"We don’t judge. We send the wicked to Him for that. Get in the way and you can go be judged, too."

The others just don’t get it. This isn’t some sort of intellectual exercise that’s up for debate. Monsters are not sad, sympathetic creatures. This isn’t even a war. In war, there are codes and conventions, rules and regulations. This is the last desperate struggle to survive in the face of utter evil. Half measures won’t do. You can’t afford to be squamish or worry about ethics. The monsters and all the other scum have to be destroyed, every last one of them. No matter what the cost. Even if it takes every last drop of blood of every person on Earth, it’ll still be a bargain. At least we’ll know that none of them are left.

Maybe it’s because the rest don’t have the clarity you do. Compared to you, the other chosen “seem” as blind and deaf as the rest of humanity. Being able to see the abominations all the time, day and night, really hammers home how foul and corrupt the world is. That’s what sets you apart. You see the big picture. You see it all the time, without a break. The others can retreat into their own lives, away from the truth, pretending that while everything is all right for a while. But they’re lying to themselves. The lack the focus. Their priorities are all fucked up - like family or a job or hopes matter. In the end, you’re the only one with true commitment, the only one prepared to pay any price. That means everyone else is expendable and you’re not.

Granted, you may have been like them at one time, living a regular life and going to church or whatever. But seeing all the time shows you how flse your old life was, why it’s all but forgotten now. Who were you before doesn’t matter anymore. Now, only the hunt matters.

That means nothing from before is important compared to the cause. Don’t be fooled by the old laws you used to respect. They were created by the enemy to make people cattle. You’re above the law now. Above society. If they only way to get a monster in through a human shield, so be it. Every life you have to take now will save countless lives in the future. Working with other imbued is fine, so long as they don’t slow you down. Some of them talk a good fight, but when it comes to burning down a project to get the rats inside they lose their stomach for it. That means you avoid revealing too much about yourself or your plan to anyone. You never know when an “ally” might turn out to be monster friendly. Look out for yourself first.

You have no one else to turn to.


While the others are in for the penny, you’re in for a pound. But believe it or not, you can go too far. No one else has your dedication, but your strength can turn against you in little ways. You can’t kill monsters if you’re dead. You need to be patient. Go in guns blazing and you’ll get killed. Go in with a cool head and a plan, and you can get the job done. Why fight face to face when you can set a monster nest on fire and just be another gawker in the crowd that gathers to watch?

At the same time, remember that there are lots of monsters out there. Too much planning for one lets the others get away. If you waste time on a target that doesn’t warrant it, you need to step back or maybe go in with the guns blazing just to get your head on straight again. If you need a frontal assault, get some of the losers to go in front of you. As the most important soldier in this fight, you need to live to fight another day.


Some of you know that society is a lie. Why perpetuate it. And why bother wondering Why me? Why now? when you’ve clearly been chosen. Understand that you have to become more than human to win. That makes everyone else window-dressing. When the war is over, the monsters will be gone - and all the criminals, sinners and unbelievers with them.

Others among you insist on maximum efficiency in eradicating the filth, setting aside compssion or even the rage that invigorates some, to opt for cool, calm expediency. You’re methodical and completely ruthless, evaluation everything and everyone in terms of the mission at hand. You think you’ll make the world - and yourselves - whatever you want. Hell, given the shape of things, you might be right.

Sad but true, some of you out there are weak. God knows how you got the job. You still what they have to, but you hold on to some of who you were before, as if the past has anything to do with the present or future. Some even live in denial of what you’ve become and what you do, blanking out memories of your actions even as your perform them, or vacillating over what obviously has to be done. As if you can save the world and have a conscience.

The Imbuing

Chances are, you’ve always had a lot of hate in you, whether you denied it or reveled in it. Or maybe you never wanted to hate anyone before, but now it’s the only thing that makes sense. It’s nothing be ashamed of; there’s plenty of hate in this world. It’s a maggot-ridden piece of shit, populated by perverts, the unworthy and - you see, once the scaled fall from your eyes - the inhuman. You’re chosen to make a difference because of your superiority and purity, no matter how deep down you hid it before. So, when you see the abominations, your response is absolute, immediate and without remorse for anyone - and that sets the tone for the rest of your life.

Starting Conviction

Starting Conviction: 4.


A.K.A.: Psychos, Terrorists, Serial Killers, Hate-Mongers