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Appendix II: Biographies
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Seventh Generation Gargoyle, born 963. Childe of Harlequin, Ublo has no memories whatsoever about the time before she became a servant of the Tremere. She is known to have been Etrius's personal bodyguard for a while. Resides in Chicago and is heavily influenced by Menele.

Ulfila, Fabrizio
Ventrue. Almost every clan has tried to exert influence on the church, but the connections of this member of the Clan of Kingship date back to the first nights of Christendom in Ancient Rome. Even though the church has been a battlefield for Cainite conspiracies for centuries, Ulfila survived them all and still remained steadfastedly loyal to the Ventrue principle of dignitas. The only mistake in all those years - if you could really call it that - this dignitary could be held responsible for was a ghoul named Ferox whom he handed over to the Tremere. It is through vassals like him that Ulfila interacts with the church. He is on good terms with Clan Giovanni. Recently, old rumors surfaced again that claim Ulfila possesses True Faith. Moreover, his connections within the Necromancers' clan enabled him to learn much about their blood magic. He is known to have talked about drastic chnages in the realms of the dead, changes that are of dire consequences even for us who exist on the other side of the Shroud.

A faction within the Sabbat. Primarily supported by older members of the Sabbat, the Ultraconservatives devote themselves to the task of transforming the sect into a huge, effective army to destroy the Antediluvians as well as the Camarilla. Younger members of the Sabbat see the followers of this philosophy as fat bastards who have nothing else to do than fight ancient vendettas and increase fear of the legendary Antediluvians.

Ulugh Begh
Fifth Generation Tremere; born 874, embraced 1253. Pontifex of the Balkans. Many legends surround this powerful Kindred. According to these legends, he has been one of the founders of the Children of the Pyramid, one of the leaders of the Elite and one of the Quaesitori. Furthermore, it is said that he committed diablarie on more than a dozen Salubri, has conspired with baba Yaga and many, many things more. The only irrefutable fact known about him is that it was Meerlinda who recruited him for House Tremere and eventually Embracedh im. He primarily served as a diplomat afterward until he was made Pontifex of the Balkans in 1992. He reputedly strives for the office of justicar, an ambition that made him the rival of the former Tremere Justicar Karl Schreckt during the 1990s. When Anastasz di Zagreb was elected as the new justicar, Ulugh saw this as a personal insult, especially since he and di Zagreb hail from the same chantry.

Uncle Smelly
Legendary technological father or messianic figure among North America's Nosferatu. Uncle Smelly supposedly travels from city to city to spread the word to the local members of the Clan of the Hidden about his greatest accomplishment - SchreckNet. Uncle Smelly is extremely fond of modern technology and sweaters it offers the only possibility available to his clan to stop threats to its safety.

The name of the Assamite antitribu have chosen for themselves.

The followers of the Path of the Scorched Heart.

Seventh Generation Malkavian. Indian fakir. Sire of Vasantasena.

The Shadowlands inhabited by Wraiths.

Fifth Generation Harbinger of Skulls. Childe of Japheth. Also called the "Keeper of Gogotha."

For centuries, the Harbingers of Skulls were imprisoned beyond the walls of death, seething with fury that found no release. THen, Unre and the Capuchin showed them the way bck through the Shroud into the realm of the living. Unre was never one to dwell on trifles like these tragedies of the past. During her stay in the Shadowlands she had existed on the only vitae accessible to her - the blood of her fellow Cainite prisoners. This enabled her to learn death magic that was powerful enough to penetrate the veil of death and contact her sire. At first, Japheth refused to hepl her, claiming the fate of Ashur's get was irrevocable. Eventually, he supported her during the ritual she used to free the imprisoned undead and convinced her and the entire bloodline to join the Sabbat. Until the time for their unfathomable retribution has come, the Harbingers take part in the elders' game and use the Sabbat as the vehicle of their vengeance. Fortunately for Unre, she has used her Necromantic powers to spin a web of boons she can call in from many, many Kindred - primarily from members of the Sabbat, but also from other Kindred. In the modern nights, Unre has made her haven, which she calls "Golgotha," a veritable monument to the dead, beneath the swirling sounds of Egypt.

Urlon of Uruk
Urlon was one of the first warlords of Western civilization. He declared war on Ur, hoping he would able to destroy Arakur. He was slain by the Lantla while the latter was possessed by the demon Drakonskyr. In all likelihood, Urlon was a Brujah or Gangrel of Fourth or Fifth generation.

