Anna Clark

"… But to eat a human being? They would never, so they thought, have been capable of anything that horrible. And they were amazed that it had been so very easy for them and that, embarrassed as they were, they did not feel the tiniest bite of conscience. On the contrary! Though the meal lay rather heavy on their stomachs, their hearts were definitely light. All of a sudden there were delightful, bright flutterings in their dark souls. And on their faces was a delicate, virginal glow of happiness. Perhaps that was why they were shy about looking up and gazing into one another's eyes. When they finally did dare it, at first with stolen glances and then candid ones, they had to smile. They were uncommonly proud. For the first time they had done something out of love."
~Das Parfum~

Vital Stats
Age: 20
Hometown: Port-au-Prince
Features: Dark brunette haired/gray eyed.
Faction: Independent.
Theme Songs:
King Britt - New World in My View
Nico - These Days

External Links
Luminario Ballet, employer
Angelino Heights, home

Roleplay Logs


Cade: Back Alley Stalker
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