Reflexive Benefits of Auspex

Roll Auspex rating, at the specified difficulty. One success negates surprise rounds coming from the specified danger and lets the Auspex user act as if he knew of the threat beforehand. Keep in mind, this is a very small dice pool (1 to 5 dice, normally). Further successes may or may not be beneficial, depending on the nature of the danger.

If the precognitive benefits of Auspex come into conflict with Obfuscate, the higher Discipline rating wins, period. If the Discipline ratings are tied then the normal Auspex vs. Obfuscate rolls are applied to determine if the precognitive ability still provides the Auspex user with that niggling feeling, or if the Obfuscate user goes so undetected that not even the Auspex user's subconscious of the subconscious notices he's there.

If the Auspex user pierces the stealth, the Sixth Sense roll may be made as normal.

The maximum dice pool to roll for any of these abilities is 5, and that's if the vampire has the Discipline maxed.

Example Difficulty
Sensing a gun pointed at the back of your own head 5
Sense an indirect physical threat (a fence being electrified before you touch it, or that a foe is lying in ambush through the door you're about to open) 6
Sense an direct threat to a present^ companion• (Your companion is being attacked or has ingested poison) 7
Sense an indirect threat to a present^ companion• (Your companion is about to tread on a bear trap or is about to ingest poison) 8
Sensing that someone (though of course not who or why) is planning on assassinating you 9

^ "Present" implies with 20 yards.
• "Companion" implies an individual who has either tasted your blood, or whose blood you have tasted.