Urrah, Damned

Member of the Fourth Generation and second childe of Haqim, the Second City's god of war. Formerly known exclusively from fragments of Setite scholars' scriptures, the Methuselah recently appeared in Iraq, where archaeologists discovered a small cave in the Zagros Mountains. According to my sources, the first mage of Clan Assamite is responsible for the destruction of the last caliph, Elijah Ahmed.


Fifth Generation Ventrue; Born 305 BC, embraced 255 BC. Patron of Vienna. According to contemporary eyewitness reports, Valerianus was involved in the destruction of Carthage and a member of the Roman Eternal Senate. He was sent to the city known as Vienna in modern nights to oppose the encroaching Brujah, Gangrel and Nosferatu. Here, he met Etrius, a Tremere, and the ancient Kindred agreed on a pact. Etrius would support Valerianus' actions against the Lasombra, while Valerianus promised to help Etrius in his vendetta against the Tzimisce. Even after Tremere committed diablarie on Saulot, Valerianus proved true to his promise. Sometime after the struggle between the Warlocks and the Fiends, Valerianus vanished. Ever since, his name is mentioned in rumors and tales that might indicate that Valerianus still exists. It is whispered he joined the ranks of the mysterious Inconnu.

Valez, Carolina
Eighth Generation Lasombra. Born 1930, embraced 1955. Former Archbishop of Montreal. Valez earned her reputation while acting as an undercover agent in the Californian Anarch Free State. Her casual relations with mortals and anarchs in Montreal is often seen as a personal weakness, especially since she shuns unnecessary violence and the blatant display of her Cainite state. Even though some of the more vocal members of the Sabbat regard her as weak, Valez is a cunning and clever manipulator who often overemphasizes her "weakness" to distract those who mistrust her from her true motives. Valez's best kept secret is her relationship with her mortal grandchild Josefina. During her circuit of California she ensured that Josefina would follow her trail and kept her close to remind her of her former beauty. Valez looks after her granddaughter and rescued her from the clutches of the Sabbat repeatedly. Josefina on her part feels like she is beingw atched by a "guardian angel," and she has become something like an amateur occultist to learn more about her protector. This notion makes it harder and harder for Valez to keep Josefina from drawing the Sabbat's attention. Valez is in a precarious situation, trying with all the means necessary to keep the city from being torn apart by the inner turmoil within local Cainite society.

1. Virgin warriors from Germanic mythology who lead fallen heroes to Valhalla. 2. A group of Gangrel who prowl the Scandanavian nights, known for their anarch tendancies. (See - Odin's Daughters).

1. Canadian seaport town on the Pacific coast. Population 400,000. This domain follows a special philosophy in as much as its Cainite inhanitnts have decided to ally with the local Lupines to avoid meaningless bloodshed on both sides. 2. Town in the state of Washington (USA). Population 44,300. 3. Canadian island off the coast of British Columbia. Population 300,000. Most important city: Victoria.

Qadi of the now defunct Tal'mahe'Ra.

Eighth Generation Malkavian. Born in India around 1000 AD. Childe of the Brahman, Unmada. Turned to the Sabbat after the Convention of Thorns, a sect whose ideals were already tainted by madness. This enlightened lunatic foresaw the Antediluvians' return.

The Sabbat Kinred take their nightly battle very seriously — so seriously that they would never tolerate opposition within their own ranks. To avoid internal quarrels they use the Vaulderie which resembles a blood bond though it is very different from such a regard to function and intent. Instead of being bound to a single person, the followers of the Sabbat are bound to the members of their pack by the Vaulderie. Undead who do not know about the details of the Vaulderie often consider it to be nothing mroe than simply mixing Kindred vitae in a bowl and drinking it afterward.

Vaulderie can be held any time — before attacks on enemies of the sect, during important gatherings, at the beginning of Creation Rites of new sect members and almost always during a pack's Esbat. The result of this rite is known as Vinculum. This bond is variable and of different strength for each pack member. Sometimes it creates certain restraints similar to those of a blood bond. In some cases the Vinculum is so strong that a Cainite under its influence would readily sacrifice his unlife for the other members of his pack.

Without the Vaulderie, the Sabbat would probably collapse under the weight of the sect's dogmas. Chaos and anarchy follow the Sabbat everywhere its members turn up and would erode the last remnants of organization that would remain without the loyalty and sympathy this rite evokes. It should never be forgotten, though, that these feelings are of an entirely artificial nature. The Vaulderie can actually shatter existing blood bonds.

Supposedly one of Clan Ventrue's progenitor's names he was known by when he arrived with the Aryans in India in 1500 B.C. There, he subdued the local people - the Drawida - and supposedly ruled over them for many centuries.

