Kindred Genealogy

Codes, Statistics & Syntax

In no particular order…
Assamites (Hassan) - 25 vampires
Brujah (Troile) - 136 vampires
Cappadocians (Ashur) - 3 vampires
Giovanni (Augustus Giovanni) - 17 vampires
Samedi (Unnamed) - 5 vampires
Gangrel (Ennoia) - 90 vampires
Lasombra (Lasombra) - 21 vampires
Malkavian (Malkav) - 95 vampires
Nosferatu (Baba Yaga via Absimillard) - 90 vampires
Ravnos (Ravnos/Dannae) - 21 vampires
Salubri (Saulot) - 1 vampires
Tremere (Tremere) - 86 vampires
Baali (Shaitan) - 6 vampires
Followers of Set/Setites (Set) - 22 vampires
Toreador (Arikel) - 105 vampires
Daughters of Cacophony (Unnamed) - 2 vampires
Tzimisce (Tzimisce) - 23 vampires
Ventrue (Veddartha) - 142 vampires

Vampires of unknown clans…
Other Kindred - 117 vampires

This is the list of 136 known Brujah. PCs noted in red.

The Eldest

  • Brujah <3> Progeny of Irad (probably). Sire of Troile and Anis. Brujah has been diablerised by Troile. The other Progeny of Brujah are called the True Brujah. Brujah is identified as male by some and female by at least the Toreador. (Cb-B,p14) (BWar)
  • Troile <4-3> Progeny of Brujah. Sire of Menele (-1200). Troile diablerised his/her sire. CbN and Cb-B mention Troile as male. DSBH mentions Troile as female. Troile is said to have participated to the final battle defending Carthage. He probably took refuge in the ground. (Cb-B,p14) (CbN2,p62) (DSBH)
  • Anis, Queen of Night <4> Progeny of Brujah. A peer of Lameth's, Anis was formerly the Princess of Ur and the most beautiful woman in the world bar none. No being could resist her allure, and Brujah himself eventually fell for her, making her second-loved childe after Troile. A lover and co-conspirator of Lameth's, Anis manipulated Troile with seduction, causing him to diablerize his own sire, freeing Anis from her bond to Brujah. Like Lameth she consumed the Elixer, bringing her to an instant state of Golconda (this could be what allows these two ancients to "use" mortal forms…?). She hid over the millenia, secretly controlling many powerful Kindred in the Jyhad, the most recent being the Sabbat Archbishop of New York City, Justine Bern. This Lasombra elder believes that Anis is simply Alicia Varney, a billionairess and Bound ghoul, much to Anis' satisfaction. Though not specifically allies, Anis and Lameth have begun to work together again after millenia of being apart. Both are very serious players in the Jyhad, though both remain as indirectly involved as possible, trying to never place themselves in danger of having to act or be discovered. (BWar)
  • Rathmonicus <?> True Brujah. (DSBH)
  • Meneleus <4> (-1240:-1200) Progeny of Troile. Sire of Critias (-423) and Clear Brook. He went to America in 1415. (CbN) (CbN2,pp62-64) (Greek History/Legend)
  • Hannibal <4> Sire of Guillaume (515). (WoD,p56)
  • Altamira <5> Sire of Maxwell (1755). She is an ancient Iberian Brujah, as old as Menele. (CbN2,pp62,69)
  • Critias <5> (-478:-423) Progeny of Menele. Sire of Procet, Germaine (1792) and Damien (1962). (CbN) (CbN2,pp64-67) (KmW,p65) (Cb-B,pp9-11)
  • IbnAlomar <5> is member of the Inconnu (HH,p52)
  • Dark Raven <5> Sire of Bjorn Garrison (621). (DCbN,p45)
  • Guillaume <5> (:515) Progeny of Hannibal. Member of the Inconnu. Prince of Switzerland. He has reached Golconda. (WoD,pp49,56) (is it Guillaume Tell?)
  • Adana de Sforza <5> (1068:1093) One of the founders of the Camarilla (LS,p50)
  • Antonius Caracus <5> Sire of Don Caravelli (1557). (WoD,p55)
  • Clear Brook - Clear Bear <5> (+1832) Progeny of Menele. Sire of Yarian (1700). He died during the last battle between Menele and Helena. (CbN2,pp18,146)
  • Dark Selina <6-5> Sire of Pendragon (1703). She diablerised her own sire. She lies in torpor in Switzerland. (DC,pp29,31,61) (LAbN,p102)
  • ? <?> This Brujah was on the Lusitania when it sank in 1915 (BbN,p16)


