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Inherit the Earth
by Witness1

"That was the first thing they said to me, the first time I was "contacted." In that moment a horrendous revelation befell me. The world was not what it had always seemed. The life I'd led had been an illusion. My job, my family, my dreams, they were all deceptions. All the reassurances that my parents and then society made - that there was nothing to fear, that everything would be okay - were a lie.

"What happened to me? What am I talking about? It all comes down to this: Monsters are real. They exist. I've seen them.

"I don't mean "people can be monsters," or "the human dark side is monstrous" or "society creates its own monsters." That's all bullshit. I mean walking and in some cases living creatures, neither man nor nature, exist, hide in the shadows and prey upon people. When you were a kid and afraid of things under your bed or outside your window, you were right to be scared. They were there, watching, waiting. As we grew up, we just turned a blind eye in a subconscious effort to remain sane, to refuse that creatures prowled the night. They do.

I don't expect you to believe me. Most people who visit the site write me off as a crackpot. That's fine; they couldn't understand if they tried. Their minds' own defenses and the influences that have been imposed upon them for so long won't let them believe. Better that they visit another site.

For those of you who understand, who've seen what I've seen, who know what I know… you have my condolences. We're trapped between people who shout us down, think us mad or turn their backs and the very creatures responsible for it all - the hideous things we must face every day and every night."

This List
This website and its list are intended as means for helping the imbued come to terms with themselves, the world and the truth. They are intended to help people with our condition to understand themselves and what appears to be the real reality. You may have come here for the first time, desperate for answers or confirmation that this is how it is now. Or you may have come here for the first time after finding your own meaning, and now you need help to carry on.

Ultimately, this list is about commmunication, to reassure and support one another and to share whatever information we can about them. Together we stand. Divided we fall. When you join the list, you remain anonymous. No one, myself included, learns who or where you are, and no one will as long as you remain discreet in your posts. That said, share everything you know and learn about them. Your knowledge could mean the difference between life and death for other members.

However, understand this: They could be among us. These creatures already seem to pervade the world. It would be naive of us to believe that they are not pervasive on the Internet, as well. The enemy may infiltrate this list, pose as one of us or simply lurk, as they do in all other things, and wait for signs of some weakness to prey upon. So, learn what you can from this list, but do not take it all as gospel. One member's information may save you. Another "member" might get you killed.

You're Not Alone
Let me back up a bit, to assure you that you're among friends. I know what you're going through. You can't look anywhere without seeing something that tears at your very soul - a grotesque walking corpse, a walking man-beast, a person you know to be dead, or some kind of spirit clinging to an unwitting person's body. They hide or stroll among us, unnoticed by everyone. They pick and choose who to kill and who to spare, who to save for later and who to devour now, and we have - or had - no idea it was ever happening. But now we see it all the time, and the people we see poised to become victims won't listen. They refuse to believe us. And then, there they go, off to their doom.

Let me guess: Your family wonders what's wrong with you; you're "agitated," "freaking out." Co-workers avoid you these days; you're "unstable," "acting weird." Maye you've already been fired; it's hard to keep your job when you attack a "colleague." Of course, no one believed you when you explained what she really was. But then she knew you were onto her…. Perhaps you've been arrested recently for assault, disturbing the peace or on weapons charges. Not even the police believe your stories, what your victims really were, or why you attacked them. They want you in a cell or committed, where they and other things have you within reach.

Sound familiar? Then here's probably the most relieving thing you've read in some time: You've been right all along. You're not insane. There are others like you. You've found us. The bad part is, being sane and right means everything you've witnessed, everything you've feared, is real. Monsters exist.

The Hunt
One of the prevailing questions that arises after you come to terms with what you've seen and what you've become is "Why?" "Why have I become this?" "What am I supposed to do?" Maybe the Heralds have a specific goal for us. Maybe the imbuing is completely random. Maybe we're supposed to decide our own fate.

