Flaws under the "general" category may be taken by any character from any sphere. Vampires, Hunters, KotE, Mortals and Numina users may select freely from these Flaws.


Absent-Minded (3pt Flaw)
This Flaw may not be taken with the Merit Concentration. Though you do not forget such things as Knowledges or Skills, you do forget names, addresses, and when you last ate. In order to remember anything more than your own name and the location of your haven, you need to make a Wits roll or, as a last resort, spend a Willpower point.

Addiction (3pt Flaw)
You suffer from an addiction to a substance, which must now be present in the blood you drink. This can be alcohol, nicotine, hard drugs or simply adrenaline. This substance always impairs you in some fashion. Addictions to inconsequential substances will not be allowed. This includes the popular "Addiction to Nicotine" for Kindred, as most of the adverse effects of Nicotine do not affect creatures that don't breathe or have blood circulation.

Addicted to Kindred Vitae (3pt Flaw)
You need the rush Vampire blood gives you when you drink it. You feel dead and listless otherwise. This is a very dangerous habit. It can only be overcome with long therapy and friends to help you quit cold turkey.

Adolescent (1pt Flaw)
You were chosen very early in your life. This age difference will cause people to react to you differently. The older Chosen may not take you seriously. ("You've got to be kidding. She's just a kid!") Increase the Difficulty of your Social rolls by 1 to 3 depending on the circumstances of your situation or the individual you are confronting.

Airhead (1pt Flaw)
You're so wrapped up in your own little world, you don't have a clue about reality! Perhaps you retreat into yourself because you're afraid or avoiding a problem, but more likely, you simply arenot using your gray cells. Maybe you fall in and out of conversations and spout non sequitors. Whatever the case, people snicker at you behind your back.

Allergic (1-3pt Flaw)
You are allergic to some substance, in a manner not unlike mortal allergies. However, you do not get hives or sneeze, but are actually incapacitated y your reaction. If the substance was in the blood you drank, the reaction will be very strong, though touch along is enough to disturb you. If it was in the blood, you will have five fewer dice on all your Dice Pools for 10 minutes. - if you just touched it, the penalty is reduced to two dice. Choose form the list below or make up the substance to which you are allergic: · Plastic: 1pt, · Alchohol:2pt, · Illegal Drugs: 2pt, · Metal: 3pt.

Amnesia (2pt Flaw)
You are unable to remember anything about your past, yourself or your family. Your life is a blank slate. However, your past may someday come back to haunt you. (you can, if you wish, take up five points of other Flaws without specifying what they are, and leave it to the Storyteller to detail them. Over the course of the chronicle, you and your character will slowly discover them.

Arrogant (1pt Flaw)
Whether or not you actually think you're better than others, those around you consistently feel that you have a 'holier than thou' attitude. You may phrase things sarcastically too often, or you may really believe that you are holier than most of those you interact with. In any case, you suffer a +1 diff modifier on all social rolls made to sway others of equal or lower social stature.

Artificially Aged (2pt Flaw)
You have been fleshcrafted to look like an adult, although true maturity is still some time in your future. Although you can pass as older than you actually feel, you have difficulty dealing with complex situations. You must subtract one die from all Social Dice Pools that involve subtlety or sophistication.


Bad Liar (1pt Flaw)
You have tremendous trouble lying. The spontaneous excuses that you come up with are usually unbelievably elaborate or easily refuted with the bare modicum of research. While telling a prefabricated lie, you stutter, stammer, blush or generally look guilty. Increase the difficulty of any roll that involves verbal deception by two.

Bad Sight (1 or 3pt Flaw)
Your sight is defective. The difficulties of any dice rolls involving use of your eyesight are increased by two. As a one point Flaw, this condition can be corrected with glasses or contacts; as a three-point Flaw, the condition is too sever to be corrected.

Bard's Tongue (1pt Flaw)
You speak the truth, uncannily so. Things you say tend to come true. This not a facility for blessing or cursing, or an ability that can be ruled by any conscious control. However, at least once per story, an uncomfortable truth regarding any current situation will appear in your head and come out your lips. To avoid speaking prophecy, the owner of the 'gift' must expend a Willpower point and take a wound level from the strain of resisting (especially if he bites a hole in his tongue)

Beholden (1-3pt Flaw)
You owe somebody something, and some day they'll call the marker in. Exactly who you owe, and why, and how much, depends on the value of the Flaw and the Storyteller's twisted imagination. The value or this Flaw is based on how great a favor is owed - for example, if the person saved your life, that's usually a three-point Flaw. Other reasons why you might be Beholden include: someone has dirt on you; you borrowed money from them; they did you a favor; they saved the life of someone important to you; they kept you (or a loved one) from suffering some horrible fate.

Big Mouth (2pt Flaw)
You talk too much, and it gets you in trouble. You tend to blurt out painful truths at inopportune times. At least once per high-tension social scene, you must speak your mind. You can avoid the pain and embarrassment this costs by spending 1 willpower points. This Flaw is particularly dangerous for information-based psychics, who tend to blurt out other people's secrets as readily as their own.

Black and White (1pt Flaw)
The world is really a collection of shades of gray, but your character doesn't see it that way. To you, everything is as clear as black and white. You think in terms of people being either for or against you, hot or cold, good or evil, easy or impossible, stupid or genius. This closed mindset can cost you dearly in missed opportunities, misunderstandings and under-or overestimation of others. In social situations where your judgmental nature comes to bear, which are more often than you might think, you suffer a one-point penalty to difficulties of rolls. This Flaw is particularly suited to pair with things like Code of Honor and other overly focusing Merits.

Blackmailed (1pt Flaw)
You're being blackmailed by a Kindred powerful enough or smart enough to keep you from destroying her. Your blackmailer uses you to her personal advantages, forcing you to do all sorts of awful things you hate doing. She may take money from you, she may take blood or she may force you to aid her in her own schemes.

Blind (6pt Flaw)
You cannot see. Characters can compensate for the loss of vision by becoming more sensitive to other sensory imput, but visual cues and images are lost to them. Actions involving hand-eye coordination are very difficult to perform, especially under stressful conditions. Difficulties of all Dexterity-based rolls are increased by two. Oddly, vampires with Level Two Auspex (Aura Perception) are still able to use this ability, though the information is interpretably via other senses.

Bound (2pt Flaw)
You are blood bound to a vampire. Your regnant may not necessarily treat you badly, but the fact remains that your will is not entirely your own. The knowledge gnaws at you, even as you find yourself lost in devotion to your vampiric master.

Braggart (2pt Flaw)
Your favorite topic of conversation is yourself. You make every attempt to bring conversations around to your achievements and successes and you never fail to take credit for everything you even vaguely affected. You can't avoid reminding others of your deeds and exploits. Consequently, people tire of listening to you blow your own horn for more than a few minutes. You make all Social rolls at a penalty of +1 to your difficulty as a result of others' inattention and boredom with your self-aggrandizing speeches. (If you take this Flaw, you'll be expected to roleplay your sense of pride and over importance.)