  • Bjorn Garrison <6> (589:621) Progeny of Dark Raven. Brujah primogen of DC. (DCbN,pp45-46)
  • Sir Lorence <6> Sire of Edward Scott - Black Prince (1432). (MbN)
  • Marchettus, the Bold <6> (1198:1234) (LS,p45)
  • Don Caravelli <6> (1512:1557) Progeny of Caracus. He is the head of the Mafia. (WoD,pp52,55)
  • Procet <6> (+1987) Progeny of Critias. He has been diablerised by Tyler at the end of the Concil Wars in Chicago. (CbN2,pp24,68)
  • Isabella Correlli <6> Sire of Dieter Kotlar (1931). She lies in torpor under Berlin. (BbN,p44,84)
  • Ilse Bänsh <6> Sire of Stefan Rutigar (1988). (BbN,p46)
  • Shining Deer "Yaryan" <6> (1680:1700) Progeny of Clear Brook/Bear. (CbN) (CbN2,p146)
  • Pendragon <6> (1683:1703) Progeny of Dark Selina. Sire of Jacques Sirque (1797). (DC,pp31,41)
  • Maxwell <6> (1717:1755) Progeny of Altamira. (CbN2,pp68-69)
  • Count Germaine <6> (:1792) Progeny of Critias. He was at first a tool against d'Adhemar. He is the 5th of the Red List. (KmW,pp63-66)
  • Siegfried <6> (+1980) Sire of Andrei (1944). He was killed by Baba Yaga. (CbN2,p76)
  • Damien <6> (1948:1962) Progeny of Critias. (CbN) (CbN2,p73)
  • Tyler (Patricia Bollingbroke) <8-6> (1352:1381) Progeny of Robin Leeland. Sire of Joshua Tarnopolski "Blackjack" (1913) and Louise. She diablerised Hardestadt at the time of the Revolt of the Sabbat (around 1550). She diablerised Procet at the end of the Concil Wars in Chicago (1987). (CbN) (CbN2,pp67-68) (CotI,p21)
  • Edward Scott - Black Prince <7> (1399:1432) Progeny of Sir Lorence. Sire of Akawa (1770). (MbN)
  • James <7> Sire of Jeremy MacNeil (1657). He was in Scotland at this time. (LAbN,p67) (Cb-B,p65)
  • Marcel de Breau <7> (+) Sire of Jeremy Skelton (1702). He is an antitribu. He was a powerful French Sabbat. (DC,p61)
  • Jacques Sirque <7> (1721:1797) Progeny of Roman Pendragon. (DC,p42)
  • Isaac <7> Sire of Thelonious (1859). (NA)
  • Alexis Blanc <7> (+1908) Sire of Balthazar (1865). She was staked and burnt by Balthazar. (CbN2,p72)
  • Dieter Kotlar - Kreiger <7> (1912:1931) Progeny of Isabella Correlli. Sire of Erika Geiger (1969). (BbN,p44)
  • Andrei <7> (1920:1944) Progeny of Siegfried. (CbN2,p76)
  • Stefan Rutigar - The fist <7> (1971:1988) Progeny of Ilse Bänsh. (BbN,p46)
  • Dorian <7> is antitribu. Member of the Deathbringers Sabbat nomad pack. Dorian is Sabbat priest. (SHS,p123)
  • Robin Leeland <7 or 8> (~1100) Sire of Tyler (1381, Robin was 7th gen. at this time), Marguerite Foccart (~1770, Marguerite is 9th gen.) General (1794, General is 7th gen.). It is written in Cb-B p15 that Robin Leeland is 7th gen. (Cb-B,pp15,63) (CotI,p21) (might be Robin Hood)
  • General <7> (1794) Progeny of Robin Leeland. He pretends to be the head of the Phoenix Society. (NObN,p116) Probably diablerised to gain one generation.
  • Le Clair <10-7> (:1914+1994) Progeny of Louis Margali. He is member of the Unholy Three. Anarch diabolist. Killed by Phantomas. (BWar) (UhA)
  • Jean Paul <10-7> (:1914+1994) Progeny of Louis Margali. He is member of the Unholy Three. Anarch diabolist. Killed by gigantic crocodile in the sewer of the Paris city. (BWar) (UhA)
  • Simon de Cosa <?> This spanish Brujah fought with Doran for the control of Louisiana from 1713 to 1801. (NObN)
  • Red Meg <?> Sire of Leslie Taylor (1920). (RAAu)
  • Leslie "Squizzy" Taylor <?> (:1920) Progeny of Red Meg. She rules Melbourne city. She deposed and committed diablerie upon the previous ruler, Prince Montague Lytton. (RAAu)
  • Véronique d'Orléans <?> lives in Macao. (WoD,p98)
  • George Robinson <?> (+1967) was destroyed in Hong Kong (Blood Hunt). (WoD,p95)
  • Friedriech Kraus <?> He saved Gustav Breidenstein in 1949. He was probably killed by Baba Yaga around 1980. (BbN,p19)
  • Otto, the Butcher, the Terror of the Black Forest <?> (:400 years ago+1994) He is antitribu. A member of the Sabbat Blood Guard. Killed in the Allicia Varney building. (UhA)


