Each of the three Virtues mean something different for each hunter; no two people can agree on how far the hunt should be taken, what plan should be implemented to fight the unknown, or which beings are worth sparing and which are not. Hunters take up the cause for their own reasons and often die on their own terms. Yet the three Virtues — the lenses that focus hunter perception — can be generalized. You should decide your own character's reasons for waging war on the supernatural and what she hopes to achieve from it. The answers you arrive at reflect her primary virtue.

  • Mercy: This Virtue assumes that there is something worth saving in all beings. It values respect and courtesy above all. Nothing can be taken unless an effort to give is made in exchange. Solutions to problems lie in the middle ground, not in opposed camps. The Merciful look upon the monsters plaguing the world and search for ones who make up for the wrongs of the rest. If the creatures derive from people gone wrong, perhaps those people can be saved. This perspective doesn't make the Merciful naive, however; the remorseless must be put down to save the defenseless, to protect any purity that might still exist. Indeed, when charged to protect the free and unspoiled, the Merciful become more dogged and dangerous that even the most extreme Zealot.
  • Vision: This Virtue is founded on questions and the search for answers. Life is complex and baffling. How can anyone claim to understand anything if they don't ask all the questions and look for all the answers? Rash actions or decisions can cause more harm than good. Thoughtfulness and freedom are key to unity and cohesion. Vision applies to the hunt in refusing to acknowledge accepted truths and in scrutinizing assumptions. Monstrosities might seem to control the world, but is it worthwhile to destroy every one of them on the streets when the ones in power just create more? What's the plan? What's the goal of the hunt? Running in circles covers no ground How can people be free of supernatural tyranny once and for all?
  • Zeal: This virtue is the fundamental belief in a cause for its own sake, whether it be a religion, a right, a movement or simply a refusal to accept the status quo. Right and wrong draw definite lines, with narrow or no shades of gray. There is an ideal answer to whatever problems arise, and it should be sought after, fought for if necessary. Zeal applies to the hunt in simple intolerance of the supernatural. The world is clearly at the mercy of those obscene creatures that corrupt everything they touch. Their hand should be severed and their lives should be snuffed out. Half-measures mean half-freedom or half-justice. What can be worth saving that isn't worth dying for?