Sometimes younger Kindred tend to refer to the essentially sad or unfortunate facts or trends by using a rather sarcastic term from their mortal days. Such is the case here: a vegetarian is nothing else than a Kindred who refuses to drink human blood and confines himself to the consumption of animal blood.

Also known as "the Vivisectionist." A Cardinal and founding member of the Sabbat. This Methuselah of Clan Tzimisce's Antediluvian founder is infamous for his brutality, which knows no equal. He met the 10-year-old Elaine Cassidy in new England in the 19th century and fell in love with her not only due to her immaculate beauty, but because of her malice. In his jealousy and fear of losing her to others, he amputated Elaine's legs and used Vissitude to fusse their bodies together. Ever since they have been an "inseperateble" couple. Among his clan brethren Velya is famous for his scientific experiments, which resulted in his daunting sobriquet.

Capital of the Italian province Venetia. During the Crusades, Venice rose to prominence as the most important trading center of the Occident and ruler of the Mediterranean Sea. Its eventual decline set in with the advance of the Turkish troops and the taking of Constantinople in 1453. Morever, the subsequent discovery of a sea route to India diminished its influence even further. One of the main reasons for the city's fame is the fact that it has been built on 122 islands in a lagoon of the Adriatic Sea. Until the early Middle Ages the Lasombra dominated Venice, but everything changed with the fountation of the Camarilla and the seizure of power by the Giovanni. In the modern nights, there is no Prince of Venice. The city harbors the Mausoleum - the headquarters of Clan Giovanni - where the Antediluvian Augustus Giovanni resides when he is not in torpor. Apart from the Giovanni, only a few Toreador and Nosferatu reside in Venice. Until recently the Camarilla's Inner Circle met in Venice, but after the assassination of Petrodon it is not yet certain if it will convene there again.

1. On one hand, the Kindred of the Kingship Clan are regarded as honorable, gentle and elegant, while on the other hand, others call them arrogant, avaricious and most of all power hungry. Since Roman times the members of this clan have been the leaders of Kindred society who enforce the Traditions and decide upon the fate of all undead. This role always brought them respect as well as disdain. Many of them see themselves as nobles in the truest sense of the word and fight to defend the rights of all Kindred. They are the kings, emperors, knights and barons of the modern nights. Young members of the clan unite and lead their fellow Kindred while the elders look out for potential threats that brew like storm clouds beyond the borders of civilized undead society. Many domains claimed by the Camarilla are supervisd by the Blue Bloods, and they are reluctant to give away ventures they have invested in so eagerly. A good reputation and personal achievements can take Kindred within this clan a long way, but all this is in vain if a Kindred cannot maintain his influence. Clan members carry the privileges of leadership as proudly as they stoically shoulder the burderns that come with their preordained role. It has always been this way, and it will always be this way. Or maybe not. In recent nights you can hear voices from within the clan who claim they are no longer able to put up with the ceaseless slandering and continuing enmities. In their opinion, too many undead have forgotten what they gain from the Clan of Kingship. They want to give up and abandon the flock, so to speak, until their subjects realize that their shepherds did not act out of selfishness. If this should happen, the leadership of the Camarilla would undergo drastic changes.

2. The Antediluvian founder of the Clan of Kingship was the childe of Enoch and the first born among the Third Generation. He was far from being the great leader many members of other clans regard him. This is not to supposed to imply he never managed to exert his influence on a mortal people - to the contrary. But all Antediluvians had to do so in the diaspora following the destruction of the Second City. He saw himself as a keeper of Cainite lore, secrets and treasures that he intended to guard until we would all be in dire need of them. This affinity and his long discussions with Caine himself awakened the envy of the other Antediluvians very early, an envy that would later become one of the main reasons for the Jyhad. In spite of malicious rumors to the contrary mainly spread by the Learned Clan, Ventrue was not destroyed. He still exists and lies in torpor like most of the other members of the Third Generation.

Veradas, Antonio
Sabbat Bishop of Leon in Nicaragua. This Brujah antitribu uses his skills at spying as well as his connections within the military to maintain his influence in the region. Leon may be the smallest city in Nicaragua, but thanks to Veradas the Sabbat's position here is the strongest one by far, compared to others. In Leon, the sect defies the Camarilla as well as the Giovanni. Some rumors claim Veradas belongs to the True Brujah.

Former or potential blood source, usually a member of the kine.