  • Jeremy McNeil <8> (1631:1657) Progeny of James. Sire of Dutch (1853). (NObN) (LAbN,p67) (Cb-B,p65)
  • Jeremy Skelton <8> (1665:1702) Progeny of Marcel de Breau. He is antitribu. (DC,p61)
  • Sranganyika <8> Sire of Pug Jackson (1734). (DC)
  • Juggler <8> Sire of Evelyn Stephens (1990). He is an Anarch of Gary. (VtM2,p248)
  • Don Nicko Lazzari <8> (+1994) Second in chief in the Mafia. Killed by Madeleine Giovanni. (BWar) (UhA)
  • Akawa <8> (:1770) Progeny of Edward Scott - Black Prince. Sire of Wrecker (1968). (MbN)
  • Justin Davies <8> Sire of Tara (1822). (LAbN)
  • Lord Randall <8> Sire of Sir Ralph Hamilton (1834). (LAbN)
  • Count Luigi Visconti <8> Sire of Countess Andrea Visconti (1878). (LAbN)
  • Ferdinand <8> Sire of Salvador Garcia (1892). During the Spanish Civil War Ferdinand was destroyed in a successful attack on the Prince of Barcelona.
  • Thelonious <8> (:1859) Progeny of Isaac. Primogen of Atlanta. (NA)
  • Thomas Ewell (The Sheriff, Balthazar) <8> (1827:1865) Progeny of Alexis Blanc. He stake and burn his sire. Sire of Neon and Levesque. (CbN) (CbN2)
  • Joshua Tarnopolski "Blackjack" <8> (1870:1913) Progeny of Tyler. Sire of Karl. (CbN)
  • Eddie Karnotski (Stickman) <8> Brujah anarch. (SHS)
  • Richard O'Shea Ricochet Flambe <8> Archon of the Justicar Tremere. (BbN)
  • Angelino Hammer <8> (:1948) Archon of the Justicar Tremere. (BbN)
  • Carlyle <8> (1942:1969) Progeny of Salvador. (CbN2)
  • Erika Geiger <8> (:1969) Progeny of Dieter Kotlar. (BbN)
  • Louise <?> (+1993) Progeny of Tyler. Sire of Dezi. Killed in Under a Blood Red Moon. (CbN) (UBRM)
  • Salvador Garcia <9-7 or 9> (1869:1892) Progeny of Ferdinand. Sire of Carlyle (1969, 8th gen.), Gloria Martinez (1972, 10th gen.) and Allison Maller (1985, 10th gen.). Petrodon says Salvador diablerised once during the Spanish Civil War and again diablerised Don Sebastian, the Prince of Los Angeles (1944). It is written in CbN2 p77 that Salvador is 7th gen. (Anar,pp10-17,81) (CbN2,pp75,77) (LAbN,pp25,65,68)