Cannibal (4pt Flaw)
Nature or nurture has forced this diabolist to eat human meat - exclusively. Anyone twisted or desperate enough can eat a person, but the character with this Flaw cannot eat anything else. No other meat (much less grain or vegetable) will nourish him, and he'll get sick if he tries to change his diet. The flesh can be dead, decaying, or even alive, but it must be human. Needless to say, this ghoul has to remain close to human beings, yet feed discreetly enough to avoid attention. It's a hard life to live, and few cannibals manage to survive this way for very long. There are, of course, exceptions.

Club Foot (1pt Flaw)
One of your feet is gnarled and deformed. You move at only half normal speed.

Clumsy (2pt Flaw)
Are your fingers dipped in butter? It would seem so, the way things slide from your grasp! By the rules, you add two to the difficulty of any Dexterity-related roll except combat actions. When a sword's in your hands, you're steady enough - it's the times in between that have people wondering.

Color Blindness (1pt Flaw)
You can see in black ad white. Color means nothing to you, though you are sensitive to color density, which you perceive as shades of gray. This makes it impossible to use the Level Two Auspex power of Aura Perception. (Note color blindness actually indicates an inability to distinguish between two colors, but we fudged a bit for the sake of brevity.

Compulsion (1pt Flaw)
You have a psychological compulsion of some sort, which can cause you a number of different problems. Your compulsion may be for cleanliness, perfection, bragging, stealing, gaming, exaggeration or just talking. A compulsion can be temporality avoided at the cost of a Willpower point, but is in effect at all other times.

Compulsive Liar (2pt Flaw)
You feel the need to put your personal spin on the truth. You don't necessarily do so out of spite or malice, and you may come to genuinely believe the tall tales that you tell (especially when you spin them often enough). This Trait is especially troublesome when other hunters rely on you for other information on monsters and their habits. You might have to spend a Willpower point to force yourself to be honest, especially if it means publically revealing a previous lie.

Confused (2pt Flaw)
You are often confused, and the world seems to be a very disoriented and twisted place. Sometimes you are simply unable to make sense of things. You need to roleplay this behavior all the time to a small degree, but your confusion becomes especially strong whenever stimuli surround you (such as when a number of different people talk all at once, or you enter a nightclub with loud pounding music). You may spend Willpower to override the effects of your confusion, but only temporarily.

Coward (1-5pt Flaw)
This is no age for cravens; nevertheless, you are one such, at least where certain things are concerned. Perhaps you've suffered some heavy torture or mishap that has left you fearful; or maybe a curse has robbed you of your courage. Then again, you could just be a lily-livered git. The Flaw is the same: In the presence of the thing you fear, you cringe, whimper, weep or flee. Only a powerful effort of will allows you to stand your ground. In game terms, the cost of the Flaw depends on the object of the terror. The base Willpower roll for standing up to a threat or "mortal terror" is 7, although certain fears get harder to face at the higher levels.

  • For one point, one group of related things (cats, oak trees, priests) becomes your "mortal terror." In the presence of that terror, you shiver and quail. Nothing else bothers you overmuch. Assuming you succeed on a Willpower roll, everything will be fine, although you certainly won't want anything to do with the object of your fear.
  • For two points, common threats (crowds, fires, storms) make you uneasy; if you encounter your "mortal terror" or other very dangerous circumstances (being trapped in a fire, faced with torture, etc.), you panic unless you can make a successful Willpower roll.
  • For three points, everything makes you uneasy and certain things drive you wild with fear. Under calm circumstances, you can control yourself, but the presence of a "mortal terror" or a common threat (a battle, an angry nobleman, etc.) panics you unless the required roll is made.
  • For four points, you're prone to fits of trembling, and avoid hazards as much as possible. To stand up to combat, danger or authority figures, you must make a Willpower roll. The presence of your "mortal terror" drives you to your knees (or out the door) unless you make a similar roll at difficulty 9.
  • For five points, everything that could be even remotely dangerous makes you tremble, and any direct threat makes you want to flee. This doesn't mean you cannot function in day-to-day life, but combat, heroism and open rebellion are virtually impossible without a normal Willpower roll. Should you encounter your "mortal terror," a successful Willpower roll (difficulty 9) is the only thing that can keep you from fainting.

As you might imagine, this Flaw cannot be taken by a character with the Merit: Iron Will.

Craven Image (1pt Flaw)
No matter how highborn you are, there's something "low" about you. People tend to treat you with less respect than you deserve. While this might be good for an occasional disguise, it hampers your dealings with others more often than it helps. In story terms, your superiors chastise you, your peers mock you and your lessers disrespect you. In game terms, the difficulties of social rolls increase by two if appropriate to the situation; making requests or asking favors is daunting for you, for example.

Criminal Marks (1-5pt Flaw)
Your body bears the marks of punishment. Unlike normal scars, such marks are inflicted deliberately, and designed for maximum pain and disfigurement. They are, of course, the most common ways of dealing with lawbreakers in these days. Whippings, brandings, ear-cuttings and amputation serve the ends of justice, both by incapacitating the criminal and by making him stand out from polite society.

Bearing a criminal's scars does not make you a criminal (you may have been innocent, or injured by war and disease), but people consider you one if they can see the marks. Some scars are easy enough to hide, but others are damned near impossible to conceal. Someone branded on the forehead could cover it up with strategically placed mud or soot. A missing nose, on the other hand, is considerably harder to hide. Thus, the Flaw depends on the nature of the marks and the difficulty of concealing them.

Rating Example
1 Concealable brand or scarring
2 Small brand, severed ear or fingers
3 Large, obvious brand
4 Severed nose or lips
5 Loss of hand or foot

Note that some of these marks may call for other penalties as well, such as lameness or slurred speech. If you bear such disfigurement, your Appearance and Social activities will probably suffer accordingly. On the other hand, it might suit your purpose to pose as an outlaw. Of course, you lose the Flaw bonus if magick heals the marks. No mutation, no Flaw.

Criminal Past (1pt Flaw)
While you are currently an honest and decent individual, that has not always been the case. At some point in the past, you were a known and violent criminal and may have been a hunted man for your criminal activities. All Social rolls with those who know your criminal history are made at +2 diff. Those who know you are unlikely to ever give you the benefit of the doubt unless you have truly proven yourself reformed.

Criminal Record (2pt Flaw)
For whatever crime you may or may not have committed, you are remembered by City Hall. You cannot vote, jobs will be hard to come by, and people who know about your record won't trust you, no matter what happens. Erasing the record means buying off this Flaw first.

Crude (1pt Flaw)
You never learned any manners while growing up. You talk with your mouth full, burp loudly and slurp your soup. When interacting with others in any refined or formal environment, increase the difficulty of any Social rolls by two.

Curiosity (2pt Flaw)
You are naturally curious and find mysteries of any sort irresistible. In most circumstances, you find that your curiosity easily overrides your common sense. To resist the temptation, make a Wits roll (Difficulty 5) for simple things like "I wonder what is in that cabinet!" Increase the Difficulty up to 9 for things like "I'll just peek into the dragons lair – no one will know. What could possibly go wrong?"