Vestment of Vileness
Mystic artifact with a misleading name, probably in the possession of the Sabbat. This priestly garment has a blessing and a curse upon it. The blessing reveals the enigmatic Giovanni Discipline to the wearer, while the curse ensures that any of his loves ones who touch the robe lose all of their gentle feeling toward him.

Via Ossis
Archaic name for the Path of the Bones.

Via Paradocis
Old-form name for the Path of Paradox.

Vicissitude is the archetypal Tzimisce power almost unknown to Kindred outside the clan. Bear in mind that this Discipline may have powerful and terrible effects, but only if the user touches his victim's skin constantly while employing it. The user often has to shape the desired result with his own hands, which makes it almost impossible for any being more sensitive than the Fiends to use Vicissitude. Nosferatu always "heal" changes through Vicissitude overnight - at least those that make a cosmetic improvement to their terrible visages.

If one city in the world has rightfully earned the moniker "bastion" of a clan, then it is surely this metropolis on the Danube River. For in no other place known to us on Earth does a clan dominate a city in a fashion comparable to the way Clan Tremere thrives in the Austrian capital. The rituals and magic circles with which the city's borders have been secured early on against unwelcome guests demonstrate the Tremere's undisputed claim to power in a very impressive manner. Caution appears appropriate if you believe the rumors about the Antediluvian founder of Clan Tremere himself, who is supposed to slumber somewhere in or under the city. Our dear readers will certainly acknowledge that a detailed essay on the countless events that took place in this cultural and historical center would have surely taken up far too much space in this work. Therefore, it appeared more sensible to me to offer a brief overview in a summarized form.

Villon, Francois
Fifth Generation Toreador, born 1431, embraced 1464. Childe of Helena. Former student of languages at Sorbonne University. His poems represent the zenith of French vagrant's poetry. Spent his first years of unlife at the court of the French king, shaping and developing the modern French language. Prince of Paris and unofficial "prince" of the entire "domain" of France.

A term referring to the mutual blood bond the members of the Sabbat enter into during the rite called the Vaulderie. Unlike to a normal blood bond, a Vinculum affects not only two, but several people.

Old name of Vienna.

A term used exclusively by Kindred to refer to blood.

Vitel, Marcus
Really Lucius Aelieas Sejanus. Fifth Generation Lasombra. This Sabbat Methusulah has fooled Clan Ventrue and the entire Camarilla for decades by posing as Ventrue Prince of Washington, D.C. Even before his Embrace in the first century A.D., Vitel used his influence as cunningly and effectively as possible. As head of the Roman secret police, he was responsible for thousand of deaths. After the foundation of the Sabbat, he joined the new sect but sank into torpor shortly thereafter. Soon after his rise from the torpid state in the middle of the 20th century, he claimed the title Prince of Washington, D.C., making the Camarilla believe he was one of their members. After the Sabbat took his city from him, he fled to Baltimore as a true prince of the Camarilla would to lick his wounds and cope with the tragic loss inflicted on him by the evil, savage Sabbat. He seems to have suffered Final Death in the throes of the recent Sabbat War.

Vivisectionist, the

Title of the most learned scholar and most important political mediator of Clan Assamite. The Vizier is a member of the Du'at.

1. Traditional title for the oldest leaders of Clan Tzimisce.

2. Eastern European noble title primarily used in Romania.

Fifth Generation Toreador. Childe of Helena. French baron. Sired the current Justicar Madam Guil in the year of his destruction. Was dragged into broad daylight by relatives of his victims in 1579 before he could subject his youngest childe to a blood bond.

Sixth Generation Nosferatu. Born 658, embraced 689. Sire unknown. Volker was born as a Batavian and was trained in the art of war. Embraced after a devastating defeat by the Lombards in the Ardennes. Volker has no recollections whatsoever about this fateful night. Withdrew to the domain Aix-la-Chapelle. Due to the conflicts between Prussian Ventrue led by the PRince of Berlin, Gustav Breidenstein, and French Toreador under the leadership of Francois Villon, Volker was sent as a spy to Paris in the 19th century, where he still resides to this night.

von Babenberg, Konrad
Sixth Generation Ventrue, born 1119, embraced 1144. Childe of the Valerianus. Represents the Clan of Kingship in the council of the domain Vienna and is widely regarded as the most powerful elder of his clan in all of Austria. Secretly, he hates the Tremere with a vengeance.

von Bauren, Josef
Nosferatu. The representative of the Hidden Clan among the founders of the Camarilla. He is a quiet Kindred who chooses his words very carefully. Probably the coterie has to thank his skills as a mediator that it has not already broken apart centuries ago.

