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This Sixth Generation Ventrue was born around the time of Tshandragupta in Pataliputra, India, as a member of the Kshatrya (warrior) caste. Neither his sire nor the circumstances of his acquaintance with the young warrior are known, but as Tshandragupta's grandson, Ashoka, ascended to the throne and founded his first great Indian empire, the Ventrue Methusulah was already at his side. He did not concern himself with the political intrigues of the time for long, however. Again, we can only guess at his reasons, but it is most probable that he might have met the great historian of the Clan of Kingship, Ea Adapa, in these early years and became her pupil.

Bindusara became a watcher and researcher of Cainite history. With his mentor, he reached the Roman Empire and there watched over historians like Cato, Polybios and M. Terentius Varro, Julius Caesar's librarian. He trabeled more than most of the others of his clan, undertook and financed excavations and invested in the endeavors of grave robbers. In Erciyes, he studied the Book of Nod with the help of the Cappadocians. In Egypt, he visited Neferu's Fire Court to find answers to his questions. While many Kindred claim the Ventrue to be motivated only by lust for power they could accuse Bindusara of being dominated by his thirst for knowledge and understanding.

The Ventrue spent more than two millennia studying and understanding the history of the Kindred. He looked for patterns in the Jyhad and tried to find clues to decipher the identity of the true puppeteers in the eternal struggle. And with each passing century, his fear of what he slowly started to understand grew.

His papers and reports on the history of Kindred led to him earning the highest regard in the Clan of Kingship, for they are said to be the most reliable available. Although his lineage is still a secret, countless Ventrue have studied his writings or visited him in Alexandria, his haven of choice, to learn about their own lineage. But a man of his knowledge and age has many enemies. His legendary rivalry with the Mnemosyne is known throughout the clan, but the Jocastatians and the Inconnu, too, took note of him for the very same reason: he knows too much. Behind his arrogant facade and his pendantic attitude, the learned Ventrue Methusulah hides a palpable fear these nights.