Cursed (1-5pt Flaw)
You have been cursed by someone or something with supernatural or magical powers. This curse is specific and detailed, it cannot be dispelled without extreme effort, and it can be life-threatening. Some examples follow: · If you pass on a secret that was told to you, your betrayal will later harm you in some way (1pt), · You stutter uncontrollably when you try to describe what you have seen or heard (2pt), · You are doomed to make enemies of those to whom you have become most attached (so whatever you do, don’t get too close to other characters!) (4pt), Every one of your accomplishments or achievements will eventually, inevitably, become soiled and fail in some way. (5pt)


Dangerous Secret (2pt Flaw)
You are privy to some top secret information that places your life in danger. What it is and how you got it is up to the storyteller to decide. Unlike the Top Secret Access Merit, this secret does you little good and will put you in extreme danger if anyone finds out you possess it. Furthermore the source of your information is unstable or unreliable (an alcoholic co-worker, a Malkavian vampire, or someone who has recently disappeared) thus increasing the odds that you will soon be running for your life. The secret preys on your mind, giving you many a sleepless night. You will be guarded and suspicious of all but your closest family and friends – maybe even them.

Dark Fate (5pt Flaw)
You are doomed to experience a most horrible demise or, worse, suffer eternal agony. No matter what you do, someday, your struggles, and your dreams will come to naught. Your fate is certain and there is nothing you can do about it. Even more ghastly, you have partial knowledge of this, for you occasionally have visions of your fate - and they are most disturbing. The malaise these visions inspire in you can only be overcome through the use of Willpower, and will return after each vision. At some point in the chronicle, you will indeed face your fate, but when and how is completely up to the Storyteller. Though you can’t do anything about your fate, you can still attempt to reach some goal before it occurs, or at least try to make sure that your friends are not destroyed as well. This is a difficult Flaw to roleplay; though it may seem as if it takes away all free will, we have found that ironically, it grants freedom.

Dark Secret (1pt Flaw)
You have some sort of secret that, if uncovered, would be of immense embarrassment to you and would make you a pariah in the Kindred community. This can be anything from having murdered an elder to having once been a member of the Sabbat. While this secret weighs on your mind at all times, it will only surface in occasional stories. Otherwise, it will being to lose its impact.

Deaf (4pt Flaw)
You cannot hear. While you may ignore some applications of Dominate, you may not listen to electronic or vocal media, and the difficulties of many Alertness rolls are increased by three.

Deathsight (2pt Flaw)
Everything appears rotted and decayed to you. The world appears to you as a corpse; mortals look diseased, buildings seems decrepit, and your fellow Kindred seem to be walking, moldering cadavers. You are at -2 difficulty to resist all rolls based on Appearance, but by the same token you are at +2 difficulty on all Perception-based rolls. In addition, you find social interaction difficult and are at +1 difficulty on all Social based rolls.

Deep Sleeper (1pt Flaw)
When you sleep, it is very difficult for you to awaken. Raise the difficulty by two on any such rolls, and roleplay how you never seem to be on time when you have an appointment early in the evening.

Defective Sense (1pt Flaw)
One of your character's senses is dulled or abnormally damaged in some fashion. Perhaps the character is hard of hearing, has limited taste receptors, is color-blind or is correctably nearsighted. In each case, you suffer a two-point penalty to the difficulty of all rolls involving the flawed sense. Obviously, you cannot take this Flaw in conjunction with an Acute Sense of the same type.

Deformity (3pt Flaw)
You have some kind of deformity - a misshapen limb, a hunchback or whatever - which affects your interactions with others and may inconvenience you physically. The difficulties of all dice rolls related to physical appearance are raised by two. Your deformity will also raise the difficulty of some Dexterity rolls by two, depending on the type of deformity you possess.

Delusion (1pt Flaw)
You believe wholeheartedly in something that just isn't so. For example, you might believe that you are just a normal human (when you are, in fact, a vampire), that round rocks are extremely valuable, that you are the long-lost son of a Duke, or that your imaginary friend is actually real.

Démesuré (3pt Flaw)
Démesuré refers to sinful pride that results in extraordinary (and sometimes horrendous) costs to the possessor and those around him. The most famous example is that of Childe Roland, who refused to allow his men to retreat as the Moors slaughtered them, his pride goading him to remain so that he would not appear as a coward. A player who takes this Flaw should select one (maybe more) things that his character takes great pride in - his clothes, his horsemanship, his fighting, etc. When that pride is insulted or threatened, the player must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 9). If he fails, he pursues the salvation of his "honor" to the exclusion of all other business. This obsession can result in lost allies, plans gone completely awry, loss of loved ones or even Final Death. Each time the character achieves goals relating to his obsession, he may make a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) to see if he can let the obsession rest for the remainder of the night.

Demon Hounded (1-4pt Flaw)
A demon has taken a special interest in your soul. She appears to you occasionally, using threats, bribes and honeyed words to win you to her cause. Sometimes she just asks you to perform innocuous favors for her. Sometimes she just asks you to sell your soul. Sometimes she offers you favors or information without any apparent catch. In any case, it is not your interests she serves, but those of her diabolical masters. All of her plots are ultimately designed to ensnare you and win your soul. A minor demon (1pt Flaw) may be an annoying imp, incapable of no more than distracting you, thieving small items and pleading for your soul; its plans are unimpressive, but can be frustrating. A greater creature (4pt Flaw) is your physical equal and can concoct horrible devious plans to win your soul. In either case the Storyteller creates the character for the demon, and keeps track of its plots.

Depression (4pt Flaw)
You're mired in a pit of bleak, mind-numbing sorrow. Convinced that your eternally dark mood is completely natural - or deserved - you refuse to seek professional help. You do not regain a point of Willpower per day as most characters do. Instead, you may gain Willpower only through actions, and even those must ardently reaffirm your goals.

Derangement (3pt Flaw)
Your character has a Derangement. Please choose one from the list of derangements located on the wiki.

Diminished Attribute (Variable)
Life isn't fair. When they were passing out brains, brawn or beauty, someone else got your character's portion - maybe several of them. What this means is that your character is remarkably lacking in the social, physical or mental department. He might be a victim of disease or brain damage, or he may just have been born on the shallow end of the gene pool. It happens.

However, you (the player) have points to spend on other stuff. Real life may not be fair, but at least game reality is. However, Storytellers should be careful with this Flaw, and make certain that the player roleplays the actual realities of being shortchanged. For each dot that you lose from your character's Attributes, you get three points back from this Flaw. This kickback isn't subject to the normal limits of seven points of Flaws, but you cannot take more than one additional Flaw without special Storyteller approval and a damn good story. Note that this arrangement is not fair in terms of freebie points, but it lets you make a character who's totally crippled in one area and still get some payback.

Disconcerting (2pt Flaw)
You creep people out. It's not the things you say, or your looks, it's just… you. People don't handle your presence very well, and animals are skittish around you. Your actions may put them at ease, or might make things worse, but that nagging eeriness never fades. Even your best friends admit you're weird. In game terms, your character adds +2 to all social difficulties that involve getting someone to like or trust her. This disconcerting aura has nothing to do with your looks or manners, and you may have to use those talents to balance out the effect you have on those around you. As the player, you may have to act out some sort of eerie mannerism, or struggle with the fact that people just don't care to be around your character.