  • Baptiste <10-8> (:1914+1994) Progeny of Louis Margali. He is member of the Unholy Three. Anarch diabolist. Killed by Le Clair. (BWar) (UhA)
  • Mama Lion <9> Sire of Smiling Jack (1654). (LAbN)
  • Pug Jackson <9> (1709:1734) Progeny of Sranganyika. Sire of Jude Franken (1967). (DC)
  • Marguerite Foccart <9> Progeny of Robin Leeland. Sire of Crispus Attucks (1770) and Steve Booth (1965). (Cb-B) (LAbN)
  • Tara <9> (1794:1822) Progeny of Justin Davies. (LAbN)
  • James Cooper ("Cooper") <9> Progeny of Jeremy McNeil. Sire of Niamh Connor. California Anarch. (PC, LAbN)
  • Sir Ralph Hamilton <9> (1802:1834) Progeny of Lord Randall. Sire of Professor Gregory Habersohn (1902). (LAbN)
  • Dutch <9> (:1853) Progeny of McNeil. (NObN)
  • Coutness Andrea Visconti <9> (1852:1878) Progeny of Luigi Visconti. (LAbN)
  • Louis Margali <9> (+1914) Sire of Le Clair (1914), Jean Paul (1914) and Baptiste (1914). Progeny diableried him. (BWar)
  • Martiné <9> Sire of Jake Almerson (1922). (NObN)
  • Leonid Barofsky <9> Sire of Dr. Takuya Shiraiwa (1942). (LAbN)
  • Wrecker <9> (:1968) Progeny of Akawa. (MbN)
  • Jack Darrow <9> Member of the Mafia. (BWar)
  • Ferdinand <9> Retainer of the Arctos magi. (HH)
  • King Snake <9> (SHS)
  • Evelyn Stephens <9> (:1990) Progeny of Juggler. (VtM2)
  • Karl <9> (+1993) Progeny of Joshua Tarnopolski. Sire of Hankcave. Killed in Under a Blood Red Moon. (CbN) (UBRM)
  • Levesque <9> (+1993) Progeny of Balthazar. Killed in Under a Blood Red Moon. (CbN) (UBRM)
  • Neon <9> (+1993) Progeny of Balthazar. Killed in Under a Blood Red Moon. (CbN) (UBRM)
  • Pietr <12-9> (1880:1907) (Mex)
  • Dezi <?> (+1993) Progeny of Louise. Killed in Under a Blood Red Moon. (CbN) (UBRM)


