Other Kindred

Kindred Genealogy

Codes, Statistics & Syntax

In no particular order…
Assamites (Hassan) - 25 vampires
Brujah (Troile) - 136 vampires
Cappadocians (Ashur) - 3 vampires
Giovanni (Augustus Giovanni) - 17 vampires
Samedi (Unnamed) - 5 vampires
Gangrel (Ennoia) - 90 vampires
Lasombra (Lasombra) - 21 vampires
Malkavian (Malkav) - 95 vampires
Nosferatu (Baba Yaga via Absimillard) - 90 vampires
Ravnos (Ravnos/Dannae) - 21 vampires
Salubri (Saulot) - 1 vampires
Tremere (Tremere) - 86 vampires
Baali (Shaitan) - 6 vampires
Followers of Set/Setites (Set) - 22 vampires
Toreador (Arikel) - 105 vampires
Daughters of Cacophony (Unnamed) - 2 vampires
Tzimisce (Tzimisce) - 23 vampires
Ventrue (Veddartha) - 142 vampires

Vampires of unknown clans…
Other Kindred - 117 vampires

This is the list of 121 known vampires of unidentified clans, both Sabbat and Camarilla, as well as Caitiff and minor bloodlines.

The Creators

  • Caine <1> The Progenitor of all Kindred. Cursed by God for mudering his brother Abel. Former lover of Lilith. Sire of Zillah, Irad, Enoch and possible unrevealed others. Some texts list Caine as the husband of Zillah as well. Whereabouts unknown.
  • Zillah <2> Childer of Caine. Some texts list Zillah as the wife of Caine.
  • Enoch <2> Childer of Caine.
  • Irad <2> Childer of Caine. Sire of Absimilliard.

The Eldest

  • Khufu the Pharoah <?> A complete mystery. He and his sister (?) are likely powerful Undeads. They pose as ordinary mortals in every sense, though their power is without question. They even leave Lameth and Anis wondering about their identity and abilities. Maybe Khufu is the Malkav Antediluvian. Recently they have been posing as Reuben and Rachel, a mysterious pair. He dresses in angelic white, while she seems a normal ghoul. Both have some serious plans. (BWar)
  • Rachel Young <?> She seems a normal ghoul of Melville. Singer of the Jazz trio. She is twin sister of Reuben. Maybe she is the Toreador Antediluvian. (BWar)
  • Urlon of Uruk <?> (+) Urlon was one of the earliest warlords of western civilization. He declared war to Ur, hoping to slay Arakur. He was killed by the pair Lantla-Drakonskyr. Urlon was probably a 4th or 5th gen. Brujah or Gangrel. (BldH,p21)
  • Mahatma <?> Monitor of Istanbul. Was a friend of Saulot. (Inconnu) (PG2,p121)
  • Walter Homes <?> Monitor of New York. (BWar) (UhA)
  • Del'Roh <?> Top Leader of True Hand. (DSBH)
  • Dracian <?> (+) He created the Tree of Knowledge. Probable in Golconda. Killed by Amriat. (Gypsies)
  • Amriat <?> He destroyed Dracian in his desire to take the Tree of Knowledge and its fruit for himself. (Gypsies)
  • Stone Man <?> He is shrouded in mystery and all attempts to get answers about his age or history from him are met with an enigmatic smile. The Stoneman has allegedly created several new Disciplines on his own, and is willing to teach the powers he has developed to other Caitiff - if they meet his standards. Some few have even made the claim that he had diablerized one of the Antediluvians or that he is actually a childe of Caine returned from the East. No one can say for certain just what the Stoneman looks like, for he apparently can change his shape at will, and he is almost never described the same way twice. (Pariah)


