Kindred Genealogy

Codes, Statistics & Syntax

In no particular order…
Assamites (Hassan) - 25 vampires
Brujah (Troile) - 136 vampires
Cappadocians (Ashur) - 3 vampires
Giovanni (Augustus Giovanni) - 17 vampires
Samedi (Unnamed) - 5 vampires
Gangrel (Ennoia) - 90 vampires
Lasombra (Lasombra) - 21 vampires
Malkavian (Malkav) - 95 vampires
Nosferatu (Baba Yaga via Absimillard) - 90 vampires
Ravnos (Ravnos/Dannae) - 21 vampires
Salubri (Saulot) - 1 vampires
Tremere (Tremere) - 86 vampires
Baali (Shaitan) - 6 vampires
Followers of Set/Setites (Set) - 22 vampires
Toreador (Arikel) - 105 vampires
Daughters of Cacophony (Unnamed) - 2 vampires
Tzimisce (Tzimisce) - 23 vampires
Ventrue (Veddartha) - 142 vampires

Vampires of unknown clans…
Other Kindred - 117 vampires

This is the list of 86 known Tremere.

The Eldest

  • Tremere <?-3> (:1022) Head of the clan and the House Tremere. Diablerized Saulot around 1200. Now lies in torpor in the Vienna chantry. Tall, dark and foreboding. (Cb-Tr,p63) (CotI,p51)
  • Etrius <4> (:1022) Sire of Anastasia, Peter Spizzo. Member of the Inner Council from the start. Is responsible for Eastern Europe. Watches Tremere´s sleeping body in Vienna. (CotI,p51) (Cb-Tr,p64)
  • Goratrix <4> (:1022) Tremere Antitribu and head of the House Goratrix. Discovered how to turn the House Tremere into vampires. Also researched ritual that created the Gargoyles. Tall and handsome. (Cb-Tr,p68).
  • Meerlinda <4> (:1022) Sire of John Diamond (late 18th cent.), and probably John Dee (1608). Member of the Original Inner Council. Responsible for North America. Appears as an attractive, mature women in her late thirties. (Cb-Tr,p65)
  • Grimgroth <4> Member of the Inner Council. Responsible for Western Europe including the British Isles and Australia. Has his chantry in Rome. (Cb-Tr,p64)
  • Abetorius <4> Member of the Inner Council. Responsible for Asia. (Cb-Tr,p66)
  • Xavier de Cincao <4> Member of the Inner Council. Responsible for South America. (Cb-Tr,p65)
  • Thomas Wyncham <4> Member of the Inner Council. Responsible for Far Asian Realm. (Cb-Tr,p66)
  • Elaine de Calinot <4> (:15th cent.) Member of the Inner Council. Responsible for Africa. She is the third Councilor to Africa. The Brocken, the failed attempt to return lost mortality in 1993. She was not present in person, but followed the events telepathically. Lived in a chantry in Algiers, missing since a couple of weeks. (Cb-Tr,p67) (UhA)
  • Anastasia <5> Progeny of Etrius. (BW)
  • Lotharius <5> Sire of Karl Schrekt (1235). (BbN,p107)
  • Marissa <5> Dead Prince of Washington. She was murdered before Marcus Vitel assumed the throne. She was discovered to be manipulated by Sybil, a Lasombra Methuselah. (DCbN,p19)
  • John Dee <5> (1527:1608) Probably the progeny of Meerlinda. (WoD,pp33-34) (Cb-Tr,p65)
  • Stromburg <5> Sire of Nicolai (1314). (CbN) (CbN2,p118)
  • John Diamond <5> (:late 18th cent.) Progeny of Meerlinda. Pontifex of North America responsible for business. Bridgeport, Connecticut. (Cb-Tr,p27)
  • Peter Spizzo <5> Progeny of Etrius. (BWar)
  • Cornelius <5> Sire of Ignatus. (NA)
  • Karl Schrekt <6-5> (1195:1235) Progeny of Lotarius. Sire of Maxwell Ldescu (1882). He is the Tremere Justicar. He has been staked by Gustav in 1575, he was already Justicar. He recently diablerised a Lupine. (BbN,pp58,85,107,14)


