Kori Naifeh

Name: Kori Naifeh
Age: late teens
Nationality: Middle Eastern
Occupation: Unknown

If you live among wolves you have to howl like a wolf.

Appearance: She is a small lean girl with barely an ounce of fat on her and the natural movement of a deadly feline predator. She has many light thin silvery scars on her with a few notable ones. Centered on her chest, peeking out from her tank top, is a ragged burn scar in the shape of a cross, and her left ring finger is missing which looks like a clean amputation at the base knuckle. If visible, an eloborate and vibrantly colored Chinese dragon tattoo coils on her back extending from the base of her neck to her tailbone. To a practiced eye she is of middle-eastern stock, but her once long ebony colored hair is cut short and ragged. It is dyed often to different colors depending on her mood. Her eyes, however, are the most stunning feature on her as the chocolate brown and gold of her eyes are rimmed with thick dark lashes which she lines with heavy kohl eyeliner.