  • Dondinni <6> Monitor of Genoa. (Inconnu) (PG2,p131)
  • Rama <?> He reached the Golconda. He was diablerized by Dimitri. (SC)
  • Ismene <?> Sire of Sennacherib. She has been diablerized by Sennacherib. (BoN)
  • Sennacherib <?> Progeny of Ismene. Sire of Ayisha Jocastatian. He diablerized his sire. He is member of the Jocastatians bloodline, scholars that devour the memories of their ancestors. (BoN)
  • Ayisha Jocastatian <?> Progeny of Sennacherib. He is member of the Jocastatians bloodline, scholars that devour the memories of their ancestors. (BoN)
  • Djuhah <?> Seraph of the Sabbat. Member of the True Hand. (PGS,p22)
  • Si'Djeha <?> Seraph of the Eastern Hand. (DSBH)
  • Galaric <?> (+) He was the first anarch. He was killed just after the first Conclave by a powerful Ventrue, probably Hardestadt. (Anar,p13)
  • Carlak <?> He is Justicar. Probably of clan Brujah. (Anar,p17)
  • Wallace <?> Prince of Birmingham. (PG2,p127)
  • Carmalita Marie Santo <?> Prince of Lima. (BoN)
  • Suarez <?> Prince of Rio. (RAAm)
  • Prince Montague Lytton <?> (+) Killed by Squizzy Taylor. Prince of the Melbourne city. (RAAu)
  • Quetzalcoatl <?> (BW)
  • Dimestico <?> (BoN)
  • Crenshaw Ghast <?> Primogen of Dallas. Member of the True Hand. (DSBH)
  • Vladimir Rasputin <?> Sabbat poet and Dominion of the Black Hand. (PGS)
  • Juleidah <?> Dominion of the Eastern Hand. (DSBH)
  • Regent Gorchist <?> Revised Code of Milan. (SHS)
  • Charles VI <?> Cardinal of the Sabbat. (SHS)
  • Agnes <?> Cardinal of the Sabbat. (SHS)
  • Bruce de Guy <?> Cardinal of the Sabbat. (SHS)
  • Huroff <?> Cardinal of the Sabbat. (SHS)
  • Julian <?> Archbishop of the Sabbat. Dominion of Black Hand. Member of the True Hand. Reformed the Sabbat's own internal-policing Inquisition. Julian's demise, assassinated by Infernal diabolists or Black Hand. (SHS) (DSBH)
  • Salluccio <?> Archbishop of the Sabbat. (SHS)
  • Rebecca <?> Archbishop of the Sabbat. (SHS)
  • Marsilio <?> Archbishop of the Sabbat. (SHS)
  • Aeron <?> Archbishop of the Sabbat. (SHS)
  • Toth <?> Archbishop of the Sabbat. (SHS)
  • Tecumseh <?> Archbishop of the Sabbat. (SHS)
  • Una <?> Archbishop of the Sabbat. (SHS)
  • Beatrice <?> Archbishop of the Sabbat. (SHS)
  • Giangaleazzo <?> Archbishop of Milan. (PGS)
  • Joseph Pander <?> Priscus of Sabbat. Nominal head of the Pander "clan". (Pariah) (PGS)
  • Leila Monroe <?> Sabbat Priscus. (PGS)
  • Danielle Hardling <?> Priscus of Colombia. (Pariah)
  • Katherine <?> She is a Sabbat Infernal Diabolist. (KmW)
  • Murray Sutton <?> Sabbat Monsignor. (PGS)
  • Ezekiel Donner <?> Sabbat Hierophant. (PGS)
  • Vincent Day <?> Sabbat Paladin. (PGS)
  • Nora Clemones <?> Bishop of Quebec. (PGS)
  • Mark <?> Sabbat Bishop. (PG2,p125)
  • Jefferson Foster <?> Sabbat Bishop. (PG2,p133)
  • Terrifisto <?> Elder of the Sabbat. (HH,p52)
  • Jacqueline Fairmonte <?> (+) Member of the Revolutionary Council. (LAbN)