Disease Carrier (4pt Flaw)
Your blood carries a lethal and highly contagious disease. The disease can be anything from rabies to HIV, and Kindred who drink your blood have a 10 percent chance of becoming a carrier as well. You must spend an extra blood point each night on awakening, or you will being manifesting symptoms of the disease (increased chance to frenzy for rabies, reduced soak rolls for HIV, etc.)

Disfigured (2pt Flaw)
A hideous disfigurement makes you ugly and easy to notice as well as remember. You therefore have a zero Appearance, much like the Nosferatu (who cannot take this Flaw)

Disparaged (2pt Flaw)
You married someone beneath your station, and thus have lost social standing yourself. An example, would be a countess who has married a knight or a duke who married a baron's daughter. Among your own social class, you are treated with disrespect or even actively snubbed, while your spouse is ignored or treated rudely. Your spouse's peers don't know how to behave with you, resulting in a further awkward relations or standoffishness. A +2 difficulty is added to your Social rolls when dealing with your peers. Your marriage may be a happy one, but you have paid a terrible price for it.

Distinguishing Characteristic (1 or 2pt Flaw)
You have a physical feature that makes you very easy to pick out in crowds, such as elaborate tattoos, a scar or an obvious birthmark. This flaw is worth one point if the characteristic is hidden easily under clothes, two points if it is not.

Disturbing Mannerism (2pt Flaw)
Something about you makes other folks uncomfortable. Perhaps you laugh like a gored pig, stink like a tanner, whisper to yourself constantly, or blink rapidly when speaking. Odious as it may be, your habit isn't something you can simply stop; as soon as you stop concentrating on it, the habit returns full-force. In game terms, this Flaw may increase the difficulty of Social rolls at the Storyteller's discretion, depending on how well someone knows you. Strangers may find your behavior odd and distracting, whereas close acquaintances may find it difficult to deal with you at all.

Driving Goal (3pt Flaw)
You have personal goal, which sometimes compels and directs you in starting ways. The goal is always limitless in depth, and you can never truly achieve it. It could be to eradicate the Sabbt or achieve Golconda. Because you must work towards your goal throughout the chronicle (thought you can avoid it for short periods by spending Willpower), it will get you into trouble and may jeopardize other actions. Choose your driving goal carefully, as it will direct and focus everything your character does.


Emotional Isolation (1pt Flaw)
You have seen too many friend and family, Kindred and kine alike, swept away on the river of time and cast into oblivion. The pain of seeing so many die while you continued to exist was horrible to bear, so horrible that you have now isolated yourself emotionally from all others. You often come across as cold and utterly without feeling, but what is that to you? You are now safe from pain. Due to your total emotional isolation, you receive a +1 difficulty modifier to any Social skill rolls involving emotions and cannot spend experience points on the Empathy Talent.

Enemy (1-5pt Flaw)
You have an enemy, or perhaps a group of enemies, who seek to harm you. The value of this flaw determines how powerful these enemies are. The most powerful enemies (Methuselahs or Archmages) would be five point Flaws, while someone nearer to your own power would be worth only one point. You must decide who your enemy is and how you became enemies in the first place.

Ennui (2pt Flaw)
You are world-weary. You have seen enough to know that nothing is ever truly new; the same events and so called passions are merely replayed again and again, with only the faces and names shifting as the many, many years go by. You rarely pay attention to those around you, assuming you know all there is to know of them once you have determined what part they play on the world stage (+1 difficulty to Perception rolls involving people you know). Due to your belief in the predictability of others, you also receive +1 difficulty to the difficulty level of the first action taken following a surprise (such as an ambush).

Errant Mind (1pt Flaw)
You have a deserved reputation for being unreliable. Your mind tends to wander frequently so that you forget meetings you promised to attend, fail to keep promises (although sworn oaths tend to stay in your memory) and otherwise fall short of the expectations of others. You must spend a willpower point each time that you wish to make a determined effort to keep a promise or attend a gathering.


Faint of Heart (2pt Flaw)
You are easily sickened by the sight of blood. Whenever you witness a gory scene, you must roll Willpower (difficulty 6). If the roll fails, you are overcome with nausea for the next few minutes. While this doesn't mean you spend the time vomiting (unless the roll botches) it does mean that all difficulties increase by one during that time.

Fear of the Devil (1pt Flaw)
Your religious beliefs may be particularly strong or all but nonexistent, and your experience and intellect may offer all kinds of reassurances, but still you harbor a deep-rooted, irrational fear that someday, for some reason, you will be dragged down to an eternity of torment at the hands of the Devil. This panic may be triggered by anything you associate with "black magic" or by anything violating the teachings of the Church, and obviously will make your interactions with vampires considerably more complex. Although the degree to which you keep your feelings under control may vary, note that this terror is not a conscious choice on your character's part and cannot be "reasoned" away over time. Like many Flaws, Fear of the Devil is presented as more of an opportunity for roleplaying than min-maxing a particular character.

Fortune's Folly (7 Point Flaw) (LAbN Custom)
There are people born of this world who are lucky, and lucky to be around. You aren't one of them - in fact, when bad luck strikes it hits you especially hard. And worse, those around you who mean you harm, as well. Whenever you botch a roll, the difficulty of all rolls following it are raised by 2. Additionally, those attempting to harm you via physical or mental attacks find it just a little bit easier, reducing the difficulties of the roll by 1. This only affects those around you, and only lasts for one night.


Geas (3, 5, or 7pt Flaw)
Geas is technically a phrase from the Celtic tradition, but the concept of a magical commandment is fairly universal. In short, a geas is a taboo or mandate that cannot be disobeyed without some serious consequences. Its terms — often delivered by a prophet, priest, midwife, or supernatural agent — are clear from the beginning. Disobeying a geas is a deliberate act, not an ignorant mistake, and doing so is punished accordingly. In short, you're mystically forbidden to do something, doing it anyway puts you in danger. Some geas are simply commandments that the recipient is compelled to follow whether she wants to or not. She must always accept a drink, for example, or must always give away gifts that she receives. Other geas are taboos — the recipient may not eat a certain type of meat, usually from some significant animal, or cannot go without shoes, even in bed. Violating a geas ends in catastrophe. The doom might fall on you immediately, or could occur over time. It might punish you personally, or wound a loved one. Some punishments fall in a single blow, while others become prolonged curses. If you break your geas, don't expect a lightning bolt to come from heaven that minute. However, the death of a child, a terrible car accident, or any number of things could be right around the corner.

Gender Awkwardness (2pt Flaw) (LAbN Custom)
Maybe you’ve taken your role as the sensitive male too far, or you’re just too much of a tomboy for most women. Either way, other members of your gender find something about you particularly uncomfortable, or even offensive. The difficulty of all appropriate rolls involving the same gender is +1.

Graceless (2pt Flaw)
The antithesis of the Graceful Merit: you always look awkward, even when you’re totally on top of things. Everything you do looks, feels, or sounds wrong, even if you go about it the right way. People think you’re a shmuck no matter what you do, and this drives you crazy. Which, of course, makes you look even worse. In game terms, Graceless adds +2 difficulty to all social rolls which involve looking good, from seduction to etiquette, and leads other people to think less of you.


