Command Guide

The list of Commands below is not complete, but is here to help you learn the basic steps to creating and interacting once your character is approved to start role-playing. Please type 'command' by itself to see a full list of commands available to you. Typing any single command by itself with no pre-script (IE. ooc, say, pose) will usually give you the syntax of how to use it properly.


General & Creation Commands:

Score  command to see your character sheet and stats.
Score extra command to see your character backgrounds, merits, flaws and other notes
Who   Shows you who is online
Request   Storyteller alert system. (ex: "request Help!")


Navigation Commands :

map Command that shows you a live in-game map of your character's location.
map <name> Command that shows you where a character is on the map in vicinity to your character.
Recall Takes you back to the ooc room, where all of the individual city district maps may be accessed.
open <direction> opens a closed door in the specified direction
close <direction> closes an open door in the specified direction
lock <direction> locks a closed and unlocked door in the specified direction
unlock <direction> unlocks a closed and locked door in the specified direction


Description Commands :

A step-by-step guide for using these commands may be found in the How To Set Your Descriptions guide.

Roomdesc  Set your character's short description. (ex: A wiry man in his mid-twenties)
Doing Set what your character is doing in any given room. (ex: doing is sitting at the bar with a half-drained mug of beer.)
Aura  Used to set anything other players should know. (ex: Brute, Albino)
look me  Will display what you've set for all of the fields listed above.
restring used to set up clothing inventory. Format “restring <item keyword> short <description> ex: restring pants short a pair of tight black leather pants, hugging low on narrow hips
wear this command allows you to dress your character in the items set in your inventory. Format “wear <item keyword>” ex: wear pants
remove this command removes item from body and returns to inventory. Format “remove <item keyword> ex: remove pants


OOC Social Commands :

OOC  Global Out of Character Channel.
OMOTE global out of character action command (ex: omote ducks for cover.) / omote will be replaced by player's name.
Osay  Out of Character Channel that displays in the room you are in only.
Tell  Two way Out of Character communication between 2 Players.


Electronic IC Communication :

Cell phones

See "help cell" in-game for details.

speak <language> Changes the language you are currently speaking. Only characters who also speak the language will be able to understand you.
ringtone Allows you to set the echo the room hears when your cell phone is being called. You must include where the sound is coming from.
call <playername> Allows you to call any player online.
answer When prompted that your phone is ringing, the "answer" command connects you to the player who is calling, letting them know that you have picked up.
hangup Ends a connected phone call.
voice Allows you to set what other players will "hear" when speaking to you on the phone.
cell <message> This is how you speak on the phone to the character who is calling you.
cell on/off Turns your cell phone on or off. When the phone is off, you cannot receive calls.
cell vibrate Sets your cell phone to vibrate. This means you will receive a private echo when someone calls you, but your ringtone will not echo to the room.


text <name> <message> This command sends an In Character SMS message to another character.
rtext <message> This command will automatically respond to the character that last sent you a text message.


Role-playing Commands :

Role  Will toggle your Roleplay flag, showing you either IC or OOC.
Say  In Character Channel that displays in the room you are in only.
Pose  Role-playing command. (example: pose waves hello.). Pose will be replaced by roomdesc.
Rpose Same as pose command, but does not include roomdesc at the front.
Where  Shows you where everyone is on the Grid (our map of LA)
Regain used to regain points in WP, Blood, yin, yang, and conviction. Format is “regain <# of pts> <subject> ex: regain 2 bp
Burn like regain except this command is to remove used points. Format is “burn <#> <subject>”
Pdice rolling of dice. Below breaks down the types of player rolls.
pdice normal this command format you will type “pdice normal <your name> <attribute> <ability> <difficulty>” ex: pdice normal Smith cha expression 6
pdice generic this command format is simple you just enter number of dice you want to roll and difficulty. The format you will type “pdice generic <# of dice> <difficulty>” ex: pdice generic 4 6
pdice damage this command format is simply the number of dice you roll in combat. You type “pdice damage <#of dice> ex: pdice damage 3
pdice soak this command format you will type “pdice soak <your name> <type of dmg>” type of dmg would be bashing, lethal, or aggro (note: only those with fortitude can soak aggro) ex: pdice soak Smith lethal
pdice init this one is pretty straight up. All you type is “pdice init” and it will roll your initiative (note: the higher the initiative the better)
pdice raw is if you want to see what you have rolled. You will type “Pdice raw <#of dice>” and it will list all the results of each dice. ex: Pdice raw 6 – Smith rolls 6 dice. Rolled 5 9 6 9 5 7 (note: this method doesn't use a difficulty)


Other Commands :

Command Function
rec, syntax: rec <player> (enter their pose) this is to recommend a player for xp (type “help rec” for details)


Color Symbol
Grey #e
Bright Red #R
Dull Red #r
Bright Green #G
Dull Green #g
Bright Cyan #C
Dull Cyan #c
Bright Blue #B
Dull Blue #b
Pink #P
Purple #p
Brown #o
Yellow #y
White #w
Random #s
Termination #n