlin, I dont normally hit girls, so what say you get home for curfew before the doctors have to wire your big mouth shut. It is a school night after all." He lays the bar over his shoulders behond his head, gripping it with both hands and leaning his weight to one leg. Spinning at the waist from side to side, his back lets out a few audible cracks.

"Pleeease," she sneers, "do you even know what two plus two is? Tell YOU what, Scooter, I don't normally hit bitches but I'll be happy to school you here and now. So what do ya say, you gonna keep running that purty cock sucking mouth of yours or do something about it?" She doesn't move keeping very still her eyes alert as only one practiced in combat would.

A very tall and muscular man with blonde hair eyes the girl, a little confused at her brashness. He drops his arms and shrugs. "Alright little girl, I guess I'll have to take those brassies from you and shove em up your little ass." He takes a few quick steps down the aisle, between the seats and reaches for the girl with his free hand.

The scrawny dark haired woman doesn't respond fast enough as the larger man barreled into her, bodily slamming her into one of the torn and battered seats. The screws rusted through at the base gave way under the force of her body hitting the bench causing it to topple backwards sending her with it. The young woman uses the momentum of the seat to flip herself over to land in a crouch. A feral snarl erupts from her lips as she springs forth using her low stance to deliver a sweeping kick to his ankles to drive him to the ground.

A very tall and muscular man with blonde hair laughs as the little girl goes sprawling back over the seat and flipping backwards. His jovial reaction quickly turns as she leaps from her spot and kicks towards his feet. Unable to react in time, the large man comes crashing down between the seats, his legs swept from underneath him. This girl is nuts, he thought, processing what happened as he tries to get to his feet, pushing off the bus seats.

The scrawny dark haired woman keeps her momentum going as the man crashes into the floor trapped between two of the seats. Completing the sweep kick she springs into him landing on his chest using the power in her arms and legs to press him back into the ground as he tried to push himself up. With ease she slammed him back into the ground.

A very tall and muscular man with blonde hair was not quick enough to get to his feet, even as his blood fueled the unnatural speed in his body. The small woman was on him, slamming him back to the ground. He struggled to toss her off, as she was a little too squirmy for him to get hold of in his surprise.

The scrawny dark haired woman flexes the muscles in her legs to keep herself stable on top of the man as he tries to dislodge her. Ignoring the large hands pushing at her shoulders the girl uses her left hand to grab his hair while her right fist drives into his ribs. She grins at the man beneath her, "Lesson one, don't be so quick to show your hand to your enemy." She says showing long pointed teeth.

A very tall and muscular man with blonde hair winces as the girl slams a fist into his ribs. Looking up at her "What the fuck…Punky brewster with fangs?" He flexes and drawing her body in, he quickly throws her off and against the back of the bus, attempting to buy enough time to get to his feet.

The girl's back slams against the metal wall with a loud thud as her skull leaves a small dent in the metal siding. She drops to the ground on her feet completely unphased by the force of the throw. She cants her head to each side cracking the bones in her neck. A petulant frown forms on her lips looking out of place on the rough and tumble girl, "That hurts, Scooter, I hope you know my socks match." She says sarcastically before erupting into action again, charging him to deliver a hard kick to his knee with the intent to shatter it.

A very tall and muscular man with blonde hair knee buckles as the girl drives her foot into it. He can feel tendons tear, before his body quickly makes up for the damage. "Fucking shit… Good thing my career is already over," He growls, righting himself and bracing for the next shot the woman is coming with.

The girl delivers the kick with inhuman force, and even as his leg bent under the pressure of her steel-toed boot it left him unharmed. She growls in frustration, but her combat reflexes seek to take advantage of his momentary reduction in height to throw a punch to the underside of his chin. This time she can hear the satisfying music of bones crunching under her brass knuckles.

He went to speak but the womans fist came up and cracked the tall man on the jaw, sending stars through his mind. Luckily his years of abuse from oversized linebackers left him able to dismiss some of the pain. Reaching out for the womans head, he found her just out of reach. cursing his luck, he readied for the next delivery, switching his weight to his back foot.

The scrawny dark haired woman sees his hands aiming to grab her head, "Don't think so, buttercup." She growled ducking out of the way spinning on her heel to bring her up to his side to strike out at his ribs again but the debri on the ground caught her foot keeping her from completing her spin leaving her just out of reach of being able to deliver an effective blow.

Finding the woman off balance, Jeremy grabbed her by the chin and drove her through the nearest glass window to them. Feeling the glass shatter and fall around them gave him a sense of pleasure, until quickly realizing how little effect it had on the woman. "Ya, Avril Lavigne, suck it… God damit, why wont you go down?"

The scrawny girl saw the attack coming as he moved to grab her again. This time she let herself go limp as he took hold of her chin to drive her head through the window. Glass shattered about her head causing her ears to ring for a brief few seconds. As her hearing returned she heard him asking why she wouldn't go down. The leather-clad girl barked out a laugh, "You really must be wet behind the ears if you're asking me that. Lesson number two…" She begins to say as she grabs his hands loosening his hold on her head while her legs come up, her body supported by the frame of the window, and kicks out with both feet into his abdomen. The sheer brute force drives him across the bus slamming him into the opposite wall knocking the young man unconscious. "All warfare is based on deception, kid."

Jeremy slams into the opposite wall of the bus, denting the metal. His body slumps in the seat, as his blood already begins to work. Within moments the mans eyes open, feeling like he was hit by a truck. "What the shit…." He struggles to shake it off and pull himself out if the seat. "Alright Scary Spice, uncle, uncle I'm done. I gotta go crawl under a rock and die." He stumbles down the aisle slowly working towards the exit of the crumpled bus.