Hard of Hearing (1pt Flaw)
Your hearing is defective. The difficulties of any dice rolls involving the use of hearing are increased by two.

Hatred (3pt Flaw)
You have an unreasoning hatred of a certain thing. This hate is total and largely uncontrollable. You may hate a species of animal, a class of person, a color, a situation - anything. You must make a frenzy roll whenever faced wit the object of your hatred. You constantly pursue opportunities to harm the hated object or gain power over it.

Haunted (3pt Flaw)
You are haunted by an angry and tormented spirit, most likely one of your first victims. This spirit actively attempts to hinder you, especially when feeding, and does its utmost to vent its anguish upon you and anyone in your presence, The Storyteller determines the exact nature of the spirit, its powers, and whether or not it can eventually be laid to rest.

Hunted (4pt Flaw)
You have come to the attention of a witch-hunter, or some similar individual who now seeks your destruction. This hunter is beyond reason and has some form of power, influence or authority that puts you at a disadvantage. Your friends, family and associates are likewise endangered. Sooner or later, this Flaw will result in a confrontation. The resolution should not be an easy one, and until then you are in for one hellish time. This Flaw may be used to represent any person or group that is seeking to destroy or kill your character for any reason.


Illiterate (1pt Flaw)
Through lack of education or as the result of a condition like dyslexia, you are unable to read or write.

Impatient (1pt Flaw)
You have no patience for standing around and waiting. You want to do everything now, and the Devil take the hindmost. Every time you are forced to wait around instead off acting, a Self-Control roll is required to see if you go haring off on your own instead.

Inbred (1-5pt Flaw)
A common occurrence among the incestuous Giovanni clan, inbreeding can take many forms, and this Flaw is best discusses with the Storyteller before player take it for her character. The Inbred Flaw covers all manner of physical, mental, and emotional defects. A one-point Inbreeding is something simple and unobtrusive, like eyes too close together or an underbite. A three-point Inbreeding is more sever: a congenital health condition (for mortals) or a crippling physical deformity. Five-point Inbreedings are grossly disabling or emotionally crippling - everything form uselessly atrophied legs to a permanent Derangement, decided on mutually by the player ad storyteller. Inbred conditions may or may not be immediately discernible, though their point costs should be relative to their magnitude.

Inconvenient Alliance (1-3pt Flaw)
Some associate of yours is, well, difficult. Although he's a good companion (or at least a worthy ally), people just would not understand your association. Perhaps he's an Inquisitor, a heretic, a shapechanger or a thief. Depending on the circles you travel in, he might be exceedingly virtuous or totally corrupt. Nevertheless, you owe him, perhaps even like him. Out of necessity, though, you prefer to keep your friend at a discreet distance.

Ah, yes… the rub. It seems he's the demanding sort. You cannot just walk away from him. The bonus for the Flaw depends on just how demanding and inconvenient your associate is:

  • He may be distasteful, but otherwise unremarkable (such as a beggar or a street orphan): one point.
  • He could be a dangerous person to know (a Turk or a vampire's pawn), or a very persistent creditor (such as a moneylender or priest): two points.
  • He's really dangerous to know (an Infernalist), really persistent (a greedy bastard son), really repulsive (a leper), or all three (a lecherous and perverted baron): three points.

Whatever the circumstances of your alliance, it is not a short-term asscociation. You might even enjoy this person's company. Now if only he weren't so disconcerting…

Incorrigible Flirt (2pt Flaw)
You cannot resist making playful attempts at seducing anyone who fits your criteria for the perfect sexual partner. Although you may not intend to begin a serious relationship (or any relationship) with the object of your desire, you find yourself assuming the role of coquette or seducer, whichever seems more appropriate, whenever you are in the presence of someone who you consider attractive. You may find yourself flirting with more than one person at the same time, a situation that could turn awkward in a heartbeat. You must spend a point of willpower to remain focused on the matter at hand and defer your urges until a more appropriate time. Worse, your willpower is considered to be one point lower whenever potential hook-ups try to seduce you or bend your will with supernatural powers.

Inept (5 pt Flaw)
You are not attuned to your natural aptitudes, and therefore have five fewer points to spend on your Talents (the most you could take on your Talents would be eight, and the least would be 0). Of course, you can still spend freebie points to take Talents. However, you cannot at the start of the game, have any Talents at 3 or higher.

Infamous Family (1pt Flaw)
You come from a family that is very well known, but not very well liked. You have a bad reputation, and have a particularly hard time losing it because it is seen as a family trait, not a personal one. You have trouble trusting others because others in your community have always acted against you (probably for no more reason than the blood in your veins).

Infamous Lineage (1pt Flaw)
Your family name turns heads for all the wrong reasons. Your grandfather may have been an infernalist or your great uncle a traitor and scoundrel, but a pall of ill repute hangs over you because of it. You may still have station and substantial authority, but you play at a disadvantage due to the rumors and stories. You suffer a +1 diff penalty on social rolls in such circumstances.

Infamy (2pt Flaw)
People in your community tend to recognize you for all the wrong reasons. Maybe you were involved in a local scandal involving a politician, or perhaps you were charged but not convicted in a sensational case. No matter the cause, you tend to attract a lot of attention wherever you go. People look down on you, though they don't necessarily hinder or harass you. Add two to the difficulty of any Social rolls that involve people who know about your past.

Insensitive (1pt Flaw)
You have problems understanding how to gauge other's emotional reactions. You can be rather blunt in handling delicate matters, and you often find yourself apologizing without really understanding what you're done to offend someone. Add two to the difficulty of any Empathy rolls you attempt.

Intolerance (1pt Flaw)
You have an unreasoning dislike of a certain thing. This may be an animal, a class of person, a color, a situation, or just about anything at all. The difficulties of all dice tolls involving the subject are increased by two. Note that some dislikes may be too trivial to be reflect here - a dislike of White Wolf Magazine or tissue paper, for instance, will have little effect on play in most chronicles. The Storyteller is the final arbiter on what you can pick to dislike.

Intrigue Junkie (1pt Flaw)
You can't resist the urge to complicate matters by inserting an element of intrigue in almost everything you do. Nothing for you is ever simple or straightforward. You assume that others have ulterior motives, just as you do. You must spend a willpower point to resist your tendency to mistrust others or to avoid overcomplicating a simple situation

Known to be Dead (2pt Flaw)
Communities are small, and deaths and disappearances are known to all. You originally lived in the area where the chronicle is set, and the locals know that you are dead. Perhaps they saw you die, or you were discovered in torpor and pronounced dead (perhaps even buried). At ht moment this causes you no problems - but if you use your real name or are spotted by people who knew you. Then you can expect problems. Exorcists, pious knights and others (perhaps even local Lupines) will seek to destroy you; demons, mages and others may come to offer you "assistance".

Lame (3pt Flaw)
Your legs are injured or otherwise prevented from working effectively. You suffer a two-dice penalty to all dice rolls related to movement. A character may not take this Flaw along with Double Jointed.