If your feelings and ethics are anything like mine, there can be only one purpose for our change. We can't be made to witness what we do, to possess the abilities we do and to have the knowledge we have without reason. There's too much coincidence involved for the change to be purely random. When I walk on the street and see figures lurking in the shadows, picking people out like candy behind glass, my soul allows only one response: to fight back. I cannot sit idly by while innocent, unaware people are manipulated and slaughtered. I couldn't stand by the moment I was changed, and I can't do it now. Nor, probably, can you. You wouldn't have come in search of this site if you hadn't sensed some purpose. What you needed was reassurance that fulfilling that purpose was the right thing to do.

The members on this list call our perceived purpose "the hunt." We dedicate ourselves to learning the truth, and to stalking and perhaps destroying monsters. Of course, you don't have to be on some glorified mailing list to have made the same commitment. Before you arrived here, you might have accepted this imperitive, too. "The hunt" simply means knowing that monsters are inherently wrong. It means finding them, shadowing them, learning about them and ultimately confronting them. Some hunters believe that creatures' destruction is the only answer. Others express concern that monsters may be the products of people gone wrong, that killing them damns a soul. They hope (and fear) that some small glimmer of humanity lingers in these creatures and should be recovered if any good is to be accomplished. Your approach to the hunt is your own, something you have to rationalize according to your sensibilities. But however you approach it, you must do what you believe is right in your heart, or the things we have to do may one day turn you into one of them.

The Imbued

There are others of us out here. We've all struggled with the horrifying visions and incomprehensible realities that you face. We've all had to come to grips with what we know, what we've witnessed and what we've become. I created this site in and an effort to exorcise my own demons, to find a catharsis, but to also reach out to others enduring the same torture. You're welcome to join this list of peers, all of whom search for answers to what's real in the world - how it is that we've lived our entire lives ignorant of the fact that monsters exist, that they control us and the world like puppets on a stage.

We few on this list call ourselves the imbued - a strange name,I know, but it seems to capture what everyone has reported of their personal experiences.

Not long ago you were perfectly normal. Your life carried on as it always had. Times could be tough, money could be short, the future could look pretty damn bleak. Then, for some reason, sometime recently, things changed. Accounts vary, but everyone on this forum has reported events along these lines: A voice entered your head. It sounded like your own, or maybe like the Word of God itself. Or maybe you were reading a newspaper or billboard and for a fleeting moment the words changed right before your eyes. The message was mysterious but emphatic: "DO NOT SUFFER IT TO LIVE." "DEATH WALKS AMONG YOU." "SAVE THIS ONE AND ALL WILL FIND SALVATION." Or, in my case, "INHERIT THE EARTH."

Perhaps you received no message, but found yourself in a dream, some kind of hallucination in wihch terrible things appeared and happened. Or you could have been assaulted by a piercing sound, overcome by a nauseating stench or struck by a profound stench or struck by a profound sense that someone was dancing on your grave.

Whatever happened, that was just the beginning. The next moments were probably a blur, but all your senses were brought to bear on some kind of creature, maybe even two or more, that appeared out of nowhere or simply emerged from a crowd. You instinctively knew that this thing was not supposed to exist, that it was evil incarnate and that everyone in its vicinity was in mortal danger. You could not stand idly by. You could not simply gape. You had to do something.

It may have been that you were not alone. Although many people in the area may have been oblivious to what you saw, others responded to it as you did. Apparently, a handful sensed the same thing you did. The crowd scattered at the commotion while you dove recklessly toward a creature you could not identify, yet you knew could not be abided.

That's what you demonstrated The Power. By whatever means, you were imbued with strange abilities. Though you never did anything like it before, you could now deliver hammer blows. You could keep innocents from harm with a simple command. You could look to the creature's very soul and know its innermost secrets. And you could do these things as easily as you closed your hand, spoke aloud or cast a piercing gaze.

When the red haze passed, the monster was driven off or destroyed, with no sign left of its existence. In that moment of realization you probably fled the scene and denied what happened.

The truth is, you were "imbued," chosen. The clarity, strength and passion to see reality for what it truly is was granted or inflicted upon you. Curse or blessing, your life changed forever.