  • Lord Casmir <6> (1037:1097) (LS,p47)
  • Mistress Fanchon <6> (1186:1223) One of the founders of the Camarilla. (LS,p60)
  • Abigail <6> Sire of Hannah (1705). (NA)
  • Nicolai Antonescu <6> (1303:1314) Progeny of Stromburg. Sire of Erichtho (1897) and DuSable (1943). (CbN) (CbN2,p118)
  • Mesita <6> Sire of Dr.Mortius (1566). (BldH,p57)
  • Johann Kaspar <6> Sire of John Reiss (1778). (DC,p58)
  • Simon Augustyn <6> Sire of Peter Dorfman. (DCbN,p71)
  • Maria Haige <6> (+) Sire of Zachariah Slane (1741). (DC,p111)
  • Astio Giavetti <6> Sire of Antonio Calbullarshi (1723). (NObN,p69)
  • Peter Dorfman <6?> Pontifex of North America responsible for the government. Have his chantry in Washington, D.C. (Cb-Tr,p27)
  • Abrahan, Abe Powell <6?> Pontifex for the western U.S. Has his chantry in Sacramento, California. (Cb-Tr,p27)
  • Prince Bourdona <7> Sire of Carna (1435). He is prince of Marseille. (MbN)
  • Dr. Mortius <7> (:1566) Progeny of Mesita. Sire of Gabriel. (BldH,p57)
  • Peter Dorfman <7> (1662:1700) Progeny of Simon Augustyn. Pontifex of North America responsible for the government. Has his chantry in Washington, DC. (Cb-Tr,p27) (DCbN,pp70-71)
  • Valerius Maior <7> (-50:17th cent) is controlled by Varro. Varro was member of the Order of Hermes around 31 BC. He used Valerius to summon the demon Nubarus. He is the 3rd of the Red List. (KmW,pp75-78)
  • Hannah <7> (:1705) Progeny of Abigail. (NA)
  • Antonio Calbullarshi <7> (~1700:1723) Progeny of Astio Giavetti. Sire of Nigel Porter (1776) and Marie D´Richet (1991). He and Marie are hunted by the Tremere Clan. (NObN,p69)
  • Zachariah Slane <7> (1701:1741) Progeny of Maria Haige. (DC,p111)
  • John Reiss <7> (1730:1778) Progeny of Johann Kaspar (DC,p58)
  • Maxwell Ldescu <7> (~1400:1882) Progeny of Karl Schrekt. Sire of Heinrich Himmler (1945). He was one of the last apprentices in the old Order of Hermes, when his master tried to punish House Tremere for their crimes. Then he was a ghoul of the Tremere during almost five centuries. He has been embraced as a reward for his loyalty. (BbN,p58)
  • Tracy Graves "Erichtho" <7> (1875:1897) Progeny of Nicolai. (CbN) (CbN2,p120)
  • Abraham DuSable <7> (1883:1943) Progeny of Nicolai. Sire of Garwood Marshall, Elliot and Maldavis (1980). (CbN) (CbN2,p119)
  • Marius Drake <7> Sire of Julie Foster. (DAV)
  • Prince Lumley <?> Prince of the Perth city. The anarchs successfully deposed Lumley. He is one of the Cainites of the first fleet. (RAAu)


