Kindred Genealogy

Codes, Statistics & Syntax

In no particular order…
Assamites (Hassan) - 25 vampires
Brujah (Troile) - 136 vampires
Cappadocians (Ashur) - 3 vampires
Giovanni (Augustus Giovanni) - 17 vampires
Samedi (Unnamed) - 5 vampires
Gangrel (Ennoia) - 90 vampires
Lasombra (Lasombra) - 21 vampires
Malkavian (Malkav) - 95 vampires
Nosferatu (Baba Yaga via Absimillard) - 90 vampires
Ravnos (Ravnos/Dannae) - 21 vampires
Salubri (Saulot) - 1 vampires
Tremere (Tremere) - 86 vampires
Baali (Shaitan) - 6 vampires
Followers of Set/Setites (Set) - 22 vampires
Toreador (Arikel) - 105 vampires
Daughters of Cacophony (Unnamed) - 2 vampires
Tzimisce (Tzimisce) - 23 vampires
Ventrue (Veddartha) - 142 vampires

Vampires of unknown clans…
Other Kindred - 117 vampires

This is the list of 5 known Samedi. The Samedi are probably an offshoot of Clan Giovanni.


  • Baron Samedi <6> Sire of Genina (17th cent.) and Jorge de La Muerte (1732). He was taken by the Setites with his sister Brigette in Haiti. (KmW,p28) (Voodoo Loa)
  • Genina <7-6> (17th cent.,9 years old) Progeny of the Baron Samedi. She has diablerized many times. She is the 11th of the Red List. (KmW,pp27-31)
  • Jorge De La Muerte <7> (:1732) Progeny of Baron Samedi. (CF,p56)


  • Toy <?> (1852) Sire unknown. Toy is a tiny little quadriplegic with razor teeth. He was originally Embraced sometime before the 1800's, but originally failed his creation rites. As a new creation rite, in 1852, he was put in a toy box, hence his name, with another neonate and locked in. When the hatch was opened only Toy and alot of guts and gore remained. Toy still lives in the box and is a member of the Sabbat pack, Les Miserables. (MonbN)
  • Brigette <?> She was taken by the Setites with her brother Baron Samedi in Haiti. (KmW,p28)