Harvey Stewart

The basics

Name: Harvey Stewart
Age: 21.
Occupation: Odd jobs
Demeanor: Thrill-Seeker
Theme(s): Die romantic by Aiden
Tattoos: What isn't covered in them.
Look: Standing about 6'2 with a tattoo of a dragon on the cusp of his neck and face. His deep cold blue eyes shine out of what seems like a well of deep cloudy water. He is well built and seems to take care of his body in all but one one that is he appears to not go into the sun enough not a healthy pale but still pale. His fingers are long and seem to not be well taken care of on them though are tattoos of daggers on them on the tips each one is dripping blood. His hair is long and green and reaches the middle of his back and is braided into several braids. His teeth seem too white to be true and seem to be the next best cared thing about him. It seems like when he moves you can see flashes of other ink but you can't be quiet sure what you have seen.

People Known

|The childAlkaline trio We've had enough
The respected (still looking for a song)
The Rumbler
The smart one