  • Smiling Jack <10> (1611:1654) Progeny of Mama Lion. Sire of Dre (1990s). He was a carribean pirate. (LAbN,p70) (Cb-B,pp10-11,66)
  • Crispus Attucks <10> (1733:1770) Progeny of Marguerite Foccart. (Cb-B) (LAbN)
  • Professor Gregory Habersohn <10> (1841:1902) Progeny of Sir Ralph Hamilton. (LAbN)
  • Jake Almerson <10> (:1922) Progeny of Martiné. Sire of Tom Weaver (1953). (LAbN) (NObN)
  • Dr. Takuya Shiraiwa <10> (1919:1942) Progeny of Leonid Barofsky. (LAbN)
  • Jeremy Keller <12> Progeny of Tom Weaver. California Anarch. (PC, LAbN)
  • Tully Jones <10> (1915:1944) (SHS)
  • Steve Booth <10> (1942:1965) Progeny of Marguerite Foccart. (LAbN)
  • Jude Franken <10> (:1967) Progeny of Pug Jackson. (DC)
  • Hankcave <10> (+1993) Progeny of Karl. Sire of Dooley and Sunbean. Killed in Under a Blood Red Moon. (CbN) (UBRM)
  • Gloria Martinez <10> (1951:1972) Progeny of Salvador. (LAbN)
  • Allison Maller <10> (1970:1985) Progeny of Salvador. (LAbN)
  • Luigi <10> Member of the Mafia. (BWar)
  • Torrance Urich <10> He is anarch. Urich is member of the gang "Night Crew". (SHS)
  • Niamh Connor <10> Progeny of James Cooper. California Anarch. (PC, LAbN)
  • Berthel Ward <10> He is anarch. Ward is member of the gang "Night Crew". (SHS)
  • Homer Fralish (Horse) <10> He is anarch. (SHS)
  • Tony Hodo (Leatherback) <10> He is antitribu. Tony is member of the Sabbat nomadic pack "Crypt-Ticks". (SHS)
  • Jeremiah Noble (Jeremy) <10> He is antitribu. Jeremy is member of the Ravens - a founded Coven. (SHS)
  • Snake Whitcomb <?> (+1859) Primogen of San Francisco in 1851. Killed for Grandfather. (PoC)
  • Dugan <?> (+1877) Primogen of San Francisco in 1859. Killed for Montelaine. (PoC)
  • Sarah <?> Primogen of San Francisco in 1877. (PoC)
  • Tomaine <?> Primogen of San Francisco. (PoC)
  • Piedro Costanza <11> Sire of Tonio Borrelli (1943). (BbN)
  • Dooley <11> (+1993) Progeny of Hankcave. Sire of Anita Wainwright (1968). Killed in Under a Blood Red Moon. (CbN) (UBRM)
  • SunBean <11> (+1993) Progeny of Hankcave. Killed in Under a Blood Red Moon. (CbN) (UBRM)
  • Tom Weaver <11> (1930:1953) Progeny of Jake Almerson. (LAbN)
  • Thrasher <11> Sire of Walter Gaspars (1990) and Millie Gaspars (1990). (LAbN)
  • Lorell Herndon <11> He is anarch. Herndon is member of the gang "Night Crew". (SHS)
  • Tonio Borrelli <12> (:1943) Progeny of Piedro Costanza. (BbN)
  • Count <12> (:1963) (AH)
  • Shawnda Dirrot <12> (1945:1967) Priscus of Manhattan, had vanished under unexplined circumstances. (BWar) (RANY) (Cb-To)
  • Anita Wainwright <12> (1941:1968) Progeny of Dooley. (CbN) (UBRM) (CbN2)
  • Gengis <12> (1944:1968) Progeny of Ethrica. Sire of Turk (1975). (CbN) (UBRM) (CbN2)
  • Walter Gaspars <12> (1956:1990) Progeny of Thrasher. (LAbN)
  • Millie Gaspars <12> (1958:1990) Progeny of Thrasher. (LAbN)
  • Dorsey Bohannon <12> He is anarch. Bohannon is member of the gang "Night Crew". (SHS)
  • Cal <12> Sire of Ariane (1992). (LAbN)
  • Brenton Dickens <12> He is anarch. (SHS)
  • Turk <13-12> (:1975) Progeny of Gengis. (MbN)
  • Cal <13> (1978:1992) Progeny of Cal. (LAbN)
  • Eva <?> She was staked in the sun, for jeopardizing the Masquerade. (KmW)
  • Virginia Brown <?> (WoD)