  • Alexi Darba <8> (+1973) She attempted to force the Camarilla to Acknowledge her as a clan (Caitiff) in her own right. (Pariah)
  • Lopez <?> (+1994) Member of the Blood Guard, the elite order of Cainites who served as the archbishop's personal shock troops. Killed by Melinda. (UhA)
  • Hanns Heinz <?> (+1994) Member of the Blood Guard, the elite order of Cainites who served as the archbishop's personal shock troops. Killed in the Alicia Varney building. (UhA)
  • Debbie Sue Mauser <?> (+1994) Member of the Blood Guard, the elite order of Cainites who served as the archbishop's personal shock troops. Killed in the Alicia Varney building. (UhA)
  • Sha'una Teague <?> (+1994) Member of the Blood Guard, the elite order of Cainites who served as the archbishop's personal shock troops. Killed in the Alicia Varney building. (UhA)
  • Valerie <8> (+1993) Sire of Dickie (1977). Killed in a Under a Blood Red Moon. (CbN) (UBRM)
  • Richard Fulcher (Dickie) <9> (1962:1977) Progeny of Valerie. (CbN) (CbN2)
  • Donny <9> (+1993) Sire of Jasper Krevets (1983). Killed in a Under a Blood Red Moon. (CbN) (UBRM)
  • Paulov Rasporavitch <10> (:1905) Sire of Rolf (1944). (SC)
  • Amethyst <10> (1911:1928) Sire of Rose (1982). (LAbN)
  • Jasper Krevets <10> (1960:1983) Progeny of Donny. (CbN) (UBRM) (CbN2)
  • Susan <10> (+1993) Sire of Raymond Wallace (1985). Killed in a Under a Blood Red Moon. (CbN) (UBRM)
  • Torrence <10> (+1993) Sire of Victoria Longwood (1984). Killed in a Under a Blood Red Moon. (CbN) (UBRM)
  • Rolf <11> (1917:1944) Sire of Darva Felispa (1964). Progeny of Paulov Rasporavitch. (SC)
  • Hanna Redmonds (Angel) <11> She is anarch. (CbN) (CbN2)
  • Rose <11> (1967:1982) Progeny of Amethyst. Sire of Marc Perleman (1991). (LAbN)
  • Victoria Longwood <11> (1962:1984) Progeny of Torrence. (CbN) (CbN2)
  • Raymond Wallace <11> (1954:1985) Progeny of Susan. (CbN) (CbN2)
  • Louis Pasteur (Jacob Prestor) <12> (:1895) (AH)
  • Darva Felispa <12> (1938:1944) Progeny of Rolf. (SC)
  • Smith <12> Sire of Margarite (1990). (CbN2)
  • Marc Perleman (Zipper) <12> (1973:1991) Progeny of Rose. (LAbN)
  • Margarite <13> (1972:1990) Progeny of Smith. She is pander. (CbN2)
  • Justicar Thracs <?> (+1992) Killed by Lupines in Milwaukee. (MbN)
  • "Fast Eddie" Sanchez <?> (+1994) Killed by Red Death. (BWar)
  • Tito Gagliani <?> (+1994) Member of the an organization know as the Syndicate. Killed by Madeleine Giovanni. (UhA)
  • Michael Paine <?> (+) Destroyed by Lupines. (Cb-B) (Cb-To)
  • Feng Sha <?> (+1993) Clan Yin Shan, The Dark Mountain Clan. Diablerized by Don Benedict. (BW)
  • Iwo <?> Fortuneteller Japanese kindred in San Francisco. (BW)
  • Marty Chin <?> Chinese vampire in San Francisco. (BW) (PoC)
  • Dr. Solomon Grey <?> (+) Progeny of Mistrina. Killed by Claudius Maximus. (Pariah)


  • Jason Dodgerson <10> (:1770) (AH)
  • Bach <10> (1931:1958) He is antitribu. (BB)
  • Mary Johnson <13> Sire of Richard Justice. She is Sabbat. (RAAm)
  • Richard Justice <14> Progeny of Mary Johnson. (RAAm)
  • Archdeacon Lorister <?> Demonologist and Damned Soul. (SHS)
  • Johnny "Big Dog" Yeates <?> Traitor and Corrupter. (PGS)
  • Choros <?> Member of the Sabbat. (BoN)
  • Hymie <?> Nomad priest of the Sabbat. (SHS)
  • Hook <?> Sabbat scout. (PG2,p121)
  • Karina <?> Sabbat Assassin. (PG2,p127)
  • Jagal <?> Sabbat. (Anar,p43)
  • Clifton <?> Probationary Sabbat pack member. (PG2,p129)
  • Sayshila <?> (PG2)
  • Dirk <?> Anarch of San Francisco. Leader of The Gutters. (BW) (PoC)
  • Andy <?> Caitiff anarch. (BW)
  • Farher Paul Able <?> Progeny of Gabrielle Allende. (BW)
  • Maggie Flury <?> (BoN)
  • Nunêz <?> (BoN)
  • Typee <?> (BoN)
  • Tenga <?> (BoN)
  • McGrath <?> (BoN)
  • Trinka <?> Killed by Korasca gypsie. She had taken part in a uprising at Glodker, one of the Nazi concentration camps. (Gypsies)
  • Tom <?> Sire of Carlos. He is a well - know karaoke singer, in the Karaoke bars of Hong Kong. He frequents a different bar every night, and not only is his voice superb, but his stage presence is electrifying. (WoD)
  • Carlos <?> Progeny of Tom. He sing duets with Tom. (WoD)
  • Kwan Sze <?> Anarch refuge. (WoD)
  • Mai Lai <?> Anarch refuge. (WoD)
  • Will <?> Anarch refuge. (WoD)