von Bernstein, Patricia
Sixth Generation Tremere. Born 1240, embraced 1278. Former member of the now disbanded primogen of Frankfurt. In the first centuries after her embrace she got on well in the Byzantine world of Clan Tremere. Sometime after her first extended stay in Frankfurt, rumors claimed she belonged to a secret society. These accusations have not been proven to date. Another tale about her that certainly is nothing more than pure speculation assigns to her several attempts to locate a hidden system of caves and caverns beneath Frankfurt.

von Stalburg, Vinzenz
Sixth Generation Ventrue. Born 1226, embraced 1250. Former member of the primogen in Frankfurt, which was later disbanded by him. With the help of an allied Malkavian he became prince of the domain Frankfurt shortly after his Embrace. Under his princedom, the city flourished and grew to an unexpected size. The appearance of an unknown Kindred severely hampered his influence on the city and he was forced to leave his domain and seek refuge with his clanmate Gustav Breidenstein in Berlin. Before leaving he had asked the Camarilla for supprot, and the sect sent several archons to Frankfurt to enforce order there. One of these archons, Frederick I, took the opportunity to become prince of the domain himself. Even though Vinzenz returned to Frankfurt with a letter of introduction from Breidenstein tot he new prince, in which Breidenstein called upon Frederick to acknowledge Vinzenz's legitimate claim to the domain, Frederick simply ignored the letter. Ever since, Vinzenz has tried with all his means available to regain his former domain as Prince of Frankfurt. When the embittered and disillusioned Barbarossa eventually abdicated in 1998, Vinzenz's greatest desire became reality.

von Stolberg, Wolfram
Seventh Generation Ventrue, born 695, embraced 760. Born in Castle Stolberg near Aix-la-Chapelle. A Ventrue ghoul since 711. From 949 on member of the Triumvirte in Aux-la-Chapelle together with Notulf and Nikolai von Tresckow. Destroyed in 1400.

von Volstag, Heinrich
A German Ventrue who came to Transylvania in the wake of Saxon settlers. he sired Bulscu and is thus considered the progenitor of the Arpad Ventrue.

A religion combining elements of Catholicism with Haitian and African tribal animism. Spread widely among the Kindred by the Followers of Set, especially in New Orleans. Voodoo came to the USA in a roundabout way via the slave trade from Africa and the Carribean Isles. During the 18th century, the so-called "black ivory" was the most lucrative good New Orleans and Louisiana had to offer. Voodoo had many followers among the slaves, and thus the majority of voodoo cultists were slaves. The most powerful and remarkable figures in these cults were the Voodoo queens. Second in power but as feared among the cultists as the queens themselves wee the witch-doctors.

Voorhies, Arjan
Ventrue. The Prince of the Netherlands is a quite capable man who oversees his domain from Amsterdam. He has to be capable indeed, since his domain suffers considerably from repeated attacks by the Sabbat because the sect seems stronger here than anywhere else in northern Europe. Moreover, he has to deal with numerous Giovanni who have gained a footing in local economy in recent years. Nevertheless, Amsterdam can be regarded as an impressive example of a city in which the Traditions are respected in every way. In comparison to other cities of the same size, the ancient customs are upheld and enforced excellently.

Voshkov, Sergei
Nosferatu. Having already become a legend as mortal, Voshkov was hated, feared and hunted since he was the master spy of the KGB. During the 1990s he had grown old and had to watch how the nation he had dedicated his whole to fell in ruins before his own eyes. But he was given a second chance, when no other than Baba Yaga embraced him, and he prowled the night in her service. The abilities he had cultivated as a mortal and the incredible powers available to him thanks to the immense age of the Iron Hag make him a formidable opponent, even though technically speaking he is still a neonate.

Vykos, Myca/Sasha
Also known under the moniker "Caine's Angel." Sixth Generation Tzimice and Priscus of the Sabbat. It is anything other than easy for me to treat this person in a objective way appropriate to a true scholar. Originally hailing from the Carpathian Mountains, Myca - since he was still clearly male during the time of his embrace - withdrew to Constantinople after serious disputes with the Tremere. Maybe they planned to recruit the talented young man for themselves. Somewhere along the way, he must have lost his mind - he cut his own scrotum off (and only Caine knows what else) in order to become Sasha. But before doing so, he supported his allies Velya Lugoj during foundation of the Sabbat. In modern nights he has become a total degenerate, psychopathic monster that should be destroyed on sight.