Lazy (1pt Flaw)
You are simply lazy, avoiding anything that requires effort on your part. Preferring to let others do the hard work, you lounge around. For any action that requires preparation, there’s a good chance you didn’t properly prepare. Difficulty rolls for spontaneous Physical actions (including combat, unless it’s part of a planned offensive) increase by one.

Lifesaver (3pt Flaw)
You believe that human life is a sacred gift and will not take a person's life except in the most extreme of circumstances. You may not ever willingly endanger the lives of innocents or in any way participate in a killing. You have no problems with killing animals (for the right reasons), and will kill evil and inhuman creatures to protect others if necessary. (Be very careful, however, with your definition of "evil") Senseless death in all forms repulses you, and you feel that those who perform murder should be punished and stopped.

Lost Love (1pt Flaw)
You have lost your true love to death, distance, or marriage. You take little joy in life's pleasures and give up easily in the face of difficulty, since you've already lost the most important struggle. On those occasions when you forget yourself and have a good time, you inevitably feel sorrow afterwards as you think about how it could have been if your true love were with you. Still, time heals all wounds.

Low Self-Image (2pt Flaw)
You lack self-confidence and don’t believe in yourself. You have two fewer dice in situations where you don’t expect to succeed (at Storyteller’s discretion), though the penalty might be limited to one die if you help the Storyteller by pointing out times when this Flaw might affect you). At the Storyteller’s option, you may be required to make Willpower rolls to do things that require self-confidence, or even to use a Willpower point when others would not be obliged to do so.

Lustful (2pt Flaw)
You can't resist the erotic advances of the appropriate gender(s). You are easily seduced and often exhibit very poor judgment when dealing with sexually attractive people. The difficulty of any attempts to seduce you is reduced by two.


Magic Susceptibility (2pt Flaw)
You are susceptible to the magical rituals of the Tremere, as well as to spells of mages of other creeds an orders. The difficulty to cast a spell upon you is two less, and all spells cast have twice normal effect on you.

Malicious Zealot (2pt Flaw)
Those who devoutly practice the same faith as you have nothing to fear from you, but you take great delight in causing pain and suffering to those who do not follow the tenets of your chosen religion. Heretics, witches and those following any faith but yours are open targets for you. Anytime you have an opportunity to make a heathen suffer in any way, you�re inclined to take it. Make a Willpower roll (diff 6) when the character is in a position to cause pain or suffering to a non-believer; if even one success is rolled, the character masters her sadistic streak. Otherwise, she takes the opportunity to torment the victim as sadistically as possible. This is most commonly seen in those that follow Islam or any various Christian sect.

Manchurian Candidate (5pt Flaw)
Your working for some secret person or organization and you don’t even know about it. You don’t even know about it. You have been completely brainwashed by this mysterious master. Your ‘owner’ might be a vampire, a mage or even another Para intelligence organization. This manipulator has implanted a certain word or visual signal in your unconscious whenever you hear this word (it might be given to you over the phone) or see the signal (perhaps on the television), you will perform whatever duty this master has asked of you. Afterwards, you will not remember anything from the moment you got your cue until after your duty has been accomplished.

Some common duties might be simply to spy on your employers and report back (by secret mail drop or phone number), to kill a certain person ‘who knows too much’, or to steal valuable equipment. The task was implanted in the original brainwashing session, but your master may force new duties on you at any time, although this usually requires a personal one on one session with the master.

Strange things may go on in your agency, and you might doggedly track down the perpetrator only to discover it is you.

Mental Patient (2 or 5pt Flaw)
Sometime in your life you have run afoul of the mental health authorities. Seeing and talking to beings that no one else can perceive, and hearing voices that may tell you frightening and disturbing things, is far outside the realm of the normal. Anyone who does such things must be crazy! Because you seemed delusional and incoherent you were locked up as a possible danger to yourself and others. Since schizophrenia is the most common diagnosis for such problems you may even have been on powerful antipsychotic drugs for a time. If you managed to convince the officials that you are no longer a danger to yourself or others and you were released this flaw is worth only two points. However if you actually escaped from a mental institution and are on the run from the authorities, then the flaw is worth five points. Even if you were legally released from care the modern mental health system does not consider an illness like schizophrenia curable. Anyone who has ever been institutionalized against his will has this fact noted in his records. Prospective employers, landlords and similar personnel usually look askance at anyone who was crazy. The discrimination and problems for mental cases are much worse if you were not released. Escaped mental patients are regarded in much the same light a escaped convicts. Most people see them as little better than dangerous animals. Everyone, from the police to the general public, will consider you to be a potential killer, even if you have no history of violence. In this age of nation wide databases, and background check using your name social security number or finger prints will reveal your status.

Mistaken Identity (1pt Flaw)
You look similar to another Kindred, and are mistaken for her, much to your chagrin. This individual’s allies will approach you and tell you things you do not want to hear, her enemies will attempt to do away with you, and other will treat you in odd ways. Ultimately you might be able to sort out things, but it will take tremendous effort.

Mute (4pt Flaw)
You cannot speak. You communicate with the Storyteller and describe your actions, but cannot talk to player or Storyteller characters unless everyone concerned uses Linguistics dots to purchase a commonly understood sign language or you write down what you wish to say.


Naive (1pt Flaw)
You see world in rose-colored hues. Your privileged upbringing (or massive psychological repression of abuse) makes you all too ready to accept others as kind and caring. You are always the last to suspect foul play or bad intent on the part of another, and this can get you in real trouble. On the other hand, the Flaw often leads people of the Caregiver nature to take you under their wings with more fervor than usual.

Necrophile (3pt Flaw)
No, you don’t have sex with the dead, but you certainly enjoy their company. You are obsessed with dead bodies and “invite” them over to your domain. Your haven is distastefully decorated with severed and mutilated body parts of all kinds. You talk to your dead friends, dance with them, make art out of them and entertain frequently. Some vampires of particularly refined temperament may need to overcome a Courage roll (difficulty 4) to enter a room where you’ve left your guests and their accouterments. Toreador go apeshit; Toreador antitribu applaud. This may be adapted to mortal necrophiles.

Nightmares (1pt Flaw)
You experience horrendous nightmare (daymares?) every time you sleep, and memories of them haunt you during your waking hours. Sometimes the nightmares are so bad they cause you to lose one die on all your actions for the next night. (Storyteller’s discretion). Some of the nightmare may be so intense that you mistake them for reality. A crafty Storyteller will be quick to take advantage of thi

Notoriety (3pt Flaw)
You have a bad reputation among the Kindred of your chosen city. This may be your own reputation, or it may be derived from your sire. There is a two-dice penalty to all dice rolls for social dealings with the city’s Kindred. A character with this Flaw may not take the Merit of Reputation. This Flaw also applies to mortals, and may be adapted to represent any source of significant notoriety in a community.



Pacifist (5pt Flaw)
You utterly refuse to use violence against anything, even if your life or the lives of others are in immediate danger. Furthermore, you work hard to prevent others from using violence, though you do not recklessly endanger yourself or others to do so. You never carry weapons and refuse to procure them. A Willpower roll, difficulty 6, may be required to resist the temptation to engage in violence when a gross offense has been committed before or against you, such as a loved one being harmed. If you defy your nature and succumb to violence at some point, you cannot regain Willpower each morning until you come to terms with your lapse or you change your life philosophies altogether.

