Adriana Scarborough

“The key to change… is to let go of fear.” ~Rosanne Cash

Adriana Scarborough
Height 5'3"
Weight 106
Apparent Age 26
Residency Angelino Heights
Piercings: Labret, Snake Bites, 2 Monroes, both nostrils, septum, and corset piercing on her back.
Scarification/Tattoos Along her right rib cage bears a branching scarification.

Description: A fairly young woman stands before you just over five feet tall. Her hair is a light pink color cropped to just below her chin. She wears a black halter top tying at the base of the neck and the small of the back. Upon her back there is a corset piercing with a bright red ribbon. With her dark brown eyes surrounded with black eye shadow, and right eyebrow pierced. Her nose's septum, each nostril, and lower lip pierced. Upon her checks rest Monroe piercings. With her labret pierced between a snake bite piercing with long fang like metal bars to just above the edge of her chin. Upon her right side is a branching scarification. Upon her hips rest a pair of hip cut black jeans that are laced up the sides. Upon her feet are a pair of open toed, wedge shoes.