wa Itherero, Kamiri
The name of tihs medicine man who is said to [possess incredible powers has already become a legend in Kenya. Countless efforts succeeded because of this man's support and advice. He was czalled Kamiri the Poisoner and he was hired to poison others. Kamiri apparently visited his victims and warned them of their impending doom to give them an opportunity to make good for any wrongs they may have done to their enemies. According to the lore of the African Kindred, he as the first childe of Faqir al Sidi. Through Wa, the history of his bloodline was passed on in oral tradition. Eventually, he traveled to a place that is called Mombassa in the modern nights and was seen there last while meditating on a cliff. Although he vanished over a thousand years ago, his deeds and his ideal have survived the ages. In modern times, any African Kindred who resides near Mombassa traditionally calls himself Kamiri wa Itherero.

Walburg, Wilhelm
Sixth generation member of the Clan of Kingship. Born 1408, Sired 1432. First childe of Gustav Breidenstein. Prince of West Berlin since 1945. Prince of the reunified domain Berlin since 1998.

Wanderer Clan
Old term for the Ravnos from the Book of Nod. Alludes to the clan's nomadic lifestyle.

War Party
A Sabbat ritual in which packs and fearless individual Cainites compete with each other in the hunt for a specific target. The target is destroyed and the winner(s) drink(s) its vitae.

Warwick, Stanford
Nosferatu. First of the members of Operation Longbow to reach the coast of New England. Immediately after his arrival, he began to build the so-called Web. This Seventh Generation member of the Clan of the Hidden belongs to the progeny of Trajan and is probably one of the most influential and potentially most powerful Kindred in the United States.

Washington D.C.
Capital of the United States and seat of its government on the River Potomac. Population: 755,000 (54% African American). The metropolitan area boasts a population of 3.1 million mortals.

Appropriate to the vital importance of water for human life, people have been telling legends about how it was won and how precious it is since ancient times. Its purifying, cleansing and refreshing effects are especially admired. It is considered to be at the highest levels of potency during holy times of the year ow whe it has been blessed by a religious dignitary (see Holy Symbols: holy water). Its purifying and cleansing properties are said to offer protection from evil; one myth claims that the rnning water of rivers and wells cannot be crossed by our kind, for example. Water is equally revered indoors. The peasants who live near LIege spill water around their houses on Christmas Eve; they believe that rats mice cannot pass over these circles (maybe there is a connection to holy water and its effects on animal ghouls). Similarly, the first water taken to the fields during a harvest is never drunk to the last drop. The remaining water is then spilled into three corners of the stable, so that mice have to leave it by using the fourth corner.

In many places the dead are seen as demons one has to protect oneself from without fail. Since the bodies of the deceased are regarded as home of the demons, a ritual cleansing is necessary after having touched a corpse. If, during medieval times, the water in a pot on the stove had boiled so that there was nothing left, people said a poor soul had purified itself in it.

Healing and mystical properties are attributed to water as well. In Lithuania, locals observe a special ceremony to heal sick children: The healer takes a mouthful of water and spits it back into a glass "in the name of the Holy Ghost." Then, the sick child has to drink the glass dry. Certain herbs are boiled in water in which a whetstone has been soaked to prevent a miscarriage. Homesickness is said to be alleviated by drinking a glass of cold water during the move from one place to another. Furthermore, water is assigned a host of unhealthy effects by folklore. Obviously, it has to be handled with care — similar to vitae — when used. In the city of Walldurn, for example, no water is spilled for nine days after the birth child because people fear that local witches could be insulted by doing so. It is also said that whoever heats water without putting it to good use boils the blood of his cattle or spells misfortune for the family's youngest child (this could be a superstitious reference to a thaumaturgical ritual and its ingredients).

Finally, water is used for purposes of divination. A fine example is the measuring of water during the so-called "marriage oracle" practiced in medieval Europe: A blindfolded girl had to draw water with a scoop and transfer the fluid to a larger vessel. No one was allowed to speak a word while she was doing so. The scoop had to be filled completely with every draw. If water remained in the smaller vessel after the girl was convinced she had transferred all of it to the larger vessel, she remained single; if no water remained, she was allowed to marry. A young mortal girl living in the Middle Ages also watched rose petals swimming in a hand basin; if the petals moved to the brim of the basin, she would be able to make her fortune only far from home.