The Heralds

"I must be going insane," you probably thought after hearing voices, having hallucinations and pulling some bizarre stunts. You're not crazy. All of the Imbued have heard the voices and seen the signs. We have labeled the source "Heralds" or "Messengers," for lack of a better term, or simply to give the complete unknown some kind of familiarity. The few of us who have found each other, whether through the word of mouth, on the streets or through the Internet, disagree about who or what the Heralds are. The products of mass delirium? Collective unconscious lashing outward? God or some kind of diety? ALiens broadcasting to certain people? A government plot to manipulate us and make us weapons? Or our own subconscious minds responding to the anxieties of the world or perhaps its end? No one knows.

Yet the messages seem real enough, given that we have all experienced them. General consensus on the Heralds and what they communicate holds that both are connected to our contact with monsters. Messages seem to come to awaken us to the existence of horrific creatures, ones we feel compelled to react to, and we're then somehow empowered with the tools to do so. Some imbued even claim to have repeated contact with the Heralds, to receive further messages warning of impending danger or confrontation with… what, the supernatural?

Are these Messsengers or Heralds the ones responsible for what we witness, and for our freakish abilities? Why do they choose us? What is our purpose? What not explain themselves? Who are they?

We don't know. All we can do is guess and hope we're right.


I feel silly typing the word "monsters," as if I defy everything sensible that I've ever been, taught… or perhaps that forces have ever wanted me to believe.

After your initial exposure - the imbuing - you probably sought meaning in the experience, some hope of explaining it all away and returning to the sheltered existence you used to lead. But there was no escape, was there?

No matter how much you shut your eyes or turned away, you saw creatures everywhere; on the street, on television, at work, on the subway, in the newspaper and, for some, God save you, in your own homes.

All you wanted to do was get away and put a disturbing, inexplicable episode behidn you. But they wouldn't let you. The creatures were everywhere, despite your best efforts not to see. You had to make a decision: Seek professional help, commit suicide, go mad or face what you hoped could not exist. If only someone else could confirm what you were seeing, what you knew. But no one could. They thought you were insane, looked at you askance and, you feared, spread word that you were in trouble… that you knew.

Before long, trouble probably came to you. The police or doctors wanted to find a place for you, to protect you from yourself, and to make sure you couldn't harm anyone else. That's when you knew there was no one to turn to. These blind people, like the frantic crowds at the moment of your change, offered no salvation. Although the others like you - others who did something that night - might…

You may have returned to the "scene of the crime" in search of the others who fought alongside you. Maybe you hoped to be killed by a creature and laid yourself out as bait, only to find a kindred spirit rather than an evil one. News stories about other bizarre events may have put you in search of other people with similar experiences. Or you may have searched for answers online and found yourself here. But finding others like you only confirmed that the creatures you saw were real.

We don't know where the monsters come from, but sporadic contact with the chosen from around the world suggests that these things are everywhere. Maybe they're born of our own sins. PErhaps we're not at the top of the order as we've always believed - or been led to believe - and these abominations are. Perhaps they're older than humanity itself, some kind of superior race that's always been there.

The fact that we've never seen them before - and that most people still don't - seems to lend credence to the theory that monsters have been around for a very long time. A new threat couldn't be so pervasive, so insidious. A new threat couldn't already have human pawns, willing and unwilling. (Yes, there's evidence to suggest that some people have been exposed to monsters and work with them, willingly or unwittingly. I personally have seen human agents of the "masters," and these people have incredible strength, probably granted as gifts for loyalty. Others report authorities including the police and politicians under monster control; imbued have made the mistake of revealing themselves to creatures only to find themselves arrested on false charges soon afterward…)

So, for our own preservation, we must assume that monsters are everywhere. They seem entrenched, and they appear to have time on their side. But what are they? Frustratingly, we don't know that, either. Our best guesses relate back to old stories and folk tales. Creatues that drink blood, people that can change shape into animals and objects, witches and warlocks who can cast spells and invoke curses, ghosts that haunt places and people. But are the old stories true? Do vampires and werewolves exist? And if we hope to do anything about it, are the old tricks useful against them? Will a cross save your life? Does garlic keep them at bay? Can they bear their own reflection? Or are the legends just as false as we've always been led to believe?

God Protect,