Paranoia, Extreme (3pt Flaw)
You are certain the world is full of creatures and people who wish to see you destroyed. However, you do not worry about those individuals who loathe you from a distance. It is the ones you let get near you, the ones who profess some caring towards you, you are the real danger. Of course, not all your associates and so-called friends are actually enemies (at least they probably all aren’t). However, you know that no one ever does anything they don’t believe to be for their own benefit. You are constantly alert seeking to commit diablerie, stake you, or worst. Whenever someone you know performs an act that appears selfless, you must make a successful Self-Control roll to resist branding them a traitorous, implacable enemy bent on your destruction (and taking appropriate actions against such a monster!). The Storyteller may also decide that your companions’ actions are suspiciously altruistic and necessitate such a roll.

Paraplegic (6pt Flaw)
You can hardly move without the assistance, such as a pair of crutches or a wheelchair. Even then it can be painful and cumbersome to do so. The Storyteller and you should take care to roleplay this Flaw correctly, not matter how difficult it makes things. A character may not take this Flaw along with the Merit Double-Jointed.

Pelagic Compulsion (2pt flaw)
The afflicted character feels inexplicably drawn to the sea at the expense of his ability to concentrate on other matters (+1 difficulty to all Willpower rolls if the character has been out of sight of the ocean for more than 24 hours). This call can be temporarily satisfied by an extended sea voyage, and is most often felt in the first 50 years of unlife.

Permanent Distraction (3pt Flaw) (LAbN Custom)
The negative counterpart to Selective Distraction, the character has become unable to concentrate on things happening in the here and now. Rather than remaining focused on one thing at a time, he focuses on many, preventing those that would seek to read his thoughts from discerning their true nature, layering his own thoughts with surface ones relating to something completely different. The character appears erratic, distracted and sometimes confused and in reality he is, unable to focus on any one thing at a time as his mind constantly wanders.

System: The first two layers of thoughts linger on something completely irrelevant to the situation at hand, perhaps focusing on what the character had for lunch or what the intend to do that night. Any attempt to read a characters thoughts (for example, through Auspex) will pick up these two surface layers before anything else. This benifit comes with a considerable penalty, however, the character is unable to concentrate or focus on the here and now. The character suffers a +1 difficulty penalty for perception based rolls when his mind wanders and a +1 difficulty penalty to extended actions. Unlike Selective Distraction, this is always active and cannot be turned off.

Phobia-Mild (1pt Flaw)
You have an overpowering fear of something. You instinctively and illogically retreat from and avoid the object of your fear. Common objects of phobias include certain animals, insects, crowds, open spaces, confined spaces and heights. You must make a Courage roll whenever you encounter the object you fear. The difficulty of this roll is determined by the Storyteller. IF you fail the roll, you must retreat from the object.

Phobia-Severe (3pt Flaw)
You have an overpowering fear of something. Common objects of fear include certain animals, insects, crows, open spaces, confined spaces, heights, and so on. You must make a Courage roll not to enter Rotschreck when faced with the object of your fear. The difficulty depends on the circumstances. If you fail the roll, you must retreat in terror from the object of fear. IF you score fewer than three successes, you will not approach it. The Storyteller has final say over which phobias are allowed in a chronicle.

Poor Night Vision (2pt Flaw)
Your eyesight is poor in low-light conditions. Increase the difficulty of any action attempted in dim light, such as what a flashlight might provide or under starlight alone, by two.




Sadism (2pt Flaw) (LAbN Custom)
The character must make a self-control roll, at a difficulty that varies with the situation, whenever the option to inflict pain becomes available. Seeing someone whom you don't know with their back turned in the middle of a busy street is not likely to be considered available, but a hated enemy strapped to a table and at your mercy most definitely is.

Scorched Aura (5pt Flaw) (LAbN Custom)
You have, whether willingly or without awareness of what you were doing, made a pact with a Demonic entity and lost the rights to your soul. You may or may not be aware that such a pact exists even now. Regardless, your Aura is blackened with taint. Hellfire mingles with whatever your normal Aura would be (Depending on your sphere), and black veins stain the color of your mood. There is something irreversibly tainted with evil about you, whether you know it or not, and those with Auspex or other aura reading capabilities can see it. However, auspex-users must acquire 5 or more successes on their roll to determine that the aura is infernal without prior exposure. If the auspex-user has encountered a known infernal and used auspex upon him, he can recognize the aura for what it is from then on. Even an auspex-user who has never seen the aura may gain 5 or more successes on his roll, allowing him to receive a feeling of palpable evil coming from the character's aura dark and fiery aura.

Sensation Junkie (2pt Flaw)
To you, everything is an endless source of stimulation, and you crave all the stimulation you can get. When an opportunity to try some new kick offers itself, you have to make a willpower roll to resist. The more dangerous the sensation appears, the lower the difficulty of the roll - you might crave forbidden sensations, but you’re not utterly suicidal. Naturally, you can always choose to have your character take life up on its offer even if she makes the roll, but that’s her choice, not a compulsion.

Shy (1pt Flaw)
You are distinctly ill at ease when dealing with people, and try to avoid social situations whenever possible. The difficulties of all rolls concerned with social dealings are increased by one; the difficulties of any rolls made while you are the center of attention are increased by two. Don’t expect such a character to make a public speech.

Sickened by the Flesh (2pt Flaw)
You are easily sickened by the sight of base flesh and all things to do with it. Whenever you witness a gory scene of battle, obvious signs of corrupted flesh of the enemy or an overt display of carnal lust, you must roll Willpower (diff 6). If the roll fails, you are overcome with nausea for the next few minutes. While this doesn't mean you spend the time vomiting (unless the roll botches), it does mean that all difficulties increase by one during that time.

Short Fuse (2pt Flaw)
You are easily angered. The difficulties of rolls to avoid freny are always two less, no matter how you were provoked. This is a dangerous Flaw; don’t choose it without careful thought.

Socially Oblivious (1pt Flaw)
Your character has trouble picking up on subtle hints from others. She often overstays her welcome at parties, and she tends to blurt out topics that everyone else takes great pains to avoid in conversation. Your character isn’t a socially repellent person, just occasionally tactless. Add two to the difficulty of any Etiquette rolls you attempt.

Soft-Hearted (1pt Flaw)
You cannot stand to watch others suffer-not necessarily because you care about what happened to them, but simply because you dislike the intensity of emotion. You avoid any situation that involves causing someone physical or emotional pain, unless you make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8). You must have a Humanity rating of 7 or above to take this Flaw. If you are the direct cause of the suffering, and you witness it, you will experience nights of nausea and days of sleepless grief. Whenever you must witness suffering, difficulties of all rolls are increased by two for the next hour.

Speech Impediment (1pt Flaw)
You have a stammer or some other speech impediment which hampers verbal communication. The difficulties of all relevant rolls are increased by two. Do not feel obliged to roleplay this impediment all the time but in time of duress, or when dealing with outsiders, you should attempt to simulate it.