Way of the Ancient Lawgivers
Gehenna Cult founded in 1312. Its followers (who are also known as Enochians) have long rejected the notion commonly found among more rational Kindred that Gehenna is an inevitable phenomenon. According to the Enochians, one of the ways to avoid Gehenna is to enslave mortals once again, just as they were enslaved in the Second City. Since the cult also wants to do so overtly, this opinion isn't tolerated by the Camarilla. Therefore, the members of this sect who also follow the Way have to increase their influence over humankind in secret, at least for the time being. Bound to their own dogma, they cannot grasp the idea that merely the existence of thin-blooded Kindred could raise the Ancients' ire.

The so-called Council of 13 was the upper echelon of the Black Hand. It consisted of the True Hand's Seraphim and served the Del'Roh in an advisory function.

A highly derogatory, condescending and contemptuous term used by older Kindred to refer to one of their own childer in order to make it clear to the fledgeling that they are superior to him when it comes to personal power and wisdom.


Wild Hunt
Sabbat rite; one of the auctorias ritae. Since treason is a rather rare occurence in the sect, this crime is punished in a very special way similar to the blood hunt the Camarilla practices. After the sentence is pronounced, Sabbat Cainites from all across neighboring cities are invited to participate in the Wild Hunt. Once the hunt has begun, the participants liquidate not only the delinquient, but also all of his potential accomplices with any means necessary.

Week of Nightmares
The one-week period of the summer of 1999 in which Clan Ravnos met a grisly fate. As had always been predicted by those familiar with the propechy of Gehenna, a mighty Ancient turned against his childer, and his virtual omnipotence resounded all around the world. Other supernatural powers and factions noticed his reappearance and fell upon the Antediluvian. Three of the oldest and mightiest Cathayans (those who are called bodhisattvas among their kind) attacked the Ancient. Even a large and powerful group of mages joined the fight that eventually ended with the Antediluvian's destruction. At precisely that moment, most of the Ravnos all over the world went mad and succumbed to their Beasts due to the sudden wave of hatred that swept through the Ancient's progeny. In the modern nights, perhaps only about 100 Ravnos are left, most of them conspicuously high generations.

A mortal or some such looking for Kindred to destroy.

Wyncham, Thomas
Fourth Generation Tremere. Important dates of life and and unlife unknown. Member of the Council of Seven. Wyncham is responsible for all activities of the Tremere in the Far East. His predecessor in this office was slain by unknown attackers, whereupon the Briton Wyncham was chosen as his replacement because the Far East was dominated by the British Empire at that time. The results he has to offer do not meet his fellows' general expectations due to the heinous activities of the Kuei-jin. In all likelihood, Wynchan knows more about the Kindred of the East than does any other westerner. Even though Wyncham officially resides in Hong Kong, he spends most of the year somewhere in the countryside.


Gangrel. No other member of the Clan of the Beast enjoys a greater reputation in our nights than this former Justicar of Clan Gangrel. This Seventh Generation Cainite had already existed for countless nights when he visited the first conclave of the Camarilla on American soil in 1704 to hand over Elijah — Justicar of Clan Gangrel at that time — to the assembled dignitaries because the latter had succumbed to his Beast and had become a menace to undead society. This deed earned him the respect of other Justicars. He became an archon and later on succeeded Elijah with the title of Gangrel Justicar, which he would hold for the next three centuries. Xaviar combines several rare attributes with the archetypal Gangrel wanderlust. Despite his age, he typically tries to stay abreast of current trends in mortal society, and his influence there would be seemingly suit a Ventrue better than an elder of Clan Gangrel. Even though the usual spate of jealous rumors about his person spread prodigiously, he was highly respected by the Camarilla and his clanmates. When he turned his back on the Camarilla in 1999, most of the clan followed him. Only Karsh, who is a traitor in Xaviar's eyes, and a few others remained in the sect. Xaviar himself will not talk about the reason for his sudden withdrawl, but I have heard it is somehow related to the appearance of an ancient Kindred (an Antediluvian, according to some rumors, though such gossip is fearfully quick to assume the worst in the Final Nights). The former justicar and an unknown number of other Gangrel seem to have opposed this entity in combat and suffered a bitter defeat. Since the other clans of the Camarilla are not willing to support him in this fight against the Ancient, Xaviar withdrew his own support and left the sect.

Xipe Totec
Sabbat Archbishop of Guatemala. This elder of Clan Tzimisce numbers himself among the first members of the Sabbat who use Camarilla strategies and turn them to their sect's advantage in the Jyhad. Even though most of South America is dominted by the Sabbat, the Followers of Set's influence can be felt considerably, especially in Guatemala. It is said that Xipe transforms the local native into ghouls by using Vicissitude, blood bonds and other unspeakable means. He employs these minions to dispose of the Setite plague. On the other hand, there are several accounts of renowned members of the Sabbat who have vanished mysteriously in the region. Only microscopic traces of salt on the remains of their bodies indicate that the Serpents may not be as stupid as Xipe thinks them to be.

