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Encyclopedia Vampirica

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Historical Timelines
Aix la ChapelleBerlin, GermanyChicagoConstantinopleFrankfurt, GermanyJerusalemTransylvaniaViennaWashington D.C.The Anarch Revolt

Appendix II: Biographies
The contributing Canon authors of EV
IontiusBindusaraArtistotle de'LaurentLucita y AragonAlbertus MagnusAisling Sturbridge

The work before you, the Encyclopedia Vampyrica, [Ed. Spelled "Vampirica" elsewhere.] is divided into entries and articles arranged in alphabetical order. The former are headwords as seen in the kine's encyclopedias, such as Aaron's Feeding Razor, followed by a brief explaination. Different senses are separated by numbers. If different senses exist, explainations referring to items always come first, followed by personal and then geographical names. The latter conversely offer a brief overview of a topic, such as the Vienna Timeline. Hyphenated keywords consisting of several independent parts are treated as one word; the same applies to abbreviations, consisting of more than one letter.

Entries consisting of several words are listed in the natural order of their parts. In geographical names, common parts like Bad, Ciudad de, Djebel, Gulf of, Kap, Mount, Piz, etc. were not taken into account, and neither was the article al in Arabic names (as opposed to in Spanish and American ones). In such cases, the full geographical name follows the headword. Geographical names starting with Sankt, Saint, San, Sao, or Porto are listed at the respective alphabetical spot.

In case of doubt, finding an entry is aided by cross-references.

For headwords with different spellings, we have chosen the one someone would probably look up first for the Encyclopedia Vampirica; possible other spellings are added after the headword in italics.

Names from languages using Latin script thus are usually used in the form common to their country of origin, including language-specific letters. For names and words from other script systems we chose the form of writing closest to the acutal pronunciation. Wherever a spelling different from those basics is the usual one, we preferred it.

We have used the Gregorian calender preferred by the kine. Dates of birth are marked as well as dates of Embrace, and dates of death where appropriate. Biographical dates without these symbols mean periods of power or office. A period of several years is hyphenated (eg. 1012-23). Unless otherwise stated, the dates after titles of books, plays, etc. are the year of first publication or first performance, not the period of creation or the point of time the work was finished. Foreign works are quoted with English titles only if a printed English version exists.

The Encyclopedia Vampirica gives extra help by regularly referring you elsewhere for more information. These references are typically to other entries.