Spiritually Noticeable (3pt Flaw)
Only people who possess either the medium or spirit sight merit can take this flaw. Spirits automatically notice that people with this flaw can always perceive them. Unlike the spirit magnet merit or flaw, spiritually noticeable people are known to be able to interact easily with spirits. While most spirits will ignore you, wraiths who need aid in the mortal world, nature spirits who are upset with environmental destruction and odd spirits who merely want to talk to a human will flock to you. These spirits may be annoyed or they may be honestly friendly but they all want something from you. While having spirits frequently hitting you up for favors can be annoying, having them do so when you are involved in some potentially hazardous activity can be extremely dangerous. Many people with this flaw make deals with one or more spirits to act as guardians against spiritual intrusions.

Stalker/Stalked (2pt. Flaw)
Someone has an unhealthy obsession with your character. Despite repeated calls to the police and several restraining orders, he continus to follow and occasionally harass her. Your Storyteller should create game stats for the stalker. Any time your character heads out on the town, the Storyteller can make a Perception test on your character's behalf (difficulty 6). If it fails or botches, the stalker has managed to tail your character throughout the night and might put in an appearance when it's least helpful.

Static Flesh (1pt. Flaw) (LAbN Custom)
For some reason, your body is literally incapable of change. Whether you have died and been brought back to life, or simply have a psychological compulsion never to invest in your physical form, all of your efforts at body building or similar endeavors never bear fruit. There are no dice rolls for this Flaw. The character is simply stuck with the same Physical Attributes chosen at character creation and may never permanently change them, through experience or other means. Even the fleshcrafting discipline of Vicissitude is ineffective, as the body simply sloughs off any additional points so imbued (but changes to appearance or additional appendages, for example, still remain). Note: Temporary changes (through the burning of blood points by Ghouls or the physical discipline Potence, for example) still function normally. This Flaw only affects permanent changes to Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina. Vampires cannot take this flaw.

Stigmata (2-4 Point Flaw)
You constantly seep blood from phantom wounds; even though your flesh remains unbroken, you bleed. The bleeding is fairly slight, but is incessant, costing you an extra blood point each evening (marked off just before dawn). If you bleed from visible locations (such as palms, a common place for stigmata), you are at +1 difficulty to all Social rolls, although certain vampires will probably take your reputation as a seer more seriously. The 4-point version of this Flaw indicates that you bleed from your eyesockets; this obviously makes it almost impossible to travel within human society unveiled, and very much disturbs other Cainites (the difficulty of all Social rolls is increased by +2 rather than +1). In addition, the constant bleeding interferes with your vision, adding onemore to the difficulty of all visual Perception rolls.

Stubborn (1-3pt Flaw)
There is conviction of spirit, there is unshakable will, and there is just plain being ornery. You fall into the last category. When your mind is made up, or when you're set on doing something, nothing can divert you. For one point, you're set in your ways, but a convincing argument will turn you around. For two points, you're a regular mule, and nothing's likely to change your mid short of a catastrophe. For three points, you'll not only defend you conviction to Hell's door, you'll kick it in and argue with the Devil.

Stumbletongue (1pt Flaw)
You know what you mean to say but you have a hard time saying it. You stutter, trip over words, lose your thoughts and otherwise embarrass yourself. Add two to the difficulty of all Social rolls, especially in situations where eloquence is important.

Superstitious (2pt Flaw)
You are one of those people that avoids black cats, walking under a ladder, always carries a rabbit's foot, etc. You will go to great lengths to ritualistically rid yourself of "bad luck" once it has settled in on you. Furthermore, urban legends are very real in your mind and you find yourself doing things like checking the backseat for that man in the shadows before entering your car. A Willpower point will allow you to force yourself to forgive some transgression or convince you that it's not the end of the world, but you're going to need to pick up an extra rabbit's foot later… just in case.

Suspicion Magnet (4pt Flaw)
For some reason, others mistrust you and attribute all kinds of sinister motives to your every word and deed. Even your closest friends refuse to believe that you can do anything without some sort of ulterior motive. You suffer a +2 difficulty to Social rolls, to reflect your problems convincing others of your sincerity or that you are speaking truthfully.


Twitch (1pt Flaw)
You have some sort of repetitive motion that you make in times of stress, and it’s a dead giveaway as to your identity. Examples include a nervous cough, constantly wringing your hands, cracking your knuckles and so on. It costs one Willpower point to refrain from engaging in your twitch.


Uneducated (5pt Flaw)
You have received absolutely no education, and have five fewer points to spend on you Knowledge Abilities (with eight being the greatest you could have, and 0 being the least). You can still spend freebie points to take Knowledges. As part of this, you cannot have any Knowledge higher than 3 at the beginning of the game.

Unlucky (4pt Flaw)
It’s surprising how rarely things go your way. Every time an opportunity comes along that might let you shine, something comes along to ruin it. Once per game session, the Storyteller should increase the diff of a critical roll you make by 2. If you fail the roll, it’s due to some random element of bad luck.

Unskilled (5 pt Flaw)
You have never trained extensively in any skill or craft, and therefore have five fewer points to spend on you Skills (with eight being the greatest you could have, and 0 being the least). While freebies can be spent to raise your Skills, no Skill may be higher than 3 at the beginning of the game.


Vainglorious (1-3pt Flaw)
You are boastful and know that you deserve any praise you receive. You are particularly found of Kindred who realize their lesser standing in the face of your obvious superiority, although you tend to view any who speak well of you as more intelligence and deserving than most. Due to your arrogance and love of sycophants, you receive an increase of one to three points on the difficulty level for resisting any attempts at Manipulation using flattery (the modifier is doubled if the flatter has a flattery specialty). The modifier is determined by the rating of this Flaw.

Vengeful (2pt Flaw)
You have a score to settle, incurred either during your mortal days or after your Embrace. You are obsessed with taking your revenge on an individual or group, and it is your overriding priority in any situation where you encounter the object of your revenge. You may temporarily resist your need for vengeance by spending Willpower point. This Flaw may also be applied to mortals with grudges.

Vulgar (2pt Flaw)
You are rude and socially unacceptable. You seem constitutionally incapable of saying or doing the right things, in spite of all attempts to teach you. Your sire is criticized and ridiculed for choosing you, and you are frequently left off guest lists. You may eventually work off this Flaw, but the Storyteller should make it particularly difficult. At Storytellers option, you may be at +2 difficulty on all Social rolls.


Wanted by Law Enforcement (3pt Flaw)
You are the prime suspect in a felony crime. The police actively look for you, and you cannot move openly about your usual hangouts. If you encounter cops who know that you're wanted, they'll call in backup and bring you in.

Ward (3pt Flaw)
You are devoted to the protection of a mortal. You may describe your ward, though the Storyteller will actually create her. This character is often a friend or relative from your living days. Retainers do not count as wards, as they "pay their own way". Wards have a talent for getting caught up in the actions of stories, and are frequently target’s of a character’s enemies.

Weak-Willed (2pt Flaw)
You are highly susceptible to Dominate and intimidation by others; you are, in fact unable to use your Willpower freely. You can employ your Willpower only when survival is at stake or it is appropriate to you Nature.