Reacting with Conviction

Spending a point of Conviction in a scene helps protect your character from the powers, deceptions and control of monsters. However, it's costly and exhausting for a hunter to expend Conviction every time he enters a new locale or a scene changes. Not even crippling paranoia can sustain your character's Conviction supply when points are spent constantly.

Because stories about hunters who run in fear from the supernatural would be no fun to tell, characters have the option of using Conviction to react to monsters rather than always spending a point at the beginning of each scene. That is, you don't have to spend Conviction for your character to perceive or resist monsters in a scene until the moment of exposure. A glimmering shadow warns your hunter of danger. The lingering smell of the grave suggests the presence of walking dead. Bizarre, errant thoughts signal mental intrusion by creatures that can manipulate minds. The Storyteller relates the signs of trouble, if any. Whatever the warning or signal, your character may react by using his second sight and defenses to protect himself. For you, that means spending a point of Conviction when trouble is apparent, not knee-jerk with each new room or hour.

To spend a Conviction in time to respond to signs of the supernatural, roll Intelligence, Perception or Wits + Primary Virtue rating, difficulty 6. The Storyteller decides which Attribute applies to the rollbased on the stimulus that warns of trouble — an educated guess (intelligence), physical indications (Perception), or a simple "danger sense" (wits). The Storyteller may also replace your character's primary virtue rating with Alertness, Awareness or Intuition, again depending on what form the warning signs take.

The Storyteller even has the option of making the roll resisted against a creature's Stealth or against a roll for any power the creature uses in your character's presence. A subtle attempt to influence your character's mind may go completely unnoticed. In some cases, the Storyteller may make "Conviction reaction rolls" on your behalf in anticipation of a failure or botch, in which case your hunter never realizes that a monster is at work or affects him.