"What’s wrong with you? That’s not how zombies act in the movies at all! Here, let me show you…"

Do other hunters treat you like you were dropped on your head as a kid? Things might be difference where you are, but around here, “Innocent” might as well mean “idiot.” It’s not like we don’t do our share. It could be that everybody else takes this stuff so seriously that they forget monsters aren’t always bad. Just like hunters aren’t always good.

Sometimes the others don’t care if a crime is a creature’s fault or not, even when they’ve seen that “creature” acting normal and talking to his neighbors and mowing the grass. If you don’t speak up, nobody every will. And when it’s too late, everybody gets all quiet, and they get mad if you ask why it had to happen that way. They tell you, “Cause we kill things.” You tell that people are not things. They tell you these things only look like people. You tell them some folks like to say that about the people they want to hurt. They ask you to help them steal something, like a car or a big gun, so they can hunt with it. You as them what they would do if somebody stole their stuff. They ask you to carry a gun. when they say they won’t carry a gun if you will, you tell them “Okay!” That way you can cut down on the chance of somebody else doing something everybody might regret.

“Doing right by everybody caught up in the hunt is just impossible.” You’ve heard some hunter say those words, or ones close them. A year ago, though, the same person would have said all the things us hunter can do and see are impossible! Seems to me a little faith is in order. We may never be as good as we want to be, but we can never be any better than we try to be. That maybe also be true of the folks some of you call the wicked or the accursed or just monsters. They might be in pain! Ask your buddies if they ever thought about that! If an animal is hurt, it may lash out at anybody. Some of these poor folks, these “monsters,” seem like trapped beasts. ‘Course, some of your are saying to yourselves, “How are we supposed to know that?” Well, that’s why you’re blessed! That’s why there are healers among us to put us back together when we get hurt helping out the less fortunate. And you can help people by shooting them. The only reason you’ll ever see a gun in my hands is to keep it out of somebody else’s.


It’s sort of funny that the Innocent have so much trouble with feeling guilty, but that’s life. After you try everything you can keep the misguided from hurting somebody, sometimes you have to hurt them, too. Sometimes you have to do worse than hurt them, or help one of your friends do it. But you can’t let guilt slow you down or the hurting just never stops.

Some of you get so upset over the hunt you just curl up and want to die. It’ll sneak up on you. You’ll catch yourself praying your aim is steady or giving thanks because whatever that thing was, it finally stopped moving. Next thing you know, you’re figuring out ways to not go hunting, to not go outside so you won’t even see one of “them.” Lying in bed crying all day is a dead giveaway that you got the hunter’s blues. The worse part is, there’s usually nobody you can tell except other huntes, and seeing them can start you feeling bad all over again. A few just can’t handle it. There was a fellow who ran with us, left us a note that said, “I’m done.” Haven’t seen a lick of him since. Hope he managed to give the blues the slip.

What you really have watch out for is shamming… You know, “Keeping up with the Joneses.” Trying to be like everybody else on a hunt will make you crazy. Be yourself and keep ahold of your soul. Start acting all hard and harsh, next thing you know you’ll be that way. And nothing’s harder to find again than lost innocence. Might, be that once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Some use the word “innocent” to mean impressionable. If that’s true of you, maybe you should be trying to leave an impression them instead.


Why does anything happen? Why do people worry about it so much? We have invisible friends who look out for us all. They want us to look out for everybody else and to keep people from hurting each other. That way we can all be around when something better comes along; we can all reap the reward. What’s so hard to understand?

The Imbuing

Run-ins with things that look a lot worse than they act are typical when Innocents get the Power. A lot of you are really good at calming people’s fears, sometimes with nothing other than words. Those of you who mix it up with a critter dead-set on mayhem usually try talking him or her - or it - out of whatever badness is under way. Doesn’t always work, and a few you have scars to prove it, but that doesn’t stop you from trying the same trick again later.

Starting Conviction

Starting Conviction: 3.


A.K.A.: The Blessed, Bait, Optimists, Fools