Kindred Genealogy

Codes, Statistics & Syntax

In no particular order…
Assamites (Hassan) - 25 vampires
Brujah (Troile) - 136 vampires
Cappadocians (Ashur) - 3 vampires
Giovanni (Augustus Giovanni) - 17 vampires
Samedi (Unnamed) - 5 vampires
Gangrel (Ennoia) - 90 vampires
Lasombra (Lasombra) - 21 vampires
Malkavian (Malkav) - 95 vampires
Nosferatu (Baba Yaga via Absimillard) - 90 vampires
Ravnos (Ravnos/Dannae) - 21 vampires
Salubri (Saulot) - 1 vampires
Tremere (Tremere) - 86 vampires
Baali (Shaitan) - 6 vampires
Followers of Set/Setites (Set) - 22 vampires
Toreador (Arikel) - 105 vampires
Daughters of Cacophony (Unnamed) - 2 vampires
Tzimisce (Tzimisce) - 23 vampires
Ventrue (Veddartha) - 142 vampires

Vampires of unknown clans…
Other Kindred - 117 vampires

This is the list of 3 known Cappadocians.

The Eldest

  • Ashur <3> (+1444) Later known as Cappadocius. Sire of Japheth (-7225). Sire of Lameth (~ -7000 or -6000). Sire of Shaitan (-4500). Sire of Augustus Giovanni (1005). He was diablerised by Augustus in 1444. (LS) (CF) (BWar)
  • Japheth <4> (-7248:-7225+1444) Progeny of Ashur. Japheth was diablerized by Claudius Giovanni. (LS,p82) (The Bible - Son of Noah)
  • Lameth (Lamech), the Dark Messiah <4> (~ -7000 or -6000) Progeny of Ashur. As a vampire he became the most powerful sorceror to exist, and as a result of centuries of effort he devised the Elixer of Lameth, which could artificially induce Golconda in its imbiber. Two doses were all that could be made (due to the rarity, and now extinction, of some of the ingredients). Lameth took one draught for himself and gave another to his lover, Anis. Able to lie in torpor and use a chosen mortal as his active form, Lameth chose to escape the bonds of his sire by the early Middle Ages. He manipulated a powerful necromancer, Augustus Giovanni, so that the necromancer would "make himself attractive" to Cappadocius (Asshur) as a new childe. This worked and Augustus eventually did scheme against his new sire as the invisible Lameth hoped. In 1444 Augustus' ambitions were partially fulfilled and he diablerized Cappadocius to become an Antediluvian himself. Never once then, nor even today, had he suspected that his own power and plans are being used by the now forgotten Lameth. Lameth is greatly aided in his actions by his ability to work entirely through a mortal (actually, Lameth "is" the mortal, in a sense). Lameth has used many guises, his most recent being an actual Euthanatos mage, the St. Louis detective Dire McCann. Because of his chosen form, Lameth actually possesses the complete powers of a mage, including complete access to True Magick. He has also literally erased all records and memories of his own existence off the face of the earth, including those beings of might almost equal to his own. Without a doubt, Lameth is truly the most powerful sorceror in existence. (BWar) (UhA) (The Bible)