  • Carna <8> (1417:1435) Progeny of Prince Bourdona. (MbN)
  • Nigel Porter <8> (:1776) Progeny of Antonio Calbullarshi. Sire of Sebastian Walcott (1783). (NObN)
  • Jack Weston <8> Sire of Helena Taylor (1938). (DCbN)
  • Heinrich Himmler <8> (:1945) Progeny of Maxwell Ldescu. Primogen of Berlin. (BbN)
  • Gregory Roiters <8> Head of the Tremere Chantry in Birminghan, Alabama. (SHS)
  • Duke Traska <8> Sire of Victor (1950). (MbN)
  • Ian Carfax <8> Archon of the Justicar Tremere. (BbN)
  • Julian Sanderson - Jules <8> Archon of the Justicar Tremere. (BbN)
  • Garwood Marshall <8> (+1993) Progeny of DuSable. (CbN2)
  • Elliot <8> Progeny of DuSable. (CbN2)
  • Carol Davis (Maldavis) <8> (1955:1980) Progeny of DuSable. Sire of Uriah. (CbN) (CbN2)
  • Julie Foster <8> Progeny of Marius Drake. (DAV)
  • Marie D'Richet <8> (:1991) Progeny of Antonio Calbullarshi. (NObN)
  • Sebastian Walcott <9> (:1783) Progeny of Nigel Porter. (NObN)
  • Hannigan <9> (:~1907) He is antitribu. (UBRM)
  • Helena Taylor <9> (1917:1938) Progeny of Jack Welston. Sire of Cohn Rose (1974), Pieter Van Dorn (1975). Chantry Leader of DC (Regent), Primogen of DC. (DCbN,pp71-72)
  • O'Meara <9> Sire of Frank Weisshandel (1970). (BldH)
  • Victor <9> (:1950) Progeny of Duke Traska. (MbN)
  • Uriah <9> (+1993) Progeny of Maldavis. Killed in a Under a Blood Red Moon. (CbN) (UBRM)
  • Madeline Coventry <?> This elder was sent by the Winchester chantry in England to the newly established Massachussets Bay Colony. She arrived in 1635. She was defeated by Baladin in 1795 and fell in torpor for a few years. She disappeared in 1831. (DC,pp15,17)
  • Baladin <?> (+1825) This vicious and ambitious elder was sent by the Winchester chantry in 1795 to take charge of New England in place of Madeline Coventry. He defeated her. Baladin was killed by Quentin King III. (DC,p17)
  • Hargau <?> Elder of clan Tremere. (HH,p51) (Anar,p25)
  • LeQuarte <?> Elder of Clan Tremere. (Anar,p43)
  • Andark <?> Chantry Leader. (PG2,p129)
  • Montelaine <?> (+1877) Primogen of San Francisco in ~1851. Prince of San Francisco in ~1859. Killed for Elders of Europe. (PoC)
  • Cyrano <?> (+1906) Sire of Honerius (~1894). Primogen of San Francisco in ~1859. Prince of San Francisco in ~1877. Killed for Vannevar Thomas. (PoC)
  • Honerius <?> (:~1894) Progeny of Cyrano. Chantry leader of San Francisco. Primogen of San Francisco in ~1916. (PoC) (BW)
  • Aleksandra <?> Sire of Franklin Reece and Beatrix Bijou. She is in Hong Kong Primogen. (WoD,p97)
  • Claudius Maximus <?> Tremere Manchester Chantry. Killed by Nosferatu. (Cb-N) (Pariah)
  • Selena <?> (+1995) She is antitribu. Member of the Black Hand. Killed for Garou. She was infernalist (One - Who - Walks, Dread Zarastus = Demon). (PoC) (BW)
  • Mosfair <?> (+) He is antitribu. (BWar)
  • Hugh Portiglio <?> He is antitribu. (BWar) (UhA)
  • Tyrus Benedict <?> (+1994) Killed in St. Louis. (BWar)
  • Bernhard <?> Tremere of London. (Cb-V)


  • Frank Weisshandel <10> (:1970) Progeny of O'Meara. (BldH)
  • Cohn Rose <10> (:1974) Progeny of Helena Taylor. (DCbN)
  • Pieter Van Dorn <10> (:1975) Progeny of Helena Taylor. (DCbN)
  • Janine <10> She is antitribu. (RoP)
  • Ehrich Weiss (Harry Houdini) <11> (1874:1926) (SC)
  • Sion <?> (+1993) He is killed by Hervi. (BW)
  • Hervi <?> (+1993) Sire of Kyle. He is killed by Kyle. He killed Sion. (BW)
  • Kyle <?> Progeny of Hervi. Killed his sire. (BW)
  • Gatlin <?> Sire of Rebecca Thompson. (Cb-Tr)
  • Rebecca Thompson <?> Progeny of Gatlin. (Cb-Tr)