Xotli, the Toad
Mercenary of the Clan of the Beast. Last seen in the conflict between Sabbat and Setites in Guatemala.


y Aragon, Maria
No other Kindred dominated the society of the Habsburg court like the "Empress of the Night." Her passions were devoted to parties, courtly etiquette, seduction and intrigue. Went underground on October 31, 1917, and joined the Sabbat.

y Castillo, Callisti
Toreador. Virtually nothing is known about the sire of famous Raphael de Corazon, though some rumors claim that this name is nothing else than an alias for Alexandria.

Yaroslavich, Hedeon
Fifth generation Methusulah of the Tzimisce and member of the Sabbat. Even outside his native Poland, Y. is considered an abysmally wicked and ruthless representative of his clan, wihch itself is anything but renowned for the special charm its members anyway. His considerable influence on eastern Europe, which had dwindled with the fall of Communism, slowly returns to its former levels. His attempts to lead a crusade against the Camarilla in eastern Europe ended in heavy losses on both sides.

This small island in the Aegean Sea rose to prominence in Kindred society during the later half of the 20th century. Urged by Anushin-Rawan, the Clan of Kingship bought the island and turned it into an extended haven, an Elysium that knows no equal. Only invited guests personally chosen by Anushin-Rawan are allowed to enjoy this serenity, though. All others are quickly turned away or destroyed by the numerous guards, mortal and undead alike. Anushin-Rawan allowed the natives of the island to stay but has reserved large parts of the it for herself and her guests. Her premises include a giant manor in which her guests can take delight in art and treasures centuries and even millenia old. Moreover, there are several outbuildings in which the Kindred visitors can have their way with numerous mortal servants. Finally, the property boasts a renovated Greek temple. Roman thermal baths and a nymphaeon. Furthermore, it is true that in the extant gardens of the manor, strange beings appear from time to time who admire the beauty of their design just like the undead guests do. Apparently, these creatures (local tales suggest they might be faeries) have been living on the island for a long time and even interbreeding with the native populace. All of this creates an enrapturing and almost surreal atmosphere of beauty and serenity that makes Yiaros so unique. After Petrodon's destruction, Anushin-Rawan invited the Camarilla's Inner Circle to hold its meetings in her Elysium, an offer the elders are considering at the moment. This recent development will certainly contribute to the already impressive status of the Ventrue mistress of Yiaros.


A ghoul family of Clan Tzimisce. The Zantosa always numbered among less important ghoul families of the Tzimisce. They are weak willed and somehow awkward. In the course of the centuries, many Zantosa have been handed over to Toreador antitribu or Serpents of the Light for various reasons. Some rumors claim that the Zantosa guard an Ancient's haven, a claim I reject because of it's absurdity since most of the renowned Tzimisce elders are convinced that their founder was destroyed before the Anarch Revolt, just like the Lasombra progenitor.

Nosferatu. probably the most accomplished mason of all Cainite society, this member of the Clan of the Hidden is an excellent architect whose skills have been put to use by elders all over Europe. He studied the monumental buildings of Ancient Egypt and traveled far to the East to learn the art of geomancy. During his studies with the Kuei-jin, he apparently notice dan all-encompassing pattern within his designs, and he increased his building activities especially in Transylvania. He seems convinced that he can bind the demon Kupala to Transylvanian soil with the words erected on potent ley lines. Transylvania has always been a grim place ravaged by Cainite strife unlike almost any other place on earth. Recent attempts by the Tzimisce to reclaim their ancestral homelands could lead to bloody battles once again. Behind all these troubles, Zelios recognizes the activities of a much darker entity that feeds on dread and bloodshed. If he is right and the conflicts truly escalate in coming nights, this could lead to the reawakening of a creature that makes the thread Baba Yaga posed look like child's play.

Also called "Zillah the Beautiful." Childe of Caine himself and his only daughter. Sire of the majority of the clan founders.

1. The walking dead, usually mindless automatons. 2. The Clan of Death — the old one as well as the new one — is renowned for the ability of its members to animate the bodies of the recently deceased for brief periods of time. These abominable creatures, sometimes called zombu in what seems to be a regional dialect, mainly serve as shock troops or guards since they understand only the simplest orders due to their lack of intelligence. They compensate for this with their resilience against physical damage; it